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Posted September 25, 2012 by Gabrielle AgentG in Undercover Tips

Do you have Kate Middleton’s Oval face? Check your Face Shape here!

Do you sometimes wonder why you just can’t pull off that Kate Middleton princess hairstyle?

Why do high eyebrow arch looks better on you than your other girlfriends?

Well, the secret may lie in your… Face Shape!


Everything on our faces work together in tandem to present what we see in the mirror. And because we can’t change it (without extensive plastic surgery) and because it takes up such a huge surface area, our face shape is an important determinant in deciding what works and what doesn’t for the entire face.

Because its so important, we are having a section purely to determine what your face shape is!

STEP 1: Draw an outline of your face

Before we begin, take a picture where your face is clearly shown and draw an outline around your face.

Face Example

Take a picture with your face.


Face Outline

Draw an outline.

STEP 2: Compare with the following face shapes.

Face Shapes

Which outline best fits your face shape?

Here are some more tips to help you differentiate!

  • Oval: Length is approximately 1.5 times width, Forehead wider than chin, Prominent cheekbones, Face tapers to narrow chin
  • Round: Rounded chin, Length of face equal width, Face is widest at the cheeks
  • Long: Face is longer than 1.5 times width, Prominent chin, Forehead, cheekbones and jawline all around the same width
  • Square: Squared angular jawline, Forehead, cheekbones and jawline all around the same width
  • Diamond: Angular face, Narrow forehead, High cheekbones, Face is widest at the temples and narrowest at the jawline
  • Heart: Wider forehead with narrow Chin makes up for killer Cheekbones for heart-shaped faces.


STEP 3: Read about the hairstyles, eyebrow shapes, jewellery and makeup that best suits your face shape.

We will be having more articles as we go along. So check back for the links!

  • Oval: Hair Style, Brow Shape, Jewellery, Makeup
  • Round: Hair Style, Brow Shape, Jewellery, Makeup
  • Long: Hair Style, Brow Shape, Jewellery, Makeup
  • Square: Hair Style, Brow Shape, Jewellery, Makeup
  • Diamond: Hair Style, Brow Shape, Jewellery, Makeup
  • Heart: Hair Style, Brow Shape, Jewellery, Makeup

Did you guess your face shape correctly?

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