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Phyto Hair Spa by ReVamp @ Wheelock Place

Phyto Hair Spa @ Wheelock Place
Phyto Hair Spa @ Wheelock Place
Phyto Hair Spa @ Wheelock Place


#05-08A Wheelock Place
501 Orchard Road, Singapore 238880
Telephone Number: 6692 0662
Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday: 11.00am to 8.30pm
Weekend and Public Holidays: 10.30 am to 7.00pm
Other Outlets:
Phyto Hair Spa by ReVamp @ Takashimaya Ngee Ann City
Phyto Hair Spa by ReVamp @ Plaza Singapura
Services: , , , , ,
Be Ready To Spend:




Total Score
7.5/ 10



  • Very relaxing hair treatment that includes movies-on-demand and great massage!
  • Great ambience


  • Strong hardselling reported by customers
  • Poor phone etiquette (staff unclear about prices and does not seem attentive over the phone)
  • Effectiveness of hair treatments for serious hair issues are unclear

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Phyto Hair Spa may have a full-fledged hair salon providing the entire range of hair services from haircuts, perms and rebonding but what Phyto Hair Spa is really known for is their award-winning signature hair treatments using the well-reviewed Phyto hair products. If you’ve never tried Phyto, you’re probably missing out one of Singapore’s most opulent hair indulgence. A typical hair treatment includes scalp scan, actual hair treatment, complimentary drink, scalp massage, massage of head, neck, shoulder and back and even movies-on-demand while you sink into the comfortable massage chair.

The only downside? SERIOUS hardselling. Right after they’ve gotten you relaxed, salespeople will start peddling their oh-so-expensive packages, which can be pretty difficult to reject. Still, the experience is pretty good. Read our article on resisting hardselling to get yourself prepared before you go down.

As for their other hair services, the only hairstylist being raved about in Phyto Hair Spa @ Wheelock Place is Kitty. So do request for her if you are looking for recommendations!


Beauty Awards

Women’s Weekly 2012 Awards: “Best Anti-Hair Loss Therapy” for Phyto Intense Regenerating Therapy Men & Women
Designed to stumulate hair growth and revive weak hair follicles, this treatment uses botanical active ingredients to improve blood circulation in scalp and restore hair vitalities. While a course of at least 8 treatments is encouraged for best results, we noticed an added oomph to hair’s volume in just one treatment.
Women’s Weekly 2010 Awards: “Best Energizing Scalp Treatment” for Age Defying Hair Therapy (105-120 mins), $188 onwards
This scalp comforting session uses a nourishing botanical mix of ingredients to invigorate your scalp, prevent future damage and boost melanin to every hair strand to delay grey hair.
Women’s Weekly 2009 Awards: “Best Anti-ageing hair treatment” for Anti-Ageing Scalp Therapy (120 mins), $188 onwards
After purifying hair follicles, this nourishes hair roots with an anti-ageing formula to restore hair density, and strength and inhibit grey hair.

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16 Reviews


    I bought a collagen package a few weeks before CNY and it was almost $1400 for 5 times treatment. I was coax into buying it as the consultant said that my hair was aging and alot of white hairs was seen.
    Subsequent sessions, a new consultant told me that the package was not suitable for me and i could just add collagen as a add on mask treatment instead. She said because my scalp was oily and i should resolve the root issue first. Flustered being pressed on after 2 session of hard selling, I relented and gave in. Top up another 1.1k to change to a 6 times DSR treatment for oily scalp with collagen mask and DP.

    I told them that my per session now cost almost $300+ per session and pls make sure this is effective. The consultant shrug her shoulders and make no promises. i cant wait for finish my package and hopefully see some results.

    Review verified with Receipt


    Kitty, the leading hair stylist is no longer working there.
    I just realised she shifted to Botanics Creation at Pacific Plaza, 9 Scotts Road.
    Am happy that I found her again.!


    1st time visit-> Went for hair colouring.
    Was pressurized into buying a package of hair treatments SGD$2K++ by the sales consultant as my hair scalp condition was condemned relentlessly by sales consultant. Sales consultant was only focused in selling.. the post sale service is practically zero. Ignored by her in subsequent treatments visits.

    In the latest visit. There wasn’t any scalp before or after treatment consultation, Receptionist was inattentive, distracted by other stuff. I did not ask for or specify any particular therapist to do my treatment. I was left waiting the whole session. Even a simple 20 mins hair steamed ended after a long 45 mins after i flagged out to catch their attention. Was handled roughly by 3 people. Staff around me were either busy chitchatting or whispering instead of attending to customers. Many steps in the treatments were omitted. I feel cheated.

    No manager was around to listen to my feedback. The 2 front counters girls were just dumbstruck when I commented that I was treated poorly with the whole experiences. I told them to get their manager to give me a call on this. Manager did indeed rang to apologize. When I asked for the refund of the unused treatments, all she did was giving me a rundown of the ala carte prices of the treatments which will take up all of my package. Imagine that. She is going to speak to her superior on the matter & let me know. Very unhappy customer right now.

    Review approved by Beauty Undercover


    When I went for the trial, I was impressed with their attentive service & the calm soothing ambiance in the spa section. I signed up for a package. That was my one & only quiet session! The advertise that the place is so relaxing but in reality it’s noisy. Used to be 4 stations in a room – now its 5! When I told the consultant that I couldn’t rest bec of the noise, she replied that some people are more sensitive to noise! Goodness what’s their idea of a spa? Is it the norm for the therapist to talk louder than the client & go on & on about her holiday & shopping exps? Does everyone in the bloody spa even need to know her personal biz? I will definitely not renew the package when it ends!

    Review approved by Beauty Undercover


    Absolutely horrible service! I would never visit this saloon again. Kitty, the hairstylist, was so rude and condescending to me when I asked for a style which is not ‘recommended’ by her. Against my better judgement, I was bullied into her ‘recommendation’ and in the end, I have to put up with a ruined hairstyle. The shop girl was also extremely blunt in her manner of talking to me, and overall, I felt that it was a really uncomfortable experience which I never wish to repeat again.

    Review not yet verified


    I bought the phyto products off the shelf from John Little. Walked into Phyto Hair Spa @ Plaza Singapura. The consultant told me phyto products from John Little is no longer affliated with their company. Anyway I agreed to the trial hair treatment and fixed an appointment for the following Saturday.
    Appointment day arrived and when I went there, I was told the appointment was not locked in and the consultant herself was on leave! Someone else attended to me. Lots of hard selling. Whenever I didn’t jump at the offer, I was told things like “you can pay by instalment”, “surely everyone in Singapore now has a credit card so you can pay by instalments”. Even “you are a walk-in customer, that means you trust us so why are you haggling over the price”.
    Frankly, if it wasn’t for the hard-sell, I would have signed up for the package. But I didn’t like their pushy attitude and their arrogant way of talking down to customers. A little over $2.5k for 12 sessions is a lot of money and only a fool would sign on the dotted line without giving it more thought.

    Review approved by Beauty Undercoverd


    Terrible experience at the Saloon

    I went in for my hair appointment after discussing and reaching an agreement on a price for my hair perm. To my surprise, at payment, I had to pay almost 50 percent more which was totally unexpected. On raising the point with the salesgirl, she actually had the effrontery to “mock” me by hinting at my “inability” to foot the bill. Their service is really bad and I would not recommend anyone to visit this saloon.

    The salesgirl was also very pushy with the packages, and treated me in an aggressive manner when I declined to buy any packages. Of course, who would want to continue going for their services when it is so abhorrent?

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    I visited Phyto Hair Spa today at Wheelock Place, #05-08. The place is incredibly high end, or perhaps that’s due to my limited exposure to such places. The last time I went to Wheelock Place, I barely made it past the Apple Epicentre on the second floor. This time I went up to the third, fourth, and fifth floor (using the escalator, not lift) and suddenly the stores disappeared, replaced by just one or two outlets per floor from where I could see from the escalators. There was a little pathway between the outlets, and it turns out that led to more outlets, but again, very sparsely littered throughout the floors. There were an eye clinic, a LASIK centre, a manicure saloon, some health or beauty clinics, and others that I didn’t notice.

    According to the awards on the wall of Phyto, they’re quite the wizards at hair treatment and care. They also use plant based products for “wholesome formulas to restore scalp and hair back to its most beautiful and healthiest condition”. The membership fee (one-time only) is $700! But when you consider the prices of their therapies and treatments and other services, the location and overall feel of the place, $700 is not too far off the mark.

    After a scalp scan, they put me in a room with about 4 other people, comfortably spaced out on puffy armchairs, facing away from one another. Each of us had a TV connected to a DVD player. There was also a complimentary drink. Someone started rubbing some healing ointment onto my scalp. Then my hair was wrapped up and put in a bag that was connected to a tube and a machine, which blew smoky, scented, cold air into the bag. After about 30 minutes, I was given a thorough massage of the head, neck, shoulder, and back. I was then led outside for a hair wash and finally a haircut.

    The hair treatment was a “Detoxifying Hair Therapy with Wash and Blow and Styling” package worth $128, and the haircut was $55. I bought the therapy package via Groupon though, so I only paid $38 for that. I also got suckered into buying one of their shampoos at $28, and the parking fee was $8.57 for 2 and a half hours, so for a day of supposed money saving (I saved $90 from the Groupon deal), I ended up paying more than I saved.

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    $38 for Detoxifying Hair Therapy With Wash and Blow And Styling at Phyto Hair Spa (Worth $128)

    Early in the morning.. Probably the appt was at 11am @ Wheelock Place.
    After all the paper work, I had a scalp scan.
    The consultant was showing me that my pores were blocked with sebum etc..
    Off we went to other room for the treatment.

    Yes! These are OSIM massage chairs and I got to go through a few files with a huge range of movies and drama series.
    There are chinese, english, japanese, korean, cantonese, all sorts of films.
    I chose Eat, Pray, Love since I didnt get to watch it on screen.

    My therapist, I presume is from China because of her strong chinese accent, was really friendly and nice.
    She enquired which essence I would like to use, explaining their benefits.
    (I cant rmb the choices & which 1 I chose)
    And she politely asked if the strength she used for the massage was appropriate.
    –I had picture taken when I was doing the treatment but I cant find it ATM. Wld update when pic found–

    After the treatment, I was brought to have my hair washed and blown at other area.
    Unfortunately when I was back, my seat was taken by another person.
    I really quite astonished at the moment.
    My drink and necklace(which I removed before the hair trmt, not very expensive either but it holds a significant value to me) was on the table and yet they offered the seat to someone else?
    They must have a over surge of customers huh..

    Well, I collected my stuff and waited for the remaining paper work to be done.
    Of course, they wouldnt not use this chance to promote their products and sell their packages etc.
    I really dread this part when the service is done.
    I refused with all my might, trying hard not to relent even if the student offers, criticism of scalp condition and what-nots.

    Nevertheless, with only 1 try, Im unable to determine whether this treatment is effective but it is overall very comfortable and relaxing experience.

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              ここ、PHYTO Hair Spa @ Wheelock Place,

    オーチャードロード、Wheelock Placeの最上階にあります。





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    An update to this entry – Oct 2010:

    After re-reading my experience below, I must say, I must’ve been very upset at the point of time! Well, damage control was on the way today! Totally unexpected, pleasantly surprised and a bit embarrassed. After all, it has been like 6 mths since the ordeal took place.

    When I went down to Phyto Hairspa again today, it was because the recept called me and subsequently Kitty talked to me, citing that she hasn’t seen me in a long while. I mentioned that I had a bad experience in March and she asked me to go down for her to take a look. After assessment,she recommended that I do a rebonding touchup while waiting for my hair to grow suitably longer and healthier for a perm. I was taken aback when in the midst of the session, she suddenly mentioned that she would be doing the touch-up for me as a complimentary session under her, as a means of apology for the bad experience I had. On top of that, she also mentioned that Phyto Mgmt happened to come across THIS BLOG (arghh….) and brought the incident to her attention.

    Firstly, I must say, I am quite impressed that their mgmt actually bothers to prowl through online reviews of their salon. This shows a level of commitment in garnering honest feedback on how the salon is performing. Secondly, it’s their pro-activeness in performing damage control, even if it’s months after… hehe… Well, Kitty was away on maternity and only returned recently anyway.

    I have already made a promise to myself. If Kitty is not available, I won’t settle for any other stylist. This is definitely not bcoz of the complimentary session! haaa… She’s attentive and knows how to handle the toughest hair (i.e. mine!). Since day one when she did my first rebonding, I totally trusted her judgement for my hair. Though i must say, my hair is actually boring, long and rebonded. Even that, not a lot of stylist know how to handle it. Like what Kitty said, my hair is hard to handle. So perhaps if anything goes wrong, it’s really not the stylist’s fault but mine for not choosing the right stylist.

    I don’t think I am a fussy person. This ordeal made me feel otherwise.

    This is not a product review, but a rebonding experience review. I just had to let off some steam because of my bad experience.

    Date: 27 Mar 2010, Fri
    Venue: Phyto Hair Spa, Wheelock Place
    Stylist: Kelvin
    Time: 2.15pm — 5.45pm

    Rebonding Touchup ($190 – 30%) + Ampoule ($25 – 5%)
    = S$133 + S$23.75 = S$156.75

    Initially made appt with Kitty, but was informed that she’d be on mc the night before.
    Eventually decided to still go ahead. I thought… can’t go too far wrong with a rebonding touch up, right? WRONG! I’m so wrong. I should’ve just waited for another day with Kitty.

    I’m really quite disappointed with the results. I found kinks near parts of my scalp, which Mr X kept saying it’s because of my baby hair. I dont understand. If Kitty can do it well, I dont see why he can’t. Plus parts of my fringe was obviously FRIED. He attempted to remedy by snipping it off and totally disregarded how the end result would look like. I felt so angry i told him to stop snipping. I don’t want him to cut anymore. Frankly, I can’t stand him touching my hair. That’s how unhappy I was.

    Apply Ampoule – 2.15pm start
    Softening pdt to whole head, starting at ends – 2.45 end – set for 25min
    Wash and blow dry – 3.20 start
    Crimping hair straight with hot iron – 4pm
    Apply fixative – 5pm (15 min processing, then wash)
    Blow dry – 5.30 start
    Sad Ending – 5.45pm

    There are times when I come out of a salon after a rebonding job, feeling happy about how soft and touchable it felt. And there are times when I just feel like hiding in the toilet to cry. Today is one of the latter.
    Note: Whether rebonding is actually detrimental to one’s hair is another matter.

    6 Nov 2008
    I tried Phyto Hairspa’s soft rebonding package some time in Sept. Priced at abt $188, before factoring in gst. I think I need to go for rebonding touch-up at least one month ago. What does this show? Hm… the rebonding was too soft? *keke* I actually spent about $300 the first time. Took the soft rebond promotion package, which includes a scalp treatment. And somehow, i was convinced to do a hair treatment at the same time which set me back by another $120. Gosh… It’s only 2 mths later and I already can’t stand my hair. It’s almost as if I hadn’t done ANY rebonding at all. haiz… so sad so sad so sad.

    Credits: This is a review obtained from a blog.
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    The spa was totally empty except for me. Was disturbed to overhear conversation btw 2 staffers. They were discussing how one staff mis-diagnosed a customer the day before and prescribed the wrong treatment! They offer earphones for TV but not hygenic because the earpiece is recycled. Also I have colored hair and the UV thingy they used on me ended up lightening my hair color alot.

    On the whole, the experience was one I dun care to repeat. No privacy and noisy. They also dun change you into a robe and got some oil stains on my top after the massage. The receptionist was also very pushy about me signing a package. On top of that, they asked me to top up money for some Japanese mask that was not Phyto… makes u wonder what other substitutes they make during the treatment.

    Overall the place is not what their adverts promise.

    Credits: This review is collated from Yebber.


    - free movie on demand. i watched Ironman (but i didn’t get to finish watching it)
    - Oto massage chair
    - nice back massage by therapist
    - products feel good and smell nice

    - the hair spa area is not separate from the salon area so you can hear the hairdryer and people talking outside. but when you put on your earphones and watch the movie, you actually can’t hear anything although you can still see the hustle and bustle if you wanted to. the one i visited at paragon (can’t remember name) has a separate “shop” so it’s very quiet, secluded and peaceful with bamboo, water features and all… more like a spa.
    - the therapist (i believe she is a foreign worker) can only speak mandarin and she couldn’t pronounce the names of the massage oils properly. i had no idea what she was saying and just picked the one whose label i can read (the labels were coming off)
    - when blowing my hair, i think she yanked out a few strands here and there cos she tugged too hard
    - the honey lemon tea is not “natural”. i can taste that it’s not real honey and real lemon cos real honey and lemon won’t leave an aftertaste and layer on your tongue -.- it’s those granules or cordial type.
    - sales pitch to buy product
    - sales pitch to buy package

    will i go back again? no. i prefer the paragon one. moreover, the promotional price of $99 per person is only til end of march. usual price is $188. seriously, i won’t pay more than $100 for this. cos i don’t FEEL i am at a spa and i don’t feel pampered. i can get much better service and experience in thailand, indonesia and even malaysia.

    Credits: This is a review obtained from a blog.
    Read the original blog article here.


    actually my sis permed her hair there this year & the results weren’t that great for town-site salons becox her hair has seen better days when it was done at other hair salons @ toa payoh.

    Credits: This review is collated from Yebber.


    I’m a user of Phyto items w/out any supervision since I was 15 years old.

    Of late, I visited the spa & had been harassed by a consultant who pressurized me into signing on in-salon treatment packages.

    Even after being told repeatedly that I wasn’t based in S’pore most of the time & had very sensitive, oily scalp with prickly itch, she insisted that I use up the package before I leave S’pore in 2 weeks time – it didn’t make sense at all becox this seems like a money-grabbing opportunity for the salon & might not be advisable for my scalp.

    She didn’t give me a systematic explanation on the products that she sold to me & kept hard-selling packages to me throughout the consultation. When I called her at the salon for further clarifications, she said that she didn’t understand my questions. What was worse is that condescending tone of voice that was unacceptable in the service industry. I paid the owner a courtesy call but nothing came out of it. All she said was the salon is very busy & to check with the Creative Director. No apologies, nothing.

    Credits: This review is collated from Yebber.


    I like the way the staff greet you by name after they know your name. They provide drinks while you do your hair. There are 2 sections, the salon and the spa.

    This salon provides services for hair treatment and hair cuts. I have seen only 3 hair stylists who will trim your crowning glory with satisfying results.

    I have been going to this salon for my hair treatments and my problem with oily scalp being more controlled.

    Credits: This review is collated from Yebber.

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