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Clover Hair Boutique @ Far East Plaza Orchard

Clover Hair Boutique
Clover Hair Boutique
Clover Hair Boutique


Far East Plaza, #02-44/45
14 Scotts Road, Singapore 228213
Telephone Number: 6836 2748
Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturday: 11.00am to 8.00pm
Sunday: 11.00am to 7.00pm
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Total Score
7.5/ 10



  • Founders involved in styling for magazine shoots, TV shows and other media shoots
  • Reasonable prices
  • Central location


  • As stylist quality differs, it will be good to know which stylist to look for.
  • Some stylists may be away for event styling or photo shoots so you will have to make your appointment if you are requesting for a specific stylist
  • Salon is not the cheapest hair salon around

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    Posted December 11, 2014 by


    Located at the entrance of Far East Plaza, Clover Hair Boutique is one of the first few salons you may try in Far East Plaza.

    Prices are reasonable and the founders of the salon have been involved in hairdressing Mediacorp celebrities in the past!

    Have you tried Clover Hair Boutique before?

    Share your experience with us below!



    Male Ladies
    Salon Director 70 80
    Salon Manager 50 55
    Asst Manager 40 45
    Senior Stylist 30 35
    Price Range
    Colour / Highlight 98-148
    Partial Highlight 120-180
    Caucasian Highlight 180-220
    Creative Colour 150-190
    Glossing 80-120
    Root Retouch 78
    Perm and Rebonding
    Bodily Straight / Rebonding 168-238
    Keratin Treatment 320-380
    Partial Perm 60-100
    Perm 138-208
    Digital Perm 178-248
    Pin Curl / Cold Perm 120
    Glam Perm 320-360
    Scalp Protection 30
    Colour / Perm Saver 30-45
    Protein Treatment 68-108
    Intensive Treatment 98-118
    Shu Uemura Master Treatment 168-208
    Shu Uemura Treatment 128-168
    Scalp Therapy 98
    Nioxin Scalp Treatment From 120
    Nioxin Scalp and Hair Treatment From 180
    L’OReal ProFiber Treatment 280
    Pre-chemical Treatment 30
    Reconstructive 30
    Post Treatment Power Dose 45
    Wash and Blowdry From 30
    Hairstyling 45-100

    27 Reviews


      I having super duper horrible experience at this clover hair boutique.
      Initially i come only to cut my hair, and look for advise if i want to perm my hair, but what did I get, instead of giving me a wise and good advice, the hairdresser did a hard sell of the perming thing, even threaten me “I cannot give a volume to your hair if you do not perm your hair and your hair may not be good bla..bla..bla” that’s what he said.
      After I politely stop him with the perming nonsense, he start to say that my hair condition is bad I need to do treatment for my hair bla..bla…bla and suddenly he bring the treatment machine next to me and he want to do the treatment to my hair without my approval. it is really piss me off, Trust me this is the 1st time I feel like I really want to run away from a salon. this is really bad and wrong, what kind of hard sell is that ???? despite of this hair dresser behaviour I’m still politely reject it and try to find a way to run away by asking someone to call me and pretend that I have a sudden appointment. I feel so pathetic, to be in this kind of position.
      Not only that this hairdresser even peeping on my text msg, this is the first time i got this kind of experience, I know he peep because he talk about the subject that I discuss with my friend over the text msg, he even mention something that I talk with my friend, and if he didn’t peep how come he know. Did he thought I’m so stupid not to notice what he’s doing???
      At this end of my horrible series experience at the cashier he still do hard sell of your shu*** hair product ( which he also did it while cutting my hair ).
      At the end I’m literally run away because i cannot take anymore.
      First of all I go for the medium rate of your hairdresser, I choose the manager. I DO NOT expect something very fantastic, just OK will do, but this??? I think I really waste my money Yesterday. Yesterday service doesn’t even worth 2$.
      Second I come to salon to have my me time, not to be disturb my unstoppable nonsense by the hairdresser, hairdresser should know how to behave and should know when to stop.
      Despite of all the money that I spend. I’m having a medical condition and I’m so lucky i don’t faint or having sudden death at your place because of the unstoppable threat and hard sell of your hair dresser, But as soon I reach home I’m literally very sick and cannot do anything.
      I don’t want disclose the hairdresser name because i do not want to cut his food by my bad review, I think clover hair boutique management need to give a proper instruction about selling product, and give a proper behaviour instruction of they are hairdresser.

      Review verified with receipt



      Are there any increase of prices during this CNY season?
      How much is it for a 1 tone hair coloring and basic hair trimming ?

      Thank you.
      hope to hear from you soon!



      I would like to enquire if let say I’m looking to do like a black grey Balayage Ombre,
      or any way that I can go close to the below picture


      what will be the cost? My hair is black and the length is slightly above the bra strap.

        Team of Clover Hair Boutique

        Dear Elise,

        Thank you for your enquiry!

        We are having a promo for $188 free hand painting ombre with haircut!
        Based on your picture however, we are likely to have to bleach your hair to reach about level 8 colour before we can apply the Deep Ash Colour (assuming your hair is naturally black).
        Additional bleaching is chargeable at $168… We will include Olaplex for free!

        Do give us a call if you are interested to try this hair colour with us!
        Looking forward to seeing you at Clover.

        Team of Clover Hair Boutique


      Clover at Far East Plaza has been a hair salon that I have been going for years, especially Keida. He has chopped my hair from cropped hair to bob hair back to pixie cut. My hair has dyed from red to blonde to ash brown to plain boring black.
      He never fails to surprises me with his quality of work at the price I am paying. Because of the amazing job he has done to my hair over the years, my super duper fussy friends have joined me to let him cut their hair tresses.

      Things to improve upon
      If there is one thing about the salon I must comment, it will be you need to make advance booking. You can’t seem to walk in (especially during weekends and after work hours) and let Keida cut your hair.
      *sometimes i wish he don’t have sooooo many customersssssss Sobss*

      The cut that keida has cut has been constantly fabulous and easy to maintain. I am super lazy.

      Review not yet verified


      I’m definitely a supporter of Clover Hair, Keida the director always giving e best advice and choose e best color and style to compliments me… E salon are usually packed n full which sometimes shortage of manpower…. But their team still did a great job to my hair! Even tons of bleaching n crazy colour, my hair wasn’t dry…. I’m always leaving e salon with soft luscious, vibrant color locks, makes me a happy girl end of e day…. Thanks clover for ur awsome service!!!!

      Review not yet verified


      Wanted to touch up my roots and trim my hair… for lesser wait time I agreed to go for a manager. The manager said that a hair cut will not help with the state of my hair and recommended that i go for a Korean straightening since my hair is frizzy and wavy esp at the back. She also said that my previous dye job made my hair look really dry since it had a yellow tinge. Taking into consideration their 38% discount for chemical treatments… I went for the keratin treatment plus full dye job. The manager helped me with the dye job, but for the rest of the treatment, the asst manager covered them. near the end of about 3 hrs…. after my hair was blown straight, the manager came over frm another customer to take a look. Since my hair is straight now… I assume it is a little uneven with my previous haircut… she snipped them a little taking less than 5mins… since her other customer was still waiting… and I’m done!

      Went to pay up… and realised I was charged the full $55 for my 5 mins manager hair cut. I paid up ANW since it is kinda my fault that I didn’t clarify beforehand. But I went off with a not too good feeling… this is about the 5th time I went to clover. I keep returning because it is mid ranged and convenient. But the biggest reason is because I had a great first experience with Jaren (no longer there). after dyeing my hair and cutting my hair… he helped my sister trim her bangs FOC after her hair treatment … even when we were prepared to pay. That left me very impressed as I considered it very good service.

      Hope service can be improved. I will still go back :)

      Update: I visited the salon on 16 May 2015

      Review approved by Beauty Undercover

        Team of Clover Hair Boutique

        Dear Jenny,

        Thank you for being a loyal customer of Clover Hair Boutique!
        We hoped you liked the keratin treatment, hair colour and haircut from Clover this time!
        Our 38th anniversary promotion has been quite popular. Therefore, we would recommend all our customers to make an appointment beforehand to minimize any waiting time and get your favourite stylist.
        The big discount of 38% off however covers only chemical services and does not cover haircut. Therefore, a haircut is charged at full price whether it is a full haircut or a trim.
        We are sorry if there is any miscommunication along the way but hope you liked the haircut by our very experienced manager Cyn!

        Warm regards
        Team of Clover Hair Boutique


      Went to have a haircut few days ago and I must say it is one of the worst experience in my life. I showed the ‘manager’ photos of the style I wanted, something on the low maintenance side. He said that it could be done and would ‘improve’ on the cut too. Thinking that I’m in good hands, I let him do his work. He proceeded to cut my hair, saying that he will make sure everything will be ‘balanced’. After he was ‘done’, my hair at that point of time looks like a lacklustre job, I went to have my hair washed.

      The end result? Not only it was far, way far from what I originally wanted, now my hair is harder to manage and it’s uneven. Left the salon feeling absolutely depressed about my hair. Although it’s mid ranged for a cut, I would expect a ‘manager’ or any other staff to respect and follow what the customer had in mind in the first place.
      I don’t know how the other stylists there work. But you’ll never find me back there again. Disappointment is an understatement.

      Review approved by Beauty Undercover

        Team of Clover Hair Boutique

        Dear Sam

        Thank you for visiting Clover Hair Boutique.
        We are sorry that your recent experience with Daniel, the assistant manager who has just joined us, did not meet your expectations and we are deeply apologetic for that.
        Although Daniel did try to give you the cut he saw in the photos, he was of the opinion that a layered cut is more suitable for your face shape.
        Therefore, he went ahead with the cut which looked good but did not match what you wanted in the end.

        We have hence spoken to Daniel and he has promised to improve in this aspect to listen to customers more carefully in the future.

        Once again, we are sorry for your experience and hope that you will give us a chance to serve you in the future.

        Warm Regards
        Team of Clover Hair Boutique


      Horrible experience at clover today, 27 April. A supposedly “manager” did my hair cut and never seem to get it right. A very imbalance haircut and I had to “guide” and highlight to her where to cut and where to stop and she only asked “like that can?”. Very “professional” indeed. To add salt to the wound she claimed that it is due to the shape of my head which is uneven that’s why it’s imbalance. Please. Blame it on your skills. Who is the world has balance body parts FYI. Do some read up. Lousy service, attitude and results.

      Review approved by Beauty Undercover

        Team of Clover Hair Boutique

        Dear Mark,

        Thank you for visiting Clover Hair Boutique!
        We take your feedback seriously and apologize for not meeting your expectations.
        We have spoken to the stylist in charge, Cyn, and have taken steps to ensure that her service level improves.
        Thank you once again for your feedback and we hope that you will give us another chance to serve you in the future.

        Warm Regards
        Team of Clover Hair Boutique


      Just finished my haircut and colour which I don’t really have any issues with. Just wanted to point out that when I asked if the beauty undercover promotion was available, they said no, not for new customers… Also, I was quoted 148 for my colour (before I cut my hair so it was longer)but charged 168 ( colour was for shoulder length hair).When I clarified with stylist she said that she informed me it was 168. I paid 168 but I thought that beauty undercover should be clearer about the promo.

      Review approved by Beauty Undercover

        Team of Clover Hair Boutique

        Dear Fionna,

        Thank you for visiting Clover Hair Boutique!

        We are glad to hear that you liked the haircut and colour done by Cynthia.
        We are however very sorry to note that there was some miscommunication over the prices. Cynthia has just joined us and therefore was a little unclear over the prices and discounts available.

        Just to clarify, the Beauty Undercover 10% Promotion is valid for new customers from Monday to Friday via appointment only.

        We have given your feedback to her and she is deeply apologetic about her error.
        To show that we are sorry, we would like to offer you a credit voucher for your next visit! We will be contacting you shortly with regards to this.

        Thanks once again and hope to see you back at Clover soon!

        Warm Regards
        Team of Clover Hair Boutique


      After keeping my hair for 2 years, I had hopes to donate the whole long lock of them ( based on the strict instructions provided on the website set up by the volunteer group. To my dismay, there was some tension with the ‘Creative hairstylist’ (costs $40) due to my request to wash my hair before cutting the lock off. After which, the worse was when I was refused to blow dry the hair before tying and cutting the 13-15 inches of preciously kept hair.

      Perhaps due to the packed and busyness of the salon on a Saturday late afternoon, the waiting time was long and awkward. After the incident above, I gave up trying to make further request even for the hairstyling because of the disappointment. Indeed, the hairstylist seems skillful and knows his stuff but the cut felt very unintentionally done for the customer. There was no questions about my preference of parting or style I may have in mind. It was a cut and go – bye.

      Review approved by Beauty Undercover

        Team of Clover Hair Boutique

        Dear Eunice,

        Thank you for visiting Clover Hair Boutique!
        We are sorry that there was some misunderstanding with regards to the request for the hair collection.
        We have given this feedback to the stylist in charge and he has promised to do better the next time!
        We hope that you will try Clover the next time! If possible, it is best to make an appointment for a hair service not on a Saturday!
        This is because Saturday is our most busy day, making it difficult for us to provide the great level of service we endeavour to give.

        Once again, thank you very much for trying our service and giving us your feedback!

        Warm Regards
        Team of Clover Hair Boutique


      Regretly went for a haircut where senior hairstylist chopped off my bottom hair when I told him in the beginning no layered and want my bottom to be having volume. Ended up having to spent 50 dollars on hair extention on the missing hair being chopped off. Asymmetric cut and terrible haircut. Go at your own risk

      Review not yet verified

        Team of Clover Hair Boutique

        Dear Pooi Kuan,

        Thank you for visiting Clover Hair Boutique!
        We’re really sorry to hear that you did not enjoy your experience at Clover!
        We’ve tried to find out what happened from your stylist in charge, Sherman, and we believe some form of miscommunication has occurred.
        As your initial request was to have a graduated bob, not a one length bob, Sherman proceeded to add some slight layers at the bottom of the bob.
        Regardless, we apologize for not fulfilling your expectations.

        Very sorry again and we hope that you will give us a chance to serve you again in the future.

        Warm Regards
        Team of Clover Hair Boutique


      I did a color and perm at the salon a couple of months back. Seldom leave reviews for anything but this is a salon worth my time to write a review for. The perm is fantastic as months later the curls is still prominent and to my liking. Perms usually wear off rather fast but the perm they did lasted months and is still in shape! No fuss as to having to wash and blow every morning. I wake up with great hair. So super thumbs up!!

      Review not yet verified


      I have been contemplating for quite sometime on whether to get a bob or just to maintain my hair length. Came across clover from friend’s recommendation and decided to just do something about my long tress. I was greeted by the friendly reception and got Nicholas as my stylist for that day. I told him to just surprise me because I really can’t decide to just chop off my locks or just do a dip dye. We did have a lil chat and I love the way he gives me advices on colour and styles that would or would not suit me. The result? I love love my new hairstyle! It is as though he read my mind, which can be quite fickle. LoL* Definitely coming back again :)

      Review approved by Beauty Undercover

      Janina at Clover Hair Boutique


      And so Ombré is still a trend it seems and I still want to try doing ombré! Thing is, my hair is really dry and frizzy. Thanks to myself for bleaching my hair for a whole year that one time just to maintain my pink hair. Most of my split ends were chopped off, hence the shoulder length. So anyways.. I thought no further and just decided to bleach just this one last time. Back to my usual, Clover Hair Boutique! Never ending good service and great professional advices. Thankfully, my stylist said my hair is healthy enough to be able to bleach! Apart from that, giving me ideas on how I could mix and match colours. I choose canary yellow as it will turn to gold and I’m so in love with my new hairdo! Thanks Clover! You’ve always given me the best looks and services.

      Review approved by Beauty Undercover



      Just want to share my experience at Clover Hair Boutique, Not only i got the hair style i wanted but everything else was pretty amazing,(I got my hair dyed) My stylist was John & King and they both gave me great consultation on my hair condition, i have really dry and sensitive scalp and they was very considerate when applying the texture and did their best to avoid touching the scalp, i am rather pleased.

      The results were obviously impressive and i am a definitely going back there to get my hair well maintain by them. The price was fair considering what damage my hair was in the first place.

      Overall, I am happy with the results and i recommend this saloon because all the stylist were helpful, friendly and most importantly honest! Also the environment was a warm place, felt like everyone was extremely nice & sincere.

      DEFINITELY will come back again because service is what customers look for and excellent service is what i got.

      Review approved by Beauty Undercover

      Mandy at Clover Hair Boutique


      Hi everyone!

      I had a mini hair makeover done 2 weeks back at Clover Hair Boutique!

      Clover Hair Boutique is a hair salon located near the entrance of Far East Plaza! The salon is really clean and gives me a really atas feel.

      I was assigned to Leeli to style my hair and Nicholas to dye!

      How my hair looks BEFORE magic was done:

      Photo credits to Leeli.

      Very layered, dry, and unevenly coloured due to my previous hair colour which consisted of 3 different colours. I was told by the salon where I previously got my hair done that my hair colour would be uneven for a looong time.

      Leeli was very patient in explaining to me what he would be doing with my hair, making sure he wouldn’t do anything I don’t want (e.g. cutting my hair too short).

      First, Leeli washed and cut my hair.

      After the hair cut.

      Before dyeing while waiting for Leeli to get the black coat! (They use the white coat for when cutting hair and the black one when dyeing so the white coats wouldn’t be stained. White coats stained with dye marks look really nasty.)

      Next, dyeing of my hair!

      Finally, after drying and styling my hair…

      The final results!!

      *Random insert of snapshots taken after leaving the salon*

      Random photo taken while on the way to Zouk that night with my gorgeous shiny tresses *.*

      The ash highlight taken with flash (left) and under good natural lighting (right).

      Hair without styling. Ash highlight is more obvious in the day or under good lighting.

      Back of my hair. Super evenly coloured!! Boyfriend even commented that my hair looks and feels a lot healthier now HEHE YAY! ♥♥♥

      My hairdressers! ♥
      Nicholas is standing on my left, Leeli on my right.

      Leeli is not only super friendly and comfortable to chat with, he is an extremely meticulous and gentle hairdresser! Even though my hair was highly dry and tangled, he made sure to untangle them really gently, being careful not to hurt my scalp. Before washing my hair, he’ll ask if I prefer warm or cold water (the first time I’ve been ask this question, I’ve always been blasted with cold water T_T). He was soo gentle I dozed off several times while he was doing my hair :x I really appreciate having hairdressers like him, turning the long dreaded hours sitting in the salon into an enjoyable experience!

      So if you are looking for a hair stylist who is gentle in handling your hair and scalp, at the same time also really patient and efficient, look for Leeli! (He seems to have quite a lot of customers looking for him so do call the salon and book in advance!)

      Nicholas on the other hand was focusing on the dyeing of my hair. With instructions from Leeli, he made sure my hair was evenly coloured. I didn’t think that was possible due to what the stylist from the previous salon told me (that my hair colour would be uneven for a long time) but Nicholas made it possible!! The ash part of my hair had to be bleached and because I had red hair for awhile previously, the bleach colour took a pretty long time to show evenly, but Nicholas and Leeli were really patient! Best dye job I’ve done so far for sure. He was really friendly too!

      If are looking for a hair stylist you can 100% trust in dyeing your hair, especially in evening out uneven hair colour (e.g. dip dye, highlights, etc.), look for Nicholas!

      I told them I had to rush off elsewhere at 8pm and they kept reminding each other, my hair was done and I was ready to leave by 7.50pm!!

      Make sure to look for Leeli and Nicholas when you visit Clover Hair Boutique!

      All the staff I interacted with at Clover Hair Boutique are friendly and approachable people. I asked one of them to take a picture of me with Leeli and Nicholas and he went “1… 2… 3… 4… 5…6… 7…” and took like 5 photos wth LOL!!

      Credits: This is a review obtained from a blog.
      Read the original blog article here.


      Just stepped out the hair salon, feeling upset. I’d went there to rebond just my roots, knowing that my ends are damaged and would not be able to take further chemical procedures. However, she persuaded me to do full rebonding and assured me repeatedly that my hair could take it. She said she’ll go gentle with the ends.

      So I heeded her advice and opted for the more expensive full head Rebonding. After she blew-dried my hair, she said I should cut off my hair. That’s when I look at my hair and noticed that the last 5 inches of my hair are frizzy beyond description. They are so dry they curled in all directions.

      Since they’d given me false advice, I asked if they can give me, not a free hair cut, but just a discount. They said no, taking no responsibilities of their ill advice and zero empathy for customers who never wished to cut her hair short. . Now I have to spend more money to do something i dread – to cut off my bra-length hair to a bob.

      Anna Leng

      Review approved by Beauty Undercover


      1)Clover Hair Boutique @ Far East Plaza.
      2)For my length it cost $186.20 including bleaching but price was after 30 percent off. How to get discount? Just “like” their Facebook page and you will see a link on their recent timeline updates.
      3)Yes, I am very satisfied with the results and their customer service was really good.
      4)Yup, my hair was bleached only once.
      5)Most of my pictures made my hair look like its bright red because of the background lighting but the exact color is red-violet.

      At first, I thought my hair would turn out to be super dry due to bleaching BUT I was wrong!! My hair still remains like how it was before bleaching it and because I was indecisive whether to dye red-violet or just red, my hairstylist (Lois) actually mix the colors for me and I am really happy with the outcome.
      I’m probably gonna try red (really bright red) next time when my hair grows longer^^
      I really love the color of my hair in the picture just directly below this whole paragraph but sad to say its so bright due to the sunlight, in real life not as bright la:(
      Now you guys know why I intend to try dying a brighter red in future right~~~ I don’t really care if bright red doesn’t suit me because I’m just so in love with that color.
      As for now, I’ll just appreciate my red-violet:)

      Credits: This is a review obtained from a blog.
      Read the original blog article here.


      Went to Clover for a hair cut by their Director for $50 on 25 Feb. Was surprised that tis salon is opened till 10pm cos most of the other salons @ FEP were aldy closed when i reached after work… The director is a nice & friendly guy who understands what i wanted w/o me explaining much… He even shared some tips on how to prevent hair loss wif me & the best part is he isn’t pushy/hardselling, which is a BIG bonus to me! Have been receiving gd comments from my friends on my new haircut thus far! =)

      Review Approved by Beauty Undercover


      The result I got for my hairdo at the other salon (Clover Hair Salon, #03-12) really satisfied me big time! The hair stylist there is meticulous and more professional. Their skills is definitely worth the price. Any styling for ONLY $28! If you happen to have a wedding to attend in town, you can set your hair at this shop.

      Credits: This is a review obtained from a blog.
      Read the original blog article here.

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