10 Things You Need To Know about Tokio de Sinka Rebonding & Perm

Published on Jun 01, 2021

Have you heard about the NEWEST rebonding / perming chemical service that has taken over many top hair salons in Tokyo, Paris and London? We don't often rave about hair straightening treatments but this revolutionary treatment has gotten us more than a little intrigued!

We delve deep into the chemistry of this treatment to share with you the 10 things you absolutely have to know about Tokio de Sinka!

1. Tokio de Sinka can be used to straighten bleached and damaged hair

Few salons dare to rebond bleached hair because the damage from the typical rebonding process will “fry” the bleached hair and cause it to break.

To deal with this problem, Japanese chemists took several years to come up with revolutionary new straightening solution that is safe to use even on bleached hair – Tokio de Sinka! Unlike typical rebonding chemicals which uses high heat and alkaline straighteners that can cause a lot of damage, Tokio de Sinka includes several innovative ingredients to minimize the use of heat. More importantly, it uses a slightly acidic straightener instead of the usual alkaline straighteners, which causes minimal damage to the hair!

Add their patented INKARAMI treatment technology to repair the hair and you’ve got Tokio de Sinka – the only straightening solution we know that is suitable to straighten bleached hair without "frying" it!

before and after tokio de sinka

Note however that not all bleached hair can go for the rebonding. If your hair has been bleached several times, it would be better to consult with your stylist before going ahead with the hair service!

2. It contains Nobel Prize winning ingredient "Fullerene"

You may not be able to win a Nobel prize but you can still have a Nobel prize winning ingredient on your hair. 

Tokio rebonding contains a relatively new chemical element Fullerene which as of now is the World's Best Antioxidant.  Just to give you a better idea of its antioxidant powers, Fullerene is up to 175x stronger than Vitamin C in removing active oxygen and therefore protecting against excessive UV damage!

Not many people know this but sun rays can also damage your hair by oxidizing and damaging the hair cuticles! This makes your hair more brittlemore dry and causes hair to break more easily as your hair loses its natural oils within. There is even evidence that UV causes your hair to turn grey earlier.

uvb rays

According to studies done in Japan, Fullerene helps protect against UVB rays to minimize oxidation and cuticle damage. As you can see from the microscopic images above, adding just 0.5% fullerene reduces the damage on hair cuticles significantly!

TOKIO de Sinka is so far the ONLY rebonding solution that contains the miracle ingredient Fullerene that is able to protect your hair against UV even as it straightens. Therefore, you can look forward to healthy straightened hair for months!

3. Restores hair strength up to 140% even as it straightens

Usually rebonding only straightens your hair and does not repair, but Tokio rebonding outshines other rebonding services as it repairs even as it straightens! This is possible through its patented Inkarami Aggregation Bond process that uses 2 unique types of micro-molecular keratin amino acids that entwines and forms macromolecular keratin proteins all the way into the core of the hair shaft!

This prevents against further protein loss and changes the hair's surface layer. The addition of another 4 types of keratins further reinforces the resistance of the hair up to 140% and allow it to regain flexibility and lightness at the same time.

  • Molecular weight 400: As the molecular weight is small, it can penetrate deeper into the hair core, making the hair stronger!
  • Molecular weight 1200: This keratin protects your hair from heat treatment while at the same time improving strength and lustre of hair! This is excellent also for preventing colour fading!
  • Molecular weight 10000: The function of this keratin is to lock in the previous smaller keratins to prevent protein loss from the core. It also penetrates into damaged hair, recovering damaged hair to a nearly virgin hair condition. During the perm process, this specific keratin can also improve the wave efficiency and preventing colour fade
  • Molecular weight 30000: This heavy duty keratin acts as the final seal to pump up your hair to make it more elastic, smoother and easier to manage!

These 4 types of keratins combine to repair the hair and bolster hair strength even as it straightens!

Before and After Tokio Volume Rebonding by Rubik Hair Salon

Tokio Volume Rebonding by Rubik hair Salon

4. Tokio de Sinka is Free of Formaldehyde

Although Tokio de Sinka contains various types of Keratins, this is not a Keratin treatment or Brazilian Blowout!

The keratins are deposited deep into the hair and doesn't just coat the hair on the outside.

The Tokio de Sinka Rebonding therefore works more like Japanese straightening system which does not release formaldehyde at any part of the process!

5. It can also be used to perm your hair

Although more commonly used for rebonding, Tokio De Sinka can also be used to perm and create waves for your hair! 

Straight, curly or wavy, Tokio de Sinka can most likely give you the hair of your dreams, even if your hair was damaged.

before and after tokio de sinka
after tokio de sinka

After a bad perm by a Korean stylist (not on Beauty Undercover), Act Point Salon saved Agent S's hair with Tokio de Sinka.

Stay tuned for her experience!

6. Your hair remains silky and glossy for weeks after the perm

Many people find that their hair becomes frizzy and damaged after getting a perm or rebonding.

Tokio Perm at Beauty Emporium by The Urban Aesthetics

However, the Tokio perm actually makes sure that your hair remains silky and glossy weeks after the perm. It does so via the inclusion of 2 moisturizing ingredients – CMC (18MEA) and Gemini type amino acid!

  • CMC refers to Cell Membrane Complex which exists in hair cuticles and cortex cells to help them bond with each other and works as a way to transport water to cells. CMC is lost when it is damaged via chemical processes such as rebonding. Tokio de Sinka contains CMC to replenish any CMC that may have been lost!
  • Gemini type amino acid is a plant derived ingredient that improves strength of hair and ability of the hair to retain water. With your hair repaired, you'll also find that your hair is smoother after the hair service!  
  • Pellicer is another plant-derived ingredient that is able to penetrate deep into the interior portion of the hair to repair damage from inside. It increase hair thickness and increase water content of the hair. It also reinforces the ability of the hair to be curved, making your curls last longer!

When added together, the repair powers of CMC, Gemini type amino acid and Pellicer build onto itself to make sure that the hair does not tangle as easily, your colours last longer and your hair becomes more resistant to damage!

20 days after tokio perm

20 Days after the Perm

7. We love the Lemongrass Scent!

As you close your eyes and get your hair washed by your stylist, you may get a whiff of the lemongrass scent that somehow reminds us of a spa!

lemongrass scent shampoo

Throughout the rest of the hair service, we also found that the chemical smell from Tokio de Sinka is not as strong as other perming / rebonding lotions!

8. Tokio de Sinka is suitable for most hair types!

Whether you have dry, brittle and porous hair or natural afro hair frizzy or damaged by straightening, Tokio de Sinka can hydrate your hair and keep it silky and frizz-free!

Tokio Volume Rebonding by Rubik Salon

Tokio Volume Rebonding by Rubik Salon

9. Tokio is offered at top premium salons in Japan, France and the US

It may have just arrived in Singapore but Tokio have already become very popular among celebrity hairdressers and top hair salons in Japan, France and London such as MINX, Kenichi from AFLOAT, Hideki Matsunaga from ABBEY, David Lucas, David Mallett, Johnny Hair London

Fortunately for us, we don’t have to travel all the way to Japan or Europe to experience this award-winning treatment!

10. It does not cost you an arm and a leg

You don't have to bleed your wallet dry to afford this promising straightening service – we’ve seen salons offering Tokio de Sinka from $300 onwards!

The selected list of salons offering Tokio de Sinka Rebonding / Perm are as follows:

Do the above benefits of Tokio de Sinka Rebonding / Perm make you want to try it?

Have you tried Tokio de Sinka Rebonding / Perm before?

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