Top Reasons why Korean Hair Salons are so Popular in Singapore!

Published on Jan 26, 2016

After dramas and music, the Korean fever is now starting to take over hair salons in Singapore!

Read on to find out what's so special and what you can look forward to in Korean Hair Salons!

1. Celebrity-Worthy Magic Volume Perms

If you've got hair that's healthy and coarse enough for a perm, you should definitely try out a Korean Hair Salon for the authentic Magic Volume Perm!

We know that many local or Japanese salons can do perms but somehow, a Magic Volume Perm by a Korean stylist REALLY does look different from a local or Japanese stylist.

At least, that's what Agent G felt after trying out numerous perms from different salons.

Nicky and Me
Bob-style Perm

Bob-style Perm from Zinc Korean Hair Salon, Agent G's favourite Korean Salon (Top: 2014, Bottom: 2015)

It's hard to pin down a specific reason why the perms look better / different.

It probably has to do with Korean stylists , their exposure to K-stars and their training!

Other than the typical S / C curls, they can use the perming rods to create combination S / C curls that look lighter and more natural.

C Curl Perm (Chris)

C Curl Perm by Style NA Korean Salon @ Parkway Parade

But we believe that the specially imported perm chemicals from Korea is probably another reason why.

Their chemicals are STRONGER, which tend to mean that they are more damaging that usual salons.

However, if your hair can sustain the damage, you'll find that the curls are stronger, more bouncy and last for a longer period of time!

2. Elegant Magic Volume Straight or Volume Rebonding

A trend that originated from Korea, Magic Volume Straight or Volume Rebonding as we call it in Singapore is a combination of rebonding and perm to give the straightening a more soft and voluminous effect.

Volume Rebonding before and After

Volume Rebonding at LeeKaJa Korean Hair & Beauty Salon @ Mandarin Gallery

For those of you with frizzy hair, volume rebonding can be a life saver, cutting time off your daily beauty routine.

Local salons are beginning to catch up with volume rebonding but Korean stylists are still retaining the edge for now!

Note that volume rebonding can be done for all lengths from shoulder length..

Volume Rebonding (Jane)

Volume Rebonding by Style NA Korean Salon @ Bedok Mall

to slightly after shoulder length

Volume Rebonding

Volume Rebonding by Style NA Korean Salon @ Parkway Parade

You can also opt for an S Curl Volume Rebonding but note that you will to be prepared for some maintenance for the curls!

3. Romantic Korean Style Haircuts

The first thing that comes to mind when one thinks about Korean Salons are perms and volume rebonding but they are increasingly in demand for Korean style cuts as well!

Do you know what's different about  a Korean style cut?

Ladies' Haircut by Zinc Korean Hair Salon

Ladies' Haircut by Zinc Korean Hair Salon

First off, see-through bangs! This is not a new trend but it is only starting to become more popular in Singapore.

Essentially, see through bangs are thin, wispy bangs that expose just a bit of the forehead, like what you see for the lady on the right!

Secondly, they are really good with one-length cuts! Instead of cutting too many layers like Japanese stylists, Korean stylists minimize the number of layers for a heavier look at the bottom. We feel that this style is most suitable for those of you with thin to medium hair thickness!

Men's Haircut (Nicky)

Men's Haircut by Zinc Korean Hair Salon

Men too can look forward to a layered cut that makes the hair look more voluminous!

We hear that two-block cuts or faded haircuts are also very popular in Korea! Do however bring a photo as we suspect that our definition of faded haircuts may still be slightly different from what your Korean stylist think it is!

4. Practise your Saranghae and Gamsahamida

If you've picked up a little Korean through K-dramas or Korean language classes, the hair salon may be a good place for you to practise what you've learnt!

With at least 3 hours for a colour and 5 hours for a perm, there is more than ample time to make some basic conversation with your Korean stylists... or even listen in to what the stylists are conversing with each other about!


5. Get the latest Celebrity gossip

Many Korean stylists have just recently come over to Singapore from South Korea. In fact, a few of them such as 1 June from Pro Trim Korean Salon and Vicky from Zinc Korean Hair Salon have worked on Korean celebrities before. Therefore you can ask them about what's going on with your favourite celebrities and even about the off-screen personality for some of the celebrities!

After all, filming can be really tough and as a celebrity stylist who has to be with the celebrities 24/7, they get to see a lot of things that normal people wouldn't get to see!

6. Chat about the latest Korean trends... even about Plastic Surgery!

Plastic Surgery

Don't be impolite and ask the stylist straight out if they've gotten plastic surgery. Ease into the topic if this is something you are interested to find out!

Even if they haven't tried that out before, chances are they have friends who went under the knife to enhance some part of themselves. So they may have someone to recommend if you are planning to take a trip over to Korea for a procedure!

Other than plastic surgery, there's always Korean food, Korean music and Korean culture (e.g. how is it like working in Korea / married to a Korean man or woman?) to chat about!

7. Tune in to K-pop during your hair service!

Other than K-dramas, getting your hair done at a Korean salon is another way to expose yourselves to the latest K-pop music that you may just like!

So far, Agent G has discovered Wi Ing Wi Ing from Hyukoh and IU's Good Day, thanks to helpful stylists who helped tell her the song names!

You may not understand what the singer is singing about at first but it's amazing how their music can appeal and reach deep into your soul!


8. Some Korean Hairstylists are oh-so-goodlooking!

Yes, you may be there to get your hair done but it doesn't hurt to feast your eyes on good-looking Korean stylists, does it?

Whether male...

Lee Han

LEFT: Justin from Zinc Korean Hair Salon, RIGHT: Lee Han from Pro Trim Korean Salon @ JEM

or Female

profile bella
Vicky from Zinc Korean Hair Salon

LEFT: Bella from Style NA Korean Salon @ Parkway Parade, MIDDLE: Jane from Style NA Korean Salon @ Bedok Mall, RIGHT: Vicky from Zinc Korean Hair Salon

We find that Korean stylists are generally well-dressed and well-groomed!

Do you have other hot Korean stylists you've seen in Singapore? :D

9. Wallet-Friendly Prices

Unlike Japanese salons which tends to have a significant price premium, the price of Korean salons tend to be just a little higher than local salons and at times, even comparable!

They are NOT THAT cheap but for the same service, they may have prices lower than what you see in top Orchard salons in Singapore!

10. Korean Salons found in your Neighbourhood!

The lower prices may be because some of these salons are located in neighbourhood areas such as Pro Trim Korean Salon at Jurong East JEM, Style NA Korean Salon at Bedok Mall and Parkway Parade!

This means shorter transport time if you want to get your hair done!

Style NA Parkway Parade

Style NA Korean Salon at Parkway Parade

Are there other reasons why you go for a Korean Hair Salon?

Share with us below!

If you are still not a fan of Korean salons, why not check out the Top Reasons why Singaporeans LOVE Japanese Salons here!

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