11 Tips to Prepare for your Graduation Ceremony!

Published on Jun 16, 2017

After years of hard work, the day has finally come. Time to file for graduation!

With graduation day looming on the horizon in about a month's time, have you gotten everything ready?

Here are some tips to help you prepare for an enjoyable and gorgeous graduation day!

1. Plan your outfit

It's your graduation day and quite possibly your last day mingling around with your cohort as a student.


Dress smart, in white collared long sleeved blouses/shirts and dark coloured pants or skirt (e.g. black, dark grey, navy blue or dark brown)

Which colour suits you best? We all have different skin tones and there is no single perfect colour for everyone. As a rule of thumb, solid colors are always the way to go. Plan a formal outfit that matches your hair color, skin tone, eye color and flatters your body shape.

Don't forget your dark coloured heels for ladies and dress shoes for men!

Court Shoes

The Great Singapore Sale is on right now, so shop early for that simple yet chic clean top and bottom for your special day!

2. Pamper your skin.

One month before your graduation day, you should probably start going for last minute facials to pamper your skin and look your best!

Facial lifting massage

Great facial therapists like Shiori from SONA Japanese Skin Studio can help suppress acne and bring out that inner glow. Don't wait till the last minute to make your facial appointment. You want to make sure you have beautiful glowing skin for your big day!

We're jumping the gun a little but they will be having 10% off for Anti-Acne Facial for graduates in July!

3. Learn to smile in front of the camera.. naturally!

Agent T did her Summer Holiday Hair at Air Salon

Do you want to smile with your mouth open, or closed? How do you want your eyes to look? Get in front of a mirror and practise!

Practice makes perfect.

Smile into mirror

Don’t know how to smile? Think of things that make you really happy e.g. your favourite celebrity, something your best friend once said to you that made you laugh, or your adorable pet.

But most importantly, remember: Be natural, be genuine!

4. Make an appointment with your hairstylist / makeup artist early! 

Don't want to worry about your crazy frizzy hair on the morning of your graduation (or simply too lazy to style your own hair)?

Book an appointment with your hairstylist and makeup artist so you can get dolled up for your graduation stress and hassle-free.

You won't be the only one asking the stylist to style your hair on the day of your graduation, so be sure to book them early before appointment slots get snapped up!

Styling by COVO Japanese Hair Salon

5. Decide on a style early.

To prevent yourself from getting all flustered, consider deciding on your preferred style for the day early. It could be as simple as ironing your hair straight, or you could even get your stylist to do up a sophisticated style like what Ryu from COVO Hair Salon did for a customer!

Of course, these styles take time so be sure to budget the time in on the day!

Also, avoid adding vibrant colours to your hair unless you want to stand out on graduation day!

Low Updo by CLEO Hair & Make

6. Try to put on contact lenses, not glasses. Especially not reflective ones!

Reflective Glasses

Anti-glare glasses are absolutely crucial for photo-taking.

And of course, clean your lenses before you go!

It is absolutely not cool to see oily reflections in your graduation photos.

7. Arrange a time to meet up with your close friends after the ceremony and take a group photo!

Call us "kancheong" but we recommend arranging a time to take a group photo with your close friends before the day of your graduation ceremony!

This might very well be one of the last chances you'd get to meet all of them in one place, so be sure to make your graduation memorable by agreeing on a time to meet and take that special bestie wefie!


8. Avoid eyebags by sleeping early.

Sleep early

This is especially important for the night before graduation. You don't want to look like a grouchy monster in photos!

But what if you're certain that you would not be able to get enough rest for the night? Most Singaporeans lead busy lives, and many don't get to bed until well after midnight. It's okay, we understand. Fret not!

If you wake up with tired looking eyes and heavy eyebags on the day of your big day, fret not!

Say ‘goodbye’ to puffy eyes by placing two metal spoons in the freezer the night before. Place the cold spoons directly under your eyes, holding it in place and applying steady pressure for 30 seconds to banish those eyebags!

9. Avoid salty foods the night before to prevent a puffy face 

The night before graduation, avoid eating salt-laden food like ramen and chips. Too much salt in the body causes the face to look bloated because of water retention. Drink more water instead and try not to snack late into the night just before your big day!

Closer to bedtime, it is probably better for you to avoid drinking too much water.

avoid salty food

10. Prepare your all-in bag at least the day before.

Robe? Check.

Mortar Board? Check.

Safety pins? Check.

Hair gel / hair spray? Check.

For girls: make-up set? Check.

Dry and wet tissues? Check.

Camera? (Try to get one with wide aperture and zoom as guests tend to be seated quite far away from graduands and the hall tends to be a little dark!) Check.

Bring along a garment bag to prevent your robe from becoming excessively crumpled.

Designate one of your guests to take your bag (and your pictures!) after you're properly robed as you probably won't be allowed to take anything with you while walking into the hall!

Gown bag

11.  Get up early the morning of your graduation day. 

The final and most important tip: Wake up early so you have plenty of time to get ready!

The day is special, so make it count!

Relax and enjoy every moment because the moment will pass you by :)

From all of us at Beauty Undercover

Have a great graduation!

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