13 DIY ways to Defrizz your hair in humid Singapore!

Published on Mar 21, 2016

You've read about what makes your hair frizzy.

Now, we have 13 tips from Singapore stylists to make your hair less frizzy... outside of the salon!

1. DON'T: Use water to tame your frizzy hair or flyaways!

You've seen that happen a lot in washrooms... you may even be guilty of doing it yourself - ladies wetting their hair with water to tame their frizzy hair or flyaways.

dry frizzy hair

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According to Jeremy from Picasso Hair Studio, that is a big NO-NO!

As we've explained in the article what makes your hair frizzy, the entry of water into your hair cortex is the reason why your hair looks frizzy.

Wetting your hair only makes it look temporarily tamed... when the water dries, your hair is likely to become even more frizzy!

2. DO: Use Redken anti-frizz finishing sheet

Instead of using water, keep a box of Redken Anti-Frizz Finishing sheet in your bag!

We don't usually recommend hair products and no, we are not sponsored by anyone for this... so listen up!

Shawn from Chez Vous Hair Salon shared with us an amazing product during our recent sponsored visit to Chez Vous Hair Salon: Redken Anti-Frizz Finishing Sheet!

Redken Anti Frizz Sheet

If you find that your hair is super frizzy, just section a part of your hair and wrap the sheet around your hair to reduce its frizziness.

Redken Anti-Frizz Finishing Sheet

We're really amazed at the results!

Apparently, the sheet contains Hydrophilic, Hydrophobic and Brazilian Pracaxi Oil, all of which helps to repel humidity, lock in moisture  and smooths the hair!

After seeing the results, we understand why it won two major hair awards in 2015: 2015 Good Housekeeping Hair Breakthrough Award and 2015 Ok! Magazine Spring Beauty Award.

Don't say we didn't share this amazing product with you!

3. DO: Bring your hair serum everywhere with you!

If you are not sure where to get the Redken Anti Frizz Finishing Sheet, having your hair serum with you works just as well!

It is good to have your hair serum with you all the time as you can apply just a small amount of hair serum on your hair just as its starting to frizz!

Don't apply too much though as it can weigh your hair down!

anti frizz

4. DON'T: Touch your hair!

Once you've applied your hair serums and styling products and set your hair properly, Megumi from COVO Japanese Hair Salon suggests that you should probably NOT touch your hair!

You'll destroy the protective layer you just made so let go of this bad habit of touching your hair for fun!

beautiful smiling woman over yellow background

5. Perspire a lot? DO: Apply your hair serum or leave on conditioner before you go for your workout!

Sodium from your perspiration dehydrates your hair and can cause your hair to frizz.

Chris from Style NA Korean Salon reminds us to apply the  hair serum or leave on conditioner before you go for your workout!

mucota leave in conditioner

6. DO: Apply hairstyling products BEFORE blowdrying your hair!

Marcus from Focus Hairdressing says that you should always apply your hair styling products such as hair moose, hair oil or serum when your hair is still wet.

This is to avoid dry and frizzy hair once you blow dry your hair.

OM and Flowdia

7. DO: Choose Ionic dryers over common hair dryers!

If you do not have an Ionic dryer, consider getting one!

Your hair has both negative and positively charged ions; ionic dryers emit negative ions, causing the water molecules to divide into smaller particles that evaporate faster, reducing blowdrying time. The Ionic dryer may also help styling products stay longer on your hair, minimizing hair frizz!

ionic hairdryer

8. DON'T: Use a brush on your wet hair!

Never ever use a brush on your wet hair and damage the cuticles. Sylvia from Act Point Salon says that you should consider getting a wide-tooth comb for your wet hair.

After scrunching your wet hair on the microfiber towel, apply some serum on your wet hair and comb it with a wide-tooth comb.

This is a great practice to defrizz your hair!

brush hair

9. DO: use Alcohol-Free products!

Hair products that contain alcohol can dry your hair and cause your hair cuticle to swell, making your hair frizzy!

99 Percent Hair Studio has brought in a diverse range of hairstyling products from Taiwanese organic brand O'Right so if you can ask the stylists at 99 Percent for recommendations if you need any!

(Just imagine... Volumizing Hair Cream made from Goji berries!)


10. DON'T: rub your hair when drying your hair with a towel!

towel dry

It is common to rub our hair dry with a towel once we are out of the shower.

Rubbing your hair opens your hair cuticles due to the friction from the towel, causing hair to become frizzy when atmospheric humidity enters your hair!

What you should do: Use a microfiber towel and gently dap on your hair before blowdrying!

11. DO: Condition first, shampoo, and conditioner once again.

Shampooing your hair can wash the natural oils your curls need to stay frizz-free... but Singapore is just too hot and humid not to wash your scalp daily!

Oscar from Chez Vous Hair Salon suggests that you can consider: Conditioning your hair before your shampoo and then conditioning again after washing off the shampoo!

Conditioning the first time prevents the cuticle from being dried out by the shampoo while the conditioner at the end once again allows the cuticles of your hair to absorb the moisture.

Hair Wash

12. Hair mask on a weekly basis.

Face mask on a weekly basis? Do the same for your hair!

Hair needs the constant pampering and love too.

You should make it a habit to apply your favourite hair mask every week to keep your hair looking shiny and moisturized! O'way products are among his favourite hair masks (as they are organic and works really well) but it is really up to your preference!

hair mask

13. Go for a trim regularly

In order to save some moolah, many of us tend to keep the hair longer and go for a haircut only when necessary.

Izumi from Izumi Salon says that it is not advisable as hair ends tend to grow drier faster especially if proper haircare is not done well.

A regular trim every 2-3 months helps to remove the dry ends and make your hair appear a lot less frizzy!


Do you have any more at-home defrizzing tips?

Share with us below!

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