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Supercuts @ Cathay Cineleisure

Supercuts @ Cathay Cineleisure
Supercuts @ Cathay Cineleisure
Supercuts @ Cathay Cineleisure


Cathay Cineleisure, #02-06
8 Grange Road S239695
Telephone Number: 62352828
Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday: 11.00am - 9.00pm
Saturday: 11.00am - 8.00pm
Sunday: 11.00am - 7.00pm
Last appointment is 30 minutes before closing time.
Sam is off on Tuesdays.
Other Outlets:
Supercuts @ Far East Plaza
Supercuts @ Tiong Bahru Plaza
Supercuts @ Compasspoint Sengkang
Supercuts @ NEX Serangoon
Supercuts @ Novena
Supercuts @ Century Square
Supercuts @ Parkway Parade
Supercuts @ Siglap
Services: , , ,
Be Ready To Spend:




Total Score
7.1/ 10



  • Great Haircuts by Sam
  • Professional hairstylists
  • Promotional Student Pricing


  • Hair services more expensive than usual hair salons
  • Hair assistants may not provide the most consistent of service

Posted November 26, 2012 by


Besides the usual Monsoon, Reds and Kimage, Supercuts is the next hair salon chain that most people would think of trying in Singapore. Their youthful imagepremium but still affordable prices and favourable reviews have allowed Supercuts to grow rather quickly about 5 to 10 years ago.

One of the more expensive outlets among the Supercuts chain is Supercuts @ Cineleisure (due to higher rent). Is the quality of hair service better at Cineleisure then? While most are happy with haircuts from Sam (a highly raved hairstylist since his time at Far East Plaza) and Shirlyn, service may sometimes not be very consistent.

Nevertheless, hair massage is good (if you get the right assistant), students enjoy promotional pricing and really, the location at Cathay Cineleisure makes it really convenient to get a haircut while your friends or significant other shops around in Orchard. So its definitely worth a try IF you get the right hairstylist and IF you go during off-peak periods where service is more likely to be better.


Indicative Price

Haircut by Sam: $60 (Full Price for Shoulder length hair)
Valid as of November 2012


7 Reviews


    cineleisure的supercut!!!感觉很不错喔~一直去那里 fareast以前也去 剪得凑合但是环境不好啊==去supercut服务更好环境也更好剪完还能去看个电影逛逛街啥的=w=

    Credits: This is a review obtained from Douban forums.


    Usually I always go to Supercuts Cineleisure for my haircut . My stylist , Shirlyn is a good stylist. She wash my hair and the way she massage my head is absolutely awesome. I feel fresh after the massage. They served me hot milo and I only paid $27 for the haircut. Actual price is $45 but because Im a student , I get student price . I brought a lot of my friends to cut at Supercuts Cineleisure and they are sastified with the outcome.

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    i think it’s AT LEAST one year since i had my last haircut, so decided to go back to my trusted hairdresser! SAM from SUPERCUTS @ cineleisure. i didn’t know he’s a director until i had to pay. oh wells, as long as he’s good.

    snip! snip! snip! i kinda miss my long hair now!

    after the haircut! but it’s almost impossible to get back this style no matter how i blowdry and what not. BUT! it works in aussie! bravo aussie! it’s less humid so my straightened hair actually STAYS that way! :] CHEERS!

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    I had a haircut at Supercuts at Cine after the movie, and I think the hairstylist’s quite good. I might consider going back to him in future for my haircuts. it’s pretty steep for $55 but i got to enjoy the student rate and ended up only paying $30.

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    So today, me,lala and Maya went to supercut at cineleisure to get a haircut.
    Not me though, just the both of them.
    Maya didn’t really had an extreme make over or anything, in fact all she did was to change her parting. from right to left. and then she had to pay $35 for it ?!?!?!?! sucha waste >< !
    Lala on the other hand, cut bangs :D D
    LOL. it's so cute okay?!?! she looks like a 13 year old kid now. hahaha. but it's nice. I just hope that Mon wouldn't scream at her cuz actually it is a little too short =X
    The whole process took like 1 hour 30 mins. A very long 1 hour 30 minutes. But the result was satisfactory, so good job everybody :D

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    Went to Cineleisure’s Supercut today with mummy. we were late for the appointment. supposed to reach at 1.30pm but we reached at 2.30pm. was raining somemore. mummy was saying why when we wanna go and cut hair, it’ll rain. coz last time also like that.

    As i’ve mentioned in the previous entry, wanna cut my hair real short but afraid of the result. so i asked the hair stylish. she said if i’ve decided den go ahead but she asked me to think thrice. she said that after cutting, will be happy with new hair style but after a few weeks maybe will regret. usually is like that. LoL! made me so confused and worried.

    When school starts, will have 8am lessons, i don’t want to wake up early and spend my time styling my permed hair. time consuming. i rather sleep more! HaHa. and you know i won’t want to go to school with my messy hair that’s without styling. but seriously, i do like perm hair. if only there’s no need for styling, i gonna stick to my permed hair!

    In the end, decided to rebond. and the hair stylish planned to cut my fringe short. she has been wanting to cut it short since last time but i never agree. LoL! this time round, i’m ok with it. just wanna have a new hair style on my 18th birthday too. easy to take care and i’m fine with it.

    Outcome? i did take picture but i’m not going to post it. when you see me den you’ll know. HaHa! Anyway, i do quite like this new hair style. Told mummy that i suddenly find myself looking so much younger. Last time like 18 years old, now like 10 years old. LoL.

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    when sally finally reached at ard 2:40, we walked from far east to cine leisure.. den surely i feel like cutting my hair.. and the nxt thing… i was inside the super cuts hair salon.. haha.. den tt lady who cut my hair i tink is super pro lor.. cuz cut quite fast.. and i tink it’s rather nice too.. thinned alot ler.. but ex nehs.. 30 bucks..

    Credits: This is a review obtained from a blog.
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