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Clover Hair Boutique @ Far East Plaza

Clover Hair Boutique @ Far East Plaza
Clover Hair Boutique @ Far East Plaza
Clover Hair Boutique @ Far East Plaza


Far East Plaza, #02-45
14 Scotts Road, Singapore 228213
Telephone Number: 6836 2748
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday: 11.00am to 8.30pm
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Total Score
7.9/ 10



  • Customers generally happy with haircuts, hair colour and rebonding
  • Meticulous blowdry at the end of the haircut
  • No hardselling
  • Reasonable prices
  • Central location
  • Spacious environment


  • Some good hairstylists e.g. Zabby and Raymond have left

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Having recently moved to the entrance of Far East Plaza, Clover Hair Boutique is definitely one of the most prominent hair salons in Far East right now. With the exterior decked with Clover and Wella advertising, you can even see the salon when you walk past Far East Plaza. So is the service really good?

It may not be the cheapest at $43 for a female haircut (all lengths) by Keida, one of their most popular hairstylists but from what we see, the money seems to be well worth it! Haircuts by Clover have generally been very well reviewed. In fact, they count bloggers Shiberty and Fidelis as one of their regulars. Even though some good hairstylists have left, it seems that Clover is still holding up well with Keida. Hair rebonding and colouring by Clover (with Wella products) have also received praises.

Overall, this seems like a reliable place to go for hair services in Far East Plaza – the place is spacious, skills are good and service generally okay. Prices are reasonable too.

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Shiberty @ Clover Hair Salon

Indicative Prices

As of December 2012

  • Female Haircut by Keida (any length): $43
  • Female Haircut by Director: $53
  • Men’s Haircut by Keida: $38

10 Reviews


    I asked a female staff at the counter (short-haired woman who looks to be in her 50s and has a bad attitude) how much it would cost to have about 40% of my hair dyed in bright pink. (I showed her the amount of hair to be dyed) She told me, for that colour which requires 1 round of bleaching, it would be around $168. Accepting that price range eventually, I went for it.

    Upon payment, it turned out to be $246!!! Reason?? “Apparently”, $168 is the cost of the colour dye, EXCLUDING the bleaching and/or other services! Seriously, how downright low can this get. When someone asks you HOW MUCH IT WOULD COST TO GET THIS JOB DONE, you tell that person the FINAL PRICE! How else to get that colour if bleaching is not done!

    Conclusion: NEVER EVER gonna step into Clover again

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    Just stepped out the hair salon, feeling upset. I’d went there to rebond just my roots, knowing that my ends are damaged and would not be able to take further chemical procedures. However, she persuaded me to do full rebonding and assured me repeatedly that my hair could take it. She said she’ll go gentle with the ends.

    So I heeded her advice and opted for the more expensive full head Rebonding. After she blew-dried my hair, she said I should cut off my hair. That’s when I look at my hair and noticed that the last 5 inches of my hair are frizzy beyond description. They are so dry they curled in all directions.

    Since they’d given me false advice, I asked if they can give me, not a free hair cut, but just a discount. They said no, taking no responsibilities of their ill advice and zero empathy for customers who never wished to cut her hair short. . Now I have to spend more money to do something i dread – to cut off my bra-length hair to a bob.

    Anna Leng

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    1)Clover Hair Boutique @ Far East Plaza.
    2)For my length it cost $186.20 including bleaching but price was after 30 percent off. How to get discount? Just “like” their Facebook page and you will see a link on their recent timeline updates.
    3)Yes, I am very satisfied with the results and their customer service was really good.
    4)Yup, my hair was bleached only once.
    5)Most of my pictures made my hair look like its bright red because of the background lighting but the exact color is red-violet.

    At first, I thought my hair would turn out to be super dry due to bleaching BUT I was wrong!! My hair still remains like how it was before bleaching it and because I was indecisive whether to dye red-violet or just red, my hairstylist (Lois) actually mix the colors for me and I am really happy with the outcome.
    I’m probably gonna try red (really bright red) next time when my hair grows longer^^
    I really love the color of my hair in the picture just directly below this whole paragraph but sad to say its so bright due to the sunlight, in real life not as bright la:(
    Now you guys know why I intend to try dying a brighter red in future right~~~ I don’t really care if bright red doesn’t suit me because I’m just so in love with that color.
    As for now, I’ll just appreciate my red-violet:)

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    Went to Clover for a hair cut by their Director for $50 on 25 Feb. Was surprised that tis salon is opened till 10pm cos most of the other salons @ FEP were aldy closed when i reached after work… The director is a nice & friendly guy who understands what i wanted w/o me explaining much… He even shared some tips on how to prevent hair loss wif me & the best part is he isn’t pushy/hardselling, which is a BIG bonus to me! Have been receiving gd comments from my friends on my new haircut thus far! =)

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    I have short hair now.. but i am happy (at least for now! maybe you’ll hear me rant when i have trouble styling it myself haha)!

    Zabby is amazing, she cut exactly how i wanted. EXACTLY! I’ve finally found the perfect hair stylist. Hehehehe i really really like my hair! This is probably the only salon other than KR+ (i get good head massages at KR+ though) that i am really satisfied with and it is so much cheaper! Zabby even taught me the right way to blow my hair, and how to achieve the bouncy waves at the bottom. Will never patronise other salons now, hahahaha

    OMG, i still cannot believe i have short hair now!

    Comments: hello there! i did my hair at clover hair salon located at far east plaza, #03-12.
    zabby was my hairstylist but she has since left. :(
    keida is my hairstylist now and i would say, he is equally good! :)

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    My choice is Zabby from Clover too~ Attentive to how I wanted to cut my hair all the while from the beginning to the end! I’m very fussy with my hairstyle, but she tries to understand what I want and gave me what I want!

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    zabby from clover
    really attentive
    did rebonding+color+treatment+cut
    she did everything herself from the start till the assistance from anyone at all for the whole 4 hours
    the result was great and i like it…
    was not pushy..she showed me some treatment product which she applied on my hair for free and i thought she was going to push the product to me…but nope! i asked for a bottle myself in the end (:
    prices are a bit pricey though…cost me $300+ in total…and that was after 48% off for the chemical treatments
    will definitely go there for the treatment and regular cut again though
    hope they won’t disappoint me

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    had a bob haircut by a director in Clover Hair Salon. had a soft rebond on that day too..

    i surprise that alot of my frd, family member like my new hairstyle

    one mth later i went for highlight & color my hair..

    im really surprise as my hair is not dry and fuzzy or split-end after so much of chemical done.. normally after my rebond, my end will be so dry.. but im surprise of their product..

    and now i visit clover every mth for my haircut together with my mani session also at Far east plaza..

    this save my time for getting both done in a day… =)

    hope you find ur fav shop soon…

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    hi. i went to the Clover Hair Salon at FEP 2days ago.
    ok. not bad. was quite satifisfied. my hair was cut my zeida.
    he gave me suggestions on my hair.
    btw it was $30 for cut, wash and blow dry.
    overall not bad.

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    The result I got for my hairdo at the other salon (Clover Hair Salon, #03-12) really satisfied me big time! The hair stylist there is meticulous and more professional. Their skills is definitely worth the price. Any styling for ONLY $28! If you happen to have a wedding to attend in town, you can set your hair at this shop.

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