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Nail Montrose @ North Bridge Rd

Chairs inside Nail Montrose
Chairs inside Nail Montrose
Chairs inside Nail Montrose


Address: North Bridge Centre, #01-28 (Near National Library) 420 North Bridge Road Singapore 188727
Telephone Number: 62387612 or 97680988
Opening Hours:
Monday - Friday: 11.00 am-8.30 pm
Saturday: 10.00 am-7.30 pm
Sunday: 10.30 pm-6.30 pm
Services: ,
Signature: ,
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Total Score
8/ 10



  • Nail therapists skilled at doing Nail Art and Gelish nails
  • Friendly nail therapists
  • Spacious Newly furnished outlet


  • Need to walk a distance from MRT
  • Difficult to book an appointment during festive periods

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Nail shops are aplenty in Singapore but few have nail therapists skilled enough to perform great 3D nail arts. From what we hear from our sources and see from their vast collection of nail art pictures on Facebook, Nail Montrose is the place to go if complex nail arts is what you love and look for. Their recent move from Bencoolen to North Bridge Road (oppo National Library & Intercontinental Hotel) also means a newer, more spacious environment.
Definitely a good place to try!

Note: Nail Montrose tend to be booked up very fast during festive periods so don’t be surprised if you find it tough to make an appointment at these peak periods!

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Beauty Undercover

December 2012

Hi its me, part time Agent Nanako again! :)

And I’m here again to introduce my favourite nail salon – Nail Montrose!
I love them so much, I have been with them for four years already. (Pretty long isn’t it?)

Why I LOVE Nail Montrose

  • In terms of their skill in applying nail art and gel polish, I think Nail Montrose is the BEST. I love nail art and gel polish and have been to quite a few not-so-good ones… so I know a great salon when I see one!
  • The manicurists are very friendly and humorous. You don’t need magazines to entertain you as they are funny enough! They even have TV on, usually showing Channel U or Channel 8. They are also genuinely very nice. The salon itself does not provide biscuits. Once however, I saw a customer saying she wanted biscuits to nibble on and she was given 5 packs. It was the first time I saw them giving away free biscuits so I asked one of the manicurists “Wah so good ah. Got free biscuits?” She replied, “Do you want some? It’s actually our own biscuits!” I was surprised. These therapists actually gave 5 packs of their own biscuits to their customers even though 1) they aren’t paid very highly 2) they might need the biscuits for themselves later! Impressed!
  • If you are lucky enough, you can get the boss Irene to do the nails for you. She is super nice, skillful and very professional too.
  • New location at North Bridge Centre is homely and spacious. The chairs itself are massage chairs (hmm… nice!) with 2 side tables! Reminds of a first class cabin actually :P

Nail Montrose @ North BridgeChairs inside Nail Montrose


Tips at Nail Montrose

  • It is difficult to make a booking during weekends so try to go down on weekdays!
  • Avoid going during super-peak festive season! I know that they would be very busy during the festive period.  Therefore I had book my appointment during December. (Super Kiasu I know… but what to do. They are just too good)
  • Get their package instead of going for ala carte treatments for more savings! I have a package with them – $988 for $1388 worth of nail services + 10 free leg or hand spa treatment + 4 free hand serum + 2 free gel polish + 2 IPL treatment (current promotion). Each time I go for gelish manicure + gelish pedicure + nail art, they deduct about $200 from the package so my package can last me about 6-7 months (since I change my nail art and colour every month). I also saw a cheaper $488 promotion for $608 worth of nail services + 4 free organic spa treatment + 2 hand serum + 2 IPL Treatment for those who just want to try out Nail Montrose!

That’s all for now!

Below are my most recent manicure and pedicure + nail art at Nail Montrose! Are they pretty?

Toe Nail Art @ Nail Montrose

Fingernail Art @ Nail Montrose
Note: This post is NOT sponsored. Agent Nanako paid the full sum for the nail service!

Indicative Prices

  • Premier Mani / Pedi: $24 / $36
  • Gelish Mani / Pedi: $60 / 70
  • IPL: from $38

Valid as of January 2013

7 Reviews


    Reading the previous comments left by the other customers, it seems like their standards have dropped. They may have been good last time, but no longer…..

    Upon entering the shop, i felt like it was a professional manicure shop with experienced and friendly staff. Furthermore, the seats were extremely comfortable! But i guess you cannot judge the level of service based on the shopfront alone. I guess my pedicure was fine, but if you look super closely at the big toe on both legs, you can see that it is slightly bumpy (which means they didnt paint it properly). But i’m fine with that, cause after all, who’s gonna stare at your toes. What i could not understand is how my cuticles looked worse compared to before i actually entered the shop. The manicurist caused my cuticles to become even more dry, and honestly it looks like a mess. Apart from that, the way she applied the varnish was horrendous. It was so obvious that the polish (silver glitter) required some thinner, it was like some gooey blob. She still continued applying it on to my nail and she definitely looked like she was having difficulty trying to paint it smoothly on to my nail. Still did not kick up a fuss and thought i could live with it, got them to redo a few nails cause it kept smudging due to how thick the layer of polish was. They even charge you an additional $3 to use fast-dry topcoat. I didnt know they still charge for this as I have been to other shops that use the fast-dry top coat without at top-ups.

    I am definitely going to call them up tomorrow morning and hopefully they will help me redo my nails. My fingers look horrid like i tried doing them myself at home.

    I should also add that i got this deal through groupon. Perhaps its because i did not pay the actual price thus i got such service??? But even so, if you are providing a service, should you not treat all customers equally and provide them with the best service so that we will be encouraged to return.

    Review not yet verified

    Regret Customer

    Bought sugar waxing coupon from groupon to give it a try. And I am regretting every second of the service. Went with my cousin. The china lady kept punching my ‘down there’ to make sure that the sugar wax stick to my hair. So can you imagine every single time she applied the wax there is punching going on. And she will keep on applying and stripping the wax if she failed to remove the hair fully. Til some parts are swollen. A totally regret.

    My cousin experienced a much worst service. Sugar wax didnt work on her.. but the therapist keep on applying. Saying that my cousins body is nt hot enuff for the sugar to melt hence cant remove the hair properly. After much trying they ended up using the hard wax on her. And they double dipped! Yes you read it right. They DOUBLE DIPPED.

    Its a horrible experience for us and we are sure not coming back!!!

    Review not yet verified


    Booked the appointment for cny months back, specifically asked for the senior therapist whom i always requested. Reached the place at the scheduled time. Without any explanation, i was just directed to the seat and one of the therapist (not the specified one) just start doing the nails. She was so so gentle till i could not feel any cleaning perhaps due to she being new. Nevertheless i told her she can be better. However after few minutes i decided i rather wait for the appointed therapist as with the $$ i am paying, at least the nails better be clean! The lady boss – Irene came over asked if i am cutting my nails short and said the therapists are very busy and they rotate..? In that case why do we have to book and wait for or subject to the appointed therapist’s available timing?? I told her the previous therapist could not do it. She said i did not give her a chance which is incorrect (i did and i even told her patiently she can do better) and if i remember correctly, she mentioned about training? I am paying $168 for someone’s training?? The ultimate thing is the lady boss told me she dont need my $$ and i can leave if i want! With such service, i dont see a need why i should pay so much $ for such terrible treatment. Oh yeah btw the therapist who was supposed to do my nails were doing someone else’s..sitting next to me. A lady with rolex and nails full of ‘diamonds’ which means pay more! So anyway i derived that one is being judged whether valuable customer or not is by what package you do! Despite there are two senior therapists whose skills are good, i still decided not to go back anymore. Because i dont believe in contributing to someone’s profits when she dont practise basic customer service.

    Review not yet verified


    Just the appointment itself will take you forever to arrange.. whenever i called either no one answer or will need to wait for it ringing for more than 2 to 3 minutes. Well and if you mention that you’re holding a Groupon voucher they will just tell you that it’s fully booked at all times. So what if it’s expiring soon? ”You have to call Groupon then, it’s not of our business, we can’t do anything.”

    Review Approved by Beauty Undercover


    Our date was on! We used our Groupon voucher for Gelish manicure at Nail Montrose located along North Bridge Road. Of all the nail places I’ve been to, this one was definitely the best so far.

    Very friendly and professional services, plus they just moved from Bencoolen to their new location opposite National Library, so their shop has minimalist interior, clean and nice.

    Love my nails now!

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    did my nails ! for my OC alice in wonderland shoot ! =D
    from nail montrose . located at bencoolen ! i’ve been going over there alot of times
    it’s good i like XD and i really liked the painted rose this time round =)

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    Juz got back from Bugis wit Jere and Joane.
    We went to my previous workplace, Nail Montrose to
    pamper our nails with manicure and pedicure services.
    Joane last min withdraw, leaving me doing it alone… :/

    Anywayy, my nails are polished in french paint now.
    Lookss purrfect and presentable.. (:

    Credits: This is a review obtained from a blog.
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