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WeLoveNails @ ION Orchard

We Love Nails @ ION Orchard
We Love Nails @ ION Orchard
We Love Nails @ ION Orchard


#B3-63 ION Orchard
2 Orchard Turn Singapore 238801
Telephone Number: 6509 8862
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday (10.30am to 9.00pm)
Other Outlets: We Love Nails @ Plaza Singapura
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Total Score
7.3/ 10



  • Competitive prices
  • Friendly staff
  • Central location


  • Inconsistent service quality

Posted August 13, 2012 by


A cozy little place, We Love Nails offers nail services at relatively low prices in downtown Orchard. Quality of manicures, pedicures and nail art may not be top-notch but from the looks of reviews on the ground, service is generally OK. An average but value-for-money nail salon for the budget conscious. You will not find WeLoveNails getting any awards for its services any time soon but it is an acceptable option for those looking for a quick affordable nail service at the oh-so-high-class ION Orchard.


12 Reviews


    Be prepared to be up sold… initially I had an appointment for their express pedicure SGD19, when I called to change the time, they suggested the regular pedi SGD38 and they explained it’s a better treatment 45 mins vs. 15 mins, etc. I agreed… while I’m in the chair they started to push for the collagen pedicure for SGD140…. at that point, I balked and they suggested an alternative collagen treatment that would be SGD78, after their elaborate description, they made the regular SGD38 pedicure seem like it was not worth it ….in the end I left there SGD81 lighter (they charged additional for quick dry top….) and as I’m feeling my heel/ankle I’m not sure it’s that much better than what I may have gotten for the SGD38 or if it is, then the SGD38 really would have been subpar. The people were nice, good selection of colors, maybe I would have a different opinion today if they stopped at SGD 38, but I’ll probably not go back there for anything other than an express service.

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    Michelle Q.

    My first time & my last. Broke a toe nail, had to fix it immediately. Extremely rude staff. (Nurul) never coming back again.

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    Sarah Yana A.

    For sure clean and friendly.

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    After we were seated, she filed my nails and buffed it very lazily. Spending about 3 seconds only on each nail. I don’t know what she was fiddling with also. She did not even soak my nails!!!!!! After applying the bottom coat, she proceeded with the colour, and it was so hastily put on that it did not even cover the whole of my nail. Can still see the bottom coat!!! and it was so far from the cuticle, looked like my nails grew for one week already!! After she made me dry my nails, she said, “Ok we’re done here.” Then I said, “OH WHERE IS MY NAIL ART?” I think she purposely forgot, although the free nail art was stated on the menu. And another girl did my nail art. Ugly, to say the least. After 2 days (Thurs) , the colour started chipping. I wasn’t surprised. Terrible. And while I was there, another customer with her mother came to the shop to COMPLAIN about a service received earlier. She said the job was poorly done and there was nail polish everywhere on her hands, even her palms! After complaining, they left. It was a very bad sign, because I was already halfway through my service then. My friend who paid $31 for his full manicure, only got filing, buffed, and cut cuticles. Not even a massage. It lasted for only 10-15 mins.

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    Puspita K.

    This is my 2nd time, love this place!

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    Hmm I don’t know about technicalities, but service-wise, I think that the staff there have terrible attitude. My girlfriends and I was walking past one day and decided to just go in for an ‘impromptu’ session. Apparently there was only one lady staff there at the time and we asked her about prices and stuff…only after one long hassle and beating-around-the-bush, she said ‘we’re full today, though’ and I could swear she had this condescending look on her face (like she couldn’t be bothered to earn our money, esp since we were only gunning for small items like classic mani etc.

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    Pamela K.

    Lynn (supervisor) is really good to have a chat with :) must make appointment!

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    So after self discussion on what to do on my off day i end up having manicure and pedicure at “we love nails” in ION. Well, the staff seems to be ok, above average for the service and she seems to be well known on her craft. Ambience is not on a high standard, but acceptable.. The only thing that im not comfortable with was the “friendly chat” from her. Well, its true that for 2 yrs of being here in singapore i kinda understand the way things are here but still it offends me somehow, but i just brush it off and keep on telling myself ‘this is singapore’

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    As I happened to be in Ion Orchard and needed a pedicure I visited this tiny shop. I had a pedicure and found the service friendly and professional. I was happily surprised by the massage chair which gave me a full back massage while I had my pedicure done. There were sweets to eat, good magazines to read and all that was missing really was a nice cup of tea!

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    I went there yesterday and thought the service was excellent. I was certainly surprised by the the massage chairs. They were much better than I thought. I had a pedicure and have no complaints whatsoever.
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    i signed up thier mani pedi packages which is vry cheap. it’s just $ 12.50 for a full mani n $ 17.50 for a full pedi. which i ‘don think i can get tis mani pedi in tis price. n actually thier services reli vry good. anyway. i always go wit my bf to do our nails at there. they did my bf quite fast too so i wonder why too.cos my mani takes abt 30 min but for him onli 15min or sumtym 20 min. they explained is becos guy mani don need painting so it takes lesser tym to finish a manicure.
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    i went there for an express manicure today, and was extremely satisfied with the service and quality.. they used opi colours, and they painted over my entire nail with no “bare spots” whatsoever.

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