10 Tips To Save Money at Hair Salons in Singapore

Published on Nov 02, 2017

Visits to the salon can be costly, especially when you have to maintain a hair colour or battling with frizzy locks that can be only tamed with regular keratin treatments. That said, it doesn't mean you have to bleed your pocket try just to enjoy good hair days and look presentable. Here are some ways you can reduce the dent in your wallet ...

Don't let yourself be limited to one hair job a year. Use these tips and treat yourself!

1. Opt for ombre or balayage 

Roots touch-up can bleed your pocket dry pretty quickly. With the bleaching and colouring, every month or 3 weeks if your hair grows fast, you are most likely to spend $700 a year on just your roots alone!

Tiger Eye Ombre Balayage by Gene

Tiger Eye Ombre Balayage by Gene by Ginrich 

So unless you struggle with premature greying, skip the full-head colour and let your roots grow or opt for a gradient style such as ombre or balayage that doesn't require clean roots.

2. Look out for promotions

This is a no-brainer, but salons often have promotions, especially during festive seasons or if you bring a friend along, and of course the best time to save is after CNY and from June to August when prices drop ridiculously low during this time.  

Before splurging at a particular salon, make it a habit to ask what are the current promotions or make your life a little easier and simply comb through various promotions by countless of salons listed on Beauty Undercover. You'll be happy to find that some salons offer an exclusive discount just for Beauty Undercover readers or if you are a student.

3. Standard price for length

Some salons charge for haircut depending on your hair length while others charge depending on the stylist you request. The more experienced the stylist, the higher the cost. One way to minimize your spending at the salon is to visit salons that do not charge by hair length. This way, no matter how long your hair is, rest assured you'll be paying the same price every time you go in for a haircut.

Here are some hair salons that offer one tone hair colours for below $100 and great haircuts at about $50 at all hair lengths.

Same Price for All Hair Length Hair Colour at Bump Hair Design

Bump Hair Design @ The Rochester Buona Vista (This hair colour cost just $90 for all hair lengths before first-timer discounts!)

4. Go for colours that last

Certain hair colours last longer than others and it goes without saying that pastel and ashy hair colours fade fast. While it's hard to resist dyeing your hair these colours, be willing to spend on regular touch-ups to keep the colour looking its best. However, consider going for dark colours or browns that fade slowly and if you are really eyeing a pastel colour, go for a vibrant one instead as it will fade into a pastel tone after a couple of washes.

Long Lasting Vivid Pink and Purple Colour at No. 8 Hair Studio

Vivid Pink and Purple by No. 8 Hair Studio 

For example, this colour above is likely to fade to rose gold although it will look vibrant for about 1-2 washes. 

As always, it's wiser to choose colours that don't require bleaching. Not only do they last longer, they are not as damaging on your hair as well!

Brown Hair Colour (Kazuki)

Ash Brown by Aube Japanese Hair Salon @ Marina Link

5. Use Colour Shampoo to Prolong Your Hair Colour

Usage of Colour Shampoo on Coloured Hair

Hair Colour after using Pink Paimore Colour Shampoo

No matter what colour you choose, most colours will fade a few weeks after the hair colour. 

It however doesn't have to be the case if you use colour shampoo back at home. Colour shampoos are not regular dyes; it replenishes the colour pigments that are washed off over time.

In a way, it is better than getting a colour dye because it gives your hair the natural ombre look; Agent G got her hair coloured brown in June. Now that her hair has grown out, the demarcation looks like Ombre because she uses the Ash Brown Paimore Colour shampoo twice a week, so the roots area gets coloured as well. Although the colouring is not as obvious as the sections that were previously coloured, the effect looks very naturally ombre. 

So... you don't have to pay the price of ombre to get an ombre :D Just get a full head colour + colour shampoo back at home!

If you're thinking about getting a colour shampoo, Agent G recommends Paimore for Ash Brown because it looks really good and not many brands carry this colour.

For Purple Colours, your regular stylist is likely to stock their preferred purple shampoo brand. Agent CW got her hair coloured ash purple at 99 Percent Hair Studio @ Bedok Point and the purple ombre still looks as gorgeous as it is 1 month later, thanks to their recommended purple colour. 

Ash Purple Balayage for Short Hair by 99 Percent

Ash Purple Balayage at 99 Percent Hair Studio @ Bedok Point

6. Take care of your hair

Prevention is better than cure. If you take good care of your hair, you won't have to spend on regular treatments, trims, or special dyes. There are few basic things you can do at home that will keep your hair happy and healthy, such as doing a deep treatment at least once a week and using heat protectors when styling your hair with hot tools. Check out these tips to keep bleached hair healthy.

Keep Healthy Bleached Hair

Risel Japanese Hair Salon

7. Avoid signing up for packages 

Recently, there have been scams about spas and salons that compel people to sign up for packages before abruptly closing down. Be wary of such unethical salons using these tips, and though not all salon packages are dubious, it's safe to always practise caution when signing packages. Don't succumb to the hard sell and when the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is!

Another good tip to keep in mind when signing for a package is to ask yourself how often will you make use of it. If you know you are unlikely to come back often, chances are you are throwing money down the drain when you sign on the dotted line.

8. Alternate between a quality cut and an affordable trim

Money doesn't always equate to quality, but getting a $50 cut is different from a $5 trim. If you're on a budget, why not get cheap trims in between cuts? That way, your hair stays 'clean' but you don't have to spend a bomb. A good cut every few months makes a difference and keep your hair looking healthy.

Short Haircut by Bump Hair Design

Haircut by Bump Hair Design @ The Rochester Buona Vista

9. Avoid peak periods

Most salons have surcharges during peak periods, like Chinese New Year. Save yourself a few bucks (and time) by avoiding making an appointment during peak periods such as January, February, and December. Some salons try to take as many customers during that time so you'll find that you need to wait even when you've made an appointment. Mistakes are also more frequent then so it is always wise to avoid peak periods. 

Grey Balayage Hair Colour at Art Noise

Grayge Hair Colour by Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon

Moreover, some salons have promotions during off-peak periods so take note of such details if you are intending to do your hair for the festive season.

10. Confirm Overall Cost before making the appointment

Spoilt for choice on which promotion to get for the salons? Read the Terms and Conditions properly and ask carefully beforehand. Some promotions are valid only for certain days of the week or for certain stylists. If you're okay with that, then its not a problem. If not, you may want to check for other salon promotions which may not have that restriction.

$90 For All Hair Length Hair Colour for First Time Customer at Risel

Ash Brown Hair Colour at Risel Japanese Hair Salon at Tanjong Pagar (This hair colour cost just $90 for all hair lengths before first-timer discounts!)

Also, you may want to have a treatment or a cut after the hair colour. Adding such services may cost more as these services may not be on promotion. Hence, we would recommend you to take a look at salons offering bundled deals. Act Point Salon for example is having $138 for Hair Colour + Treatment in November 2017.

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