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Jeric Salon @ Bugis Junction

Jeric Salon @ Bugis Junction
Jeric Salon @ Bugis Junction
Jeric Salon @ Bugis Junction


#02-01/42 Bugis Junction
200 Victoria Street S(188021)
Telephone Number: 6337 4343
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday (including Public Holidays): 10.30am - 9.30pm
Other Outlets: Jeric Salon @ ION Orchard, Jeric Salon @ I12 Katong, Jeric Salon @ Plaza Singapura
J.Cut@JCube, J.Cut@Gemmill Lane, J.Cut@Suntec City Mall
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Total Score
8.3/ 10



  • Consistently good results for haircuts, perms and colour
  • Friendly Professional Stylists
  • Stylists provide tips for haircare and styling
  • Refreshments provided
  • Relaxing atmosphere


  • Sometimes the perming jobs are done by assistants rather than hairstylists themselves
  • Can be quite crowded during peak periods

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The younger of two Reds Salon founder brothers,  Jeric ventured to open his own line of salons Jeric Salon and J.Cut by Jeric more than 5 years ago. It can get a little confusing since Jeric Salon now replaces the Reds Salon of old in Bugis Junction. While Jeric is now director for ION Orchard, he can sometimes be spotted at Bugis if you are lucky!  If not, you’ll still have the much loved Kelvin who is previously from Reds. Perhaps because this team has been working for very long together at Bugis, operations are stable and customers generally receive consistently good service and cuts! Whether it is haircut, perm or hair colour, reviews have been positive. Add to all that, refreshments upon arrival, soft soothing music in the background and affordable prices… Seriously, what more can we ask for?

Beauty Awards

Harper’s Bazaar Hair Awards 2012:
Jeric Salon Aveda Full Spectrum Deep Color Customisation Service $155 to $350: Using 93% nature derived ingredients, this hair colouring service is good for the environment and your tresses. All the natural and organic colours are specially mixed and customized according to the customer’s needs and wants.

Celebrity Watch

Styling for Vernetta Lopez’s wedding:
 Styling by Jeric See for Vernetta Lopez 
Styling for Radio DJ Liyi:
 Styling by Huifen from Jeric Salon for Radio DJ Liyi 
Haircut for Naomi Neo:
 Haircut by Jeric See for Naomi Neo 
Singaporean sisters:
 Singaporean Sisters 

Price List

Jeric Salon @ Bugis Junction Price List

8 Reviews

    Feel Cheated

    I just want to share my unpleasant recent treatment at Jeric Bugis Junction. I am personally displeased with the service from Sherlin Goh, one of the stylist.
    I came down with my sister to get hair cut. Instead of waiting for me getting my hairdone doing nothing, i decided to treat my sister with scalp treatment. The price list shows $65 onwards.
    So i got my stylist was great and she asked me if i wanted hair treatment then she told me how much was it and i agreed to it.
    My sister was handled by Sherlin Goh. She just told my sister that she needed hairloss treatment without telling her how much is it. My sister assumed it is $65, it is my sister’s fault to for not asking, but when the price increased from $65 to $105, i expected the stylist to inform the customer! Furthermore she charged us additional $30 for wash n blow. What kind of treatmeant does not include wash n blow? They expect the customer to leave the place with wet hair??
    So in total my haircut + treatment cost me $145 and my sister’s one $135. She might as well get haircut and do the same treatment as mine!
    I expected a better service and clarity frm the hairstylist, as Jeric shd be a wellknown “atas” hair saloon..which was why i decided to try.
    I feel cheated and misled. It would have been different if she explained the costs clearly instead of trying to mislead customers!

    Review verified with Receipt


    i went to Jeric Salon at bugis junction on 22/9/14….
    that was my most worst experience of My Life!!!!!!!!
    when i came out right after my haircut, all my friend saw my haircut all burst out laughter on me,they ask me where i get my(Angry Bird)haircut….what a joke?i spend $53.50 for a Angry bird haircut?
    And the receptionist with a Green hairdo…serve me with a ultra black face and was on the phone for freaking 2minute before she attend to me….i paid $50 over dollars not for this kind of service

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    Noora Ulis

    On impulse, last Friday I walked into Jeric and about 1.5 hour later, my hard-earned $230 went straight to the so-called celebrity salon that is Jeric in Bugis Junction. $230 for a 1 inch haircut, minor hair colour touch-up and a so-so blowdry? Are you having a laugh????? Not helping I was being attended by two staff who don’t even speak proper English. Was so glad I didn’t leave the salon with a rainbow-coloured hair. What an EXPENSIVE impulse that was. Never again!!!!!

    Review not yet verified


    I really like the new hair color, FYI. It was my first time going to a hair salon and paying that much for the hair I got a recommendation from a Singaporean colleague and she is right about that hair stylist. He was cool. I did not tell him much but a few ideas coming up in my mind. He understood and made my hair cool That hair salon is Jeric Salon, Floor L2, Bugis Junction. When I was there, it was quite busy. He told me that around holiday times, they are extremely busy. So hint is you would better to book your hair stylist in advance. The rate is not that cheap. You can register to become their member and have some discounts. They accept all payments. AH, if you do not get used to with Singlish, you should ask them to repeat or explain to you about what they are doing on your hair I got a quite neck and head massage – felt so good lah

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    For those who want to know which salon I went to, its Jeric Salon at Parco Bugis Junction. Jeric did my hair personally alright? So nice of him! I feel so honoured!! :) He did some layering to my hair to make my hair look thicker on top, giving the illusion of me having thick hair. Colour was also chosen by him. He told me that black hair will make my fine hair look even flatter.

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    I went on Sat in the early afternoon, was welcomed by friendly receptionists whom promptly got me seated and served me with drinks and snacks.

    I really felt quite at home as they had warm settings and they were playing lovely, soothing music at the background (think Racheal Yamagata)

    My stylist, Kylie, who was assigned to me (I had no idea who to get as it was my first time there) was probably quite appalled to see my previous hair state :s

    After briefly explaining what I wanted done with my hair, she quickly got on to cutting it to the desired length (shoulder length) and on went the rebonding process, which lasted around three hours. It didn’t feel that long cos my stylist and her assistant engaged in conversations with me every now and then, and were always checking if I was comfortable or in need of anything.

    All in all, i would recommend jeric salon to all my friends (even guys) cos the staff are very professional and its really nice to have a salon where you can feel so at home.

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    I had the chance to wash the hair spray off and got a good massage from the Jeric Salon in Bugis Junction in the afternoon. Luckily the wedding was on a Friday and I could just smoke in with a walk-in appointment. & cos the hair technician (please ask for Faye!) knew it was my big day, took her time with my hair washing, massaged my head and blew dry some nice gentle curls for easy styling later.

    Credits: This is a review obtained from a blog.
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    Head down to bugis junction and remembered the promotion that Red Salon had for the ’09 GSS. So, searched for it, but found Jeric’s Salon instead. It’s actually the same, but of different name. Well, they are twins, to be precise. =)

    Was greeted by the friendly staff there and told them that I needed advise. A hairstylist was presented to me. He was Paul. A tall, lean Chinese guy. Quite friendly. So, told him that I’m not sure whether I wanna have my hair reborn again or perm. He gave me a few advice and after 5 mins, decided to perm my hair! Digi way. =) Voila!

    He walk me through my seat, asked what drinks I would like to have and gently say he’ll be back. While he prepares his stuff, another staff, a Chinese female (no name tag, so, I’m not sure of her name =( ), courteously ask me to proceed to the washing area to get my hair washed. I LIKE my hair to be washed!!!!… =) It takes about 10 mins. Shampoo, conditioning, a little massage (a procedure for all salon)…. it’s sooo relaxing! weeee!…. =)

    Back at my seat, Paul is already there, waiting to cut & trim my hair. Of course not short, just that he wants to add some volume at the top, while maintaining the hair length. Cool.

    While he’s cutting, the lady who washed my hair, prepares the props for perming. Paul then showed his final cut and ask if it’s ok. Yup, once, and he did it well. So, perming starts. Paul and his so called assistant, curl my hair with the roller, and place sponge underneath it to prevent the heat from going through my scalp directly.

    [It's really a good thing, cause the last time I permed my hair in Chinatown, they use a very very thin sponge, which I can feel the warm heat heating my scalp too. Ouch.]

    After all’s done, they put some treatment liquid on my hair and attached the digital wire into the end of the roller, put the timing on the machine and wait. While waiting time, they chat with me, accompany me for a while and gave me magazines as they were wanted by their colleagues.

    So, waited, not bad, wasn’t that long. ‘Cause each time they check on my hair, they chat with me too.

    Minutes past and finally my hair’s done! But not finished. Hurhur. My hair’s being washed again but was given a little treatment to so call make my hair softer…

    Then, my highlight begin. Wanted to colour my hair but I permed, so, afraid that there’ll be a tendency that the curl might go back a little straight, and not advisable by hair stylist, decided to get highlight only. He decides to highlight more area to cover my previous colours. Weee. It took 3 staff to highlight my hair. ‘Cause I understand that they are rushing for time. But however, despite the rush, their service wasn’t affected at all. They keep their cool and patients and continue talking to me. Especially Paul, sharing our adventurous moments we ever had personally.

    What I like most about the service is that, there were no dragging, no time wasted and the friendly and patient attitude possesed by the staff. The way they manage their time was very well done. The assistant prepares the customers or the equipments for the hairstylist to do his job. Very well done.

    My service started from 6.00pm and ends at about 9.30pm. However, I never feel draggy at all. They are very professional indeed.

    Last touch-up was made after highlight was done. And another staff, the cashier cum hairdresser, came to me with my bills and asked if I would like to purchase anything. (It’s a real common thing – the after service in a salon: to promote the products they are using.)

    Well, the products are their own. Not L’oreal nor Shiseido etc. It’s called Jeric’s. I asked what are the products the hairstylist used on me. And was told that they used number 6 & 12. The price was $19.80 but they are having a 20% discount. So, to me, the price is quite reasonable and since I don’t have any such products, without hesitations, I decided to buy it. Paid her from my seat and she came back with the products and present me Jeric Salon discount card. Weee!

    Well, i took up the $180.00(without GST) package which consists of cutting, treatment and perming. The highlight was $120(before 20% less) (hairstylist given price). The price of the highlight was a little too expensive to me. But given that it’s a so called professional salon, it’s kinda acceptable I guess. On top of that, the additional of the products $19.80 each(before 20% less).

    Total up = $330.00 (rounding off)

    Fuuuh! My first ever most expensive hair done over the last 21 years I had lived. Hurhur. But honestly, though it burnt a hole in my pocket, the service, the hair was very satisfactory to me. And the product I’m using was quite effective. Non-oily, non-dry, long lasting. Great! I’ll give my first visit to Jeric salon a 9/10. Kudoos to all the staff there who helped me. =)

    I’ll definitely recommend Jeric salon to any new comers. Just be nice and they’ll be nice too. It’s karma.

    I intend to go back to Jeric for any hair treatment or hair cut in the future! And hopefully their service for my future visits will remain in a satisfactory way or even better! Shall update you guys if I do come back! =)

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