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Sloane Clinic @ ION Orchard



#03-18 ION Orchard
2 Orchard Turn Singapore 238801
Telephone Number: 6509 8108
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday (10.00am to 9.00pm)
Other Outlets:
Sloane Clinic @ Chevron House
Sloane Clinic @ Chip Bee Gardens
Sloane Clinic @ Marina Bay Sands
Sloane Clinic @ Novena Medical Centre
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Total Score
8/ 10



  • Top-notch service
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Central locations


  • Considerably high cost
  • Long waiting time for popular doctors

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Anchored by prominent aesthetic doctor Dr Low Chai Ling, The Sloane Clinic offers cutting-edge aesthetic treatments from non-invasive cosmetic dermatology to plastic surgery. Despite its hefty price tag, its premium service, numerous beauty awards and positive reviews make The Sloane Clinic a favourite among the wealthy in Singapore. With frequent mentions of The Sloane Clinic across all beauty publications, The Sloane Clinic is a name not to be missed in Singapore’s Beauty Circle.


Beauty Awards

Harper’s Bazaar June 2012 :
Best Body Sculptor” for Ultrashape – Non-invasive, virtually painless and with no downtime – ideal for the working woman on the go.
Elle May 2012 :
Best All-Rounder Treatment” for SuperLift – Created to give skin a lift in the right direction
Women’s Weekly May 2012:
Best Neck Treatment” for Thermage CPT Neck Treatment – “The results of one treatment can last at least a year”
Expat Living May 2012 :
Nova 3R delivers “three beauty fixes in a single session: lightening pigmentation and broken capillaries, brightening dull complexion and revitalising tired skin”
Her World Apr 2012:
Best for Scrub-Phobes” for Illumi Facial – When I reapplied my makeup for my next appointment, I needed less foundation and concealer
Singapore Tatler November 2011:
Featured under MediSpas in Best of Singapore. “Beauty and Wellness enhanced with qualified medical expertise”
Harper’s Bazaar Feb 2011:
Best Pore-Refining Facial (LaserPeel), Best Hair Removal (Gentlelase Hair Removal), Best non-surgical Facelift (Ultherapy)
IS Clinical 2005 Celebrity Facial of the Year
Innovative Facial

For Your Man

August Man Nov 2010 August Man’s Manly Cures 2010:
Smoothbeam – one of the few FDA approved lasers able to effectively treat acne in a no-downtime procedure that specifically soothes hyperactive oil glands, reduces acne, evens out acne marks and tighten pores. Persistent acne disappears after a week post-treatment.
August Man Nov 2009 The Truth about Minimally Invasive Treatments:
Ultherapy – a medical ultrasound procedure that tightens and firm’s up tissue below the skin surface with minimal pain factor and no downtime. AM Recommends: The Sloane Clinic
August Man Nov 2009 The Truth about Minimally Invasive Treatments:
Fraxel – Microscopie laser columns penetrate deep into the dermis to stimulate the skin to heal. It can be used to treat deep acne scars or just to even out the complexion. Repeated treatments may be necessary. Results last from eight monhs to a year. Patients may feel a mild prickling sensation with no downtime. AM Recommends: The Sloane Clinic

6 Reviews


    I like the Sloane Clinic. Recently I visited the Ion branch and tried their popular Light Lift treatment, for firming and anti-ageing. Dr Hui was really nice and professional, and only charged me 35 for a consultation before treatment, which is v reasonable.

    The laser treatment was comfortable (cos of numbing cream) and he did a thorough job. And for this Light Lift treatment, it doesn’t cause much redness, so I could just leave without putting makeup. I love treatments with no downtime!

    Honestly I can’t tell yet how effective it is, cos my skin is already quite good, but it feels a bit firmer and smoother. Will have to go for more treatments before I can really judge.

    Anyway I signed a package–pay for 5 get 1 free. The nurses did gently persuade me to sign the package, but they were very polite and not pushy. I had already decided to buy a package before stepping into the clinic.

    I would recommend this clinic. No hardselling, so u can relax. :) It’s one of the best beauty clinics I’ve visited.

    I’ll just add some details about my visit.
    I went around 20th Dec. That’s another good thing about Sloane Clinic–u can make appointments quite last-minute and still get a slot. I called only the day before, and I could get the slot that i wanted. That’s really good for busy pple who have an unpredictable schedule, and can’t really make appointments many days in advance. I find that some cheaper salons/clinics will have too many customers and u must book an appt a week in advance.

    I paid a bit less than 3000 for the package of 6 Light Lift sessions. Usually it’s 600+ per session, but with package u buy 5 and get 1 free. And I used a 10% dicount voucher that they sent me on my birthday (because I signed up as a member a few years ago).

    The treatments are worth it. I previously went to a top dermatologist in Paragon who charged 800 for a Laser Peel, then I found that at Sloane Clinic they charge 600 for a similar Laser Peel. And the doctors at Sloane Clinic are around the same standard as that top dermatologist. :)

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    After 2 Nova 3R treatments in 6 weeks, my sun spots are definitely lightening, my tendency to flush like a tomato is improving, and my face looks and feels a little more lifted. And I’m glad my husband agrees!

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    In the cozycot forum, the cotters mention about Ultrasonic Deep Cleansing. A treatment which utilizes ultrasonic wave motion for the removal of aged surface skin cells, and surface impurities such as blackheads and whiteheads. I decided to give it a try because I had white and black heads on my chin and nose area. Extraction was done for my white and black heads previously. However, for Ultrasonic Deep Cleansing it doesn’t require extraction at all. There is minimal redness, and no downtime.

    Besides that, I purchased the clean and clear program. It consists 4 sessions I-Clear, 4 sessions of LED Red Photomodulation therapy, 4-time of Ultrasonic Deep Cleansing, 8-time Acne Collagen Mask.

    Session one: Ultrasonic Deep Cleansing, I-Clear and Acne Collagen Mask for one hour
    Session two: LED RED and Acne Collagen Mask for 40 min

    In total, there’ll be 8 sessions that cost $900 (before GST). The optimal frequency is 2 times per week and validity period is 2 years.

    Overall, I’m really satisfied of the program even though it’s a huge investment for me. It’s worth the price I believe.

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    After the facial..i feel so..WOW! i can actually see the glow and radiance on the face.

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    My appointment was fixed at 11am today. 3rd floor at Ion, a prestigious shopping mall located at Orchard. I was ushered to sit at the reception area with a cup of red date tea, waiting for the doctor to be ready. Approximately 15 minutes later, I was brought into the doctor’s room. As the door opened, I was greeted by a young charming gentleman. He started enquiring about my purpose of visiting the clinic with a gentle voice and mesmerizing smile. I explained that I was referred to this clinic by Dr Tan from Novena branch. Being determined to complete my 3rd resolution by this year, I agreed to go ahead with the treatment immediately after the doctor explained to me on what treatment I should really do.
    The first step is to apply anesthetic cream on my face. The doctor agreed to apply 2 layers of anesthetic cream after I emphasized that my threshold of pain is very low. Gel, the nurse who took care of me was very patient and gentle. She applied the first layer of the anesthetic cream and I spent the next half an hour reading magazines which she has brought into the room to kill my boredom. While applying the 2nd round, a little of the cream seeps into my left eyes that leaves my eyes stung with a burnt feeling. Gel washed away the cream and cleansed my eyelid over and over again. Finally it got better and we completed the 2nd round of anesthesia. When it was time for the treatment, I started to get butterflies in my stomach. I recalled the time I did the lasik treatment for my eyes, there was no fear but anticipation. I was elated after the lasik as the result was fascinating. I was then directed to the room where the treatment was to take place. I laid on the treatment table and was introduce to the various equipments that will be used for the treatment and this is how it all began.
    First treatment
    Nervous and unsure, I heard the hissing sound of the laser and felt some sting on my face. Occasionally there were pain and the doctor had to stop. The blower is a tube which blows cold air out to cool my face while the doctor is treating my face with the laser. I could smell burnt odour which the doctor explained is the burnt skin and burnt hair on my face. I clutched my fist real hard as I tried to endure the pain. I told the Gel, I doubt if I have the courage to do it a second time. After the treatment, I did the yellow light to tone down the redness. I looked like a walking skinless watermelon. While cooling down, I was told that some patients had requested for injection halfway through the treatment. I was glad I was not given the option as I believe that more anesthesia would be harmful for the body or face. When I got home, I looked into the mirror and felt that the scars had toned down but my face was still red from the treatment. I have taken the first step and I am determined to complete it.

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    У меня как раз такая проблема. Вроде кожа чистая, а эти пятнышки надо всегда замазывать. И бaдягой я их сводила раза четыре, но синячки застарелые и до конца их все равно не вывела. А если учесть, что после нового прыщика остается очередное пятнышко, то это для меня прямо безнадега. Поэтому я пошла в Sloane clinic(ION Orchard) на консультацию(80 SGD), там врач-косметолог объяснил, что моя кожа жирная и надо заставить ее уменьшить производство кожного сала. Лучший способ это воздействие лазера, который “сузит” поры и за счет этого они будут выделять меньше жира. Обычно требуется от четырех до шести сеансов, чтобы добиться матовой кожи. Один сеанс проводится один раз в месяц, стоит 320 SGD. Через раз делают аппаратную чистку лица и каждый раз перед-очистка+гель с ледокоином и после-маска+массаж. Я пока прошла один сеанс и через три недели пойду на второй. Сама процедура лазером занимает 10 минут и почти безболезненная, если попадает на кожу без геля, то чувствуется неприятное покалывание. Пятнышки буду сводить микродермообразией. Эффект от лазера длится 6 месяцев у женщин и три месяца у мужчин, а затем поры опять принимают свой истиный размер. Врач сказал, что европейскую кожу лечить легче, так как поры у нас открыты, а у азиатов акне как бы внутри кожи и лечить ее намного труднее. Я была с мужем(у него тоже проблемная кожа), но ему сказали, что сначала надо пропить три месяца некие антибиотики и только потом лазер, иначе толку не будет.

    P.S. Пакет не предлагали, но врач настоятельно рекомендовал купить их серию для моего типа кожи. Купила всю серию и пока никаких минусoв в данной косметике не вижу, на мой взгляд довольно качественная.

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