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Agent G

Agent Profiles: Agent G aka the Awakened Tai-Tai

Every day you have the opportunity to learn and experience something and someone new. Learn and experience everything you can, and use it to change the world.



The least likely candidate to be a beauty undercover agent, I’m Agent G, a self-professed nerd whose friends only comment for me on my wedding day was “I love to do projects with her. It’s very relaxing because she bao everything”. Given my average looks and very limited knowledge on beauty, I definitely don’t look the part and is not more qualified than the average girl. Why, then, am I writing here today?


I got married!

It was as if a whole NEW world opened up to me… I suddenly realized I have to go for this facial, that hair removal treatment, eyelash extension…

But sadly, no one was there to walk me through it…

My mom and sisters were the “natural beauty” types, some friends were as clueless as I was and I just can’t seem to find ONE place which can tell me what are the treatment options out there, which salons are good and within my price range… blablabla.

Which brings us here to… Beauty Undercover.

Now that my lovely “ordeal” is over, I hope to help those of you who are learning more about beauty, about yourselves with the knowledge I’ve accumulated!


Most Useful Wedding Prep

Wah.. there are so many things I think is important but as duh as it might sound, I’m going to go with… Choosing the right husband! (I love you, baby!)
OK, back to beauty-related stuff, it’s going to have to be Facial! I went for a record 4 facials in the month before I got married. After all, that’s the part of yourself the audience is going to see the most!

Most useless…?

Leg hair removal. Though I think its very convenient and helpful in working life, I don’t think people actually get to see much of my leg during the wedding.

Guilty Admission

To appear thinner on the actual day… I…

Fed my husbands lots of chocolate to make him fatter :D shhhh!

If you think I’m too crappy, leave us a message on our Facebook wall and I promise to shut up!
Or else, I would appreciate any notes of appreciation to continue giving the most unbiased beauty review out there!

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