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Posted November 19, 2014 by Gabrielle AgentG in Undercover Tips

Best Hair Salons to Rebond / Straighten your Hair in Singapore


Is the humid weather in Singapore making your hair all frizzy? Here are 10 of the best hair salons we’ve heard of and tried, that have provided rather good results!

If you have other hair needs, consider the following rankings we’ve prepared for you.


7. Focus Hairdressing @ Cuppage Plaza

  • Score: 8.1/10
  • Price: $230 (MUCOTA DYNA Argan Oil Rebonding + Haircut + Treatment) or $150 (MUCOTA Rebonding + Haircut + Treatment)
  • Best known for affordable and good quality Mucota Argan Oil Rebonding, MUCOTA Omega Therapy Rebonding and not-too-chatty hairstylists
Focus Hairdressing 

Ranked #7 on Beauty Undercover

If you are looking for beautiful nice-smelling straight hair and am not fussy about service and environment provided by high end salons, we highly recommend Focus Hairdressing for Mucota Argan oil Rebonding. Their emphasis on using quality hair products and the presence of experienced Marcus makes sure that your hair is well taken care of during the rebonding process! I love it that the hair turns out really soft and naturally straight (with no frizziness!). Their argan oil treatment especially makes the rebonding last really long! Of course, you can also opt for the cheaper MUCOTA rebonding if DYNA is out of your price range. For those who want an upgrade, the MUCOTA Omega Therapy is a great option and from what we know, Focus is probably one of the salons charging the cheapest price for the Omega Perm / Rebonding!

PS. They have also just renovated so the place is more spacious now.

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6. Kimage Hair Studio @ Funan DigitaLife Mall

  • Score: 7.9/10
  • Price: $260-$300 (Cut + Rebonding + Treatment)
  • Best known for haircuts by Yang Yang, decent hair services

Ranked #6 on Beauty Undercover

A familiar name that actually provides consistently good hair services, Kimage @ Funan has built a strong following over the many years it had been operating in Funan – a feat made possible by its talented team of hairstylists, some of whom have stayed with Kimage @ Funan for more than 5 years and many more joining its large pool of talents from Kimage Hairdressing School. It is a little pricier than the usual hair salon but if what you want is straight frizzy hair and a good haircut done by a reputable salon, this looks like a good place to go!

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5. Actpoint @ Shaw Towers

  • Score: 8.1/10
  • Price: $185 (Haircut + Rebonding + Treatment + Select Salon Manager Sophie/ Sylvia)
  • Best known for affordably priced rebonding, hairstylists highly experienced with rebonding

Ranked #5 on Beauty Undercover

A good balance between price and skill of hairstylists, Actpoint has established a reputation for giving customers the straight hair they desire… without breaking the bank! Maybe because so many customers go to them for rebonding and perms… they become really really good at it! Best of all, they use only quality products and are always honest to their customers. two thumbs up!

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4. COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Outram Park Keong Saik Rd and Tanjong Pagar

  • Price: >$390
  • Best known for Experienced and skilled Japanese hairstylists, rebonding using their inhouse treatments 

Ranked #4 on Beauty Undercover

Carefully blended to achieve the desired straightening while minimizing hair damage, rebonding done at COVO is among the most natural we’ve seen. It may be pricier than usual salons but the end result looks good and the hairstylists make you feel more well taken care than usual!

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3. Picasso Hair Studio @ Bugis Haji Lane

  • Score: 8.4/10
  • Price: >$239
  • Best known for Rebonding Perm, S Curve Rebonding and C Curve Rebonding, attentive service and experienced stylists Jesly and Jeremy
Picasso Hair Studio 

Ranked #3 on Beauty Undercover

Picasso is definitely a trend mover in rebonding for Singapore Salons. By thoroughly understanding and breaking down the components of rebonding and perms, Jesly and her team has innovated new rebonding and perm styles that have become highly demanded in Picasso! We LOVE their unique styling perms and rebonding perms that infuses your hair with that much more personality and volume. Definitely a must try even for the most experienced rebonding connoisseur!

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2. Art-Noise Japanese Hair Salon @ Holland Village

  • Score: 8.6/10
  • Price: from $340
  • Best known for aqua straightening, digital creep perm, SHA shampoo and treatment

Ranked #2 on Beauty Undercover

Rejoice… for Ikebukuro’s most popular Japanese hair salon can now be found in cozy Holland Village! Highly skilled in rebonding and straightening, stylists in Art-Noise are really good with designing sophisticated and easily manageable hairstyles that takes years off your face. The secret lies in both their experience and inhouse hair products used… which is why you probably can’t find the same level of satisfaction elsewhere!

Note however that their command of English still has room for improvement so do be patient if you want to give them a try!

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1. Koinonia Hair Salon @ Pacific Plaza Orchard

  • Score: 8.5/10
  • Price: >$75
  • Best known for Korean Volume Rebonding, Volume Perm, Korean stylists

Ranked #1 on Beauty Undercover

Of the many stylists we’ve tried, Shua is one of the best we’ve seen at Volume Rebonding. As she had strong training back in Toni & Guy Korea, she understands how rebonding has evolved and knows exactly what is supposed to be “the real volume rebonding” as it is supposed to be done. She has even developed a new perming technique to mimic rebonding called a volume perm which is less damaging than the usual rebonding. That is why her volume rebonding / perms usually come out EXACTLY like what we see in Korean dramas! She has also trained other Koinonia stylists in this technique, making Koinonia the place we would highly recommend for Volume rebonding / perming / straightening.

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Before you go ahead to rebond your hair, read our article on Everything you need to know about rebonding to make sure that you know what you are signing up for!

Have we missed out anything you might be interested in? Comment below to let us know!


One Review


    I had my hair rebonded at Ji Won Hair Salon @ Wheelock Place. The woman who did my hair seemed to know what she was doing, but she employed a young helper (a guy) who did half of my hair, while she did the other half. She was busy that day with other customers, coming and going and letting her younger helper take over at a certain point. I don’t know whom of the two made the mistake, but it was DISASTROUS. They left the product too long, which in effect burned my hair (made it very frizzy). Thankfully, they had only added the product from the root to about half way down my hair so the ends were fine. However, I have been having to deal with this extremely frizzy hair since then. If I want my hair straight, I now have to blow dry it and iron it. But the real problem is that the hair is so damaged that two different hairdressers have told me that if I don’t want to lose all of my hair in a month, I need to stop blow drying it, ironing it, and preferably even combing it (I know, try and imagine that!!). I did go back to Ji Won a couple of weeks later after it happened, but they first denied seeing any problem with my hair and when they did realize, they offered a revitalizing treatment that was great for a week but did nothing to help my hair long term. What really got to me is that they didn’t even apologize (an apology would really have gone a long way).

    Anyway, I would recommend any friend against going to Ji Won for a Japanese straightening/ rebonding. I am a Westerner so it may be that they were not used to my type of hair although they never said that to me. Either way my hair has been pretty much destroyed and I have been told I’ll have to wait about two years for it to grow out enough so that I can get a bob (short haircut). What a disaster!!

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