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Amy Beauty-Link International @ Far East Plaza

Amy Beauty Link @ Far East Plaza
Amy Beauty Link @ Far East Plaza
Amy Beauty Link @ Far East Plaza


#05-72 Far East Plaza
14 Scotts Road Singapore 228213
Telephone Number: 6738 2180
Opening Hours:
Monday - Friday: 11.00am - 8.00pm
Saturday - Sunday: 11.00am - 7.00pm
Services: ,
Signature: ,
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Total Score
7.8/ 10



  • Staff is professional and helpful (gives advice on how to put on makeup)
  • Staff listens to customer preferences
  • Results tend to look natural and good
  • Eyebrow embroidery is painless
  • Affordable lash curling packages
  • Frequented by many celebrities e.g. Zoe Tay, Joanne Peh, Sun Yan Zi


  • Difficult to find the shop
  • Shop decor not the most luxurious

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    Posted September 6, 2012 by


    Amy Beauty Link International is the type of shop you would walk past if you didn’t know what lies within. Hidden in an obscure corner with a slightly worn, neighbourhood-looking exterior is a brow and lash gem known within Singapore’s beauty circle. The place is not the most luxurious but judging from the many pictures of the boss, Amy, with celebrities such as Sun Yan Zi, Joanne Peh and Zoe Tay, it is well frequented by celebrities. Knowing that these ah jies trust their brow and lashes to Amy gives me much assurance. Reviews for eyebrow embroidery and eyelash extensions on forums have also been favourable – a must try for brow and lash beauty addicts!

    Celebrity Watch

    Joanne Peh:
    Joanne Peh @ Amy Beauty Link International
    Sun Yan Zi:
    Sun Yan Zi @ Amy Beauty Link
    Zoe Tay:
    Zoe Tay @ Amy Beauty Link
    Adele Wong:
    Adele Wong @ Amy Beauty Link

    3 Reviews


      I had eyebrow embroidery done at this place and all I can say is I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE TO COME HERE.

      First off, the beauty therapist couldn’t even get my desired shape right, and I had to repeatedly correct her. When she couldn’t even tell that it was not proportionate, her colleague came in and supported my opinion! I should have ran at this first warning sign.

      As if that wasn’t enough, after I finished altering the shape myself as the therapist seemed clueless (she also happened to be cross-eyed, literally, but I do not want to denounce her talent based on her visual impairment), she still made one eyebrow a milliter thicker than the other! There was no way I was going to make the other eyebrow thicker just to match up the mistake she just did!

      On top of that, I paid for “3-D embroidery services”, but when she was done, I COULDN’T SEE ANY STROKES. My eyebrows are literally two solid blocks of colour. What is the point of paying for 3D when you’re gonna charge me basic eyebrow embroidery prices?

      On top of that, they initially told me it was $398, but then when I was about to pay, they said I’d have to pay another $30 for the healing cream – which was essentially purified vaseline. The packaging was tacky, badly worded, and god knows what was really in it.

      Worst experience. Has made me so bitter about doing anything else to my face.

      Also, does anybody know who I can contact if I want to raise this botched job to court?

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      Eyebrow done at Amy Beauty Link International


      Well, the store is a little hard to fine. It is tucked at a corner at level 5 amidst the food store.
      It is a plain little store, doing standard facial services. The eyelash perming seems to be a popular service. We went on a weekday afternoon and the place was filled with ladies doing their eyelashes.
      There are 3 sizes available for the curls: small, medium and large. Large is the most natural and of course, the least lasting. The therapists in white lab coats appear very professional and experience. The process lasted 45minutes. It was painless and smooth.
      We did the large curls and medium curls. Our lashes were evenly curled and looks really natural.
      We were sold the package of 5 sessions at $195 and we gladly took it.
      It was a pleasant experience.

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      godma and mum did eyelash extensions while i had my eyelashes permed.
      the outcome was A-W-E-S-O-M-E (except that i look like i have sparse eyelashes -_-) i still think the perm is great! especially for people who have long but thin lashes like me.
      it’s damn annoying that i can never curl up my lashes due to it being very fine and thin. like wtf. i can spend 10mins ‘kiap-ing’ my lashes with the curler and it’ll go back to being straight after 5mins. then i’ll have to spend the rest of the day horribly by having my top lashes and bottom lashes sticking together every now and then.
      to have your lashes permed is also very convenient for those lazy bums who are often too lazy to wait for their mascara to dry a lil before using the curler.

      Credits: This is obtained from a blog.
      Read the original blog article here.

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