15 Quick Beauty Life-Saving Tips for the Busy Singaporean Woman

Published on Mar 31, 2015

1. Keep water by your side... all the time!

A lack of water intake will show in your skin and energy whenever you slack on your water intake!

2. Exfoliate your lips to make your lipstick colour and shine last longer!

Aha! You drink so little water that your lips are dry and flaky? Exfoliate your lips by using a dry toothbrush with a medicated lip balm to rub off the rough skin. Then try to leave a super moisturizing lip balm on for the night!

3. Apply foundation before applying your lipstick  to help your lipstick last longer!

4. Having really puffy eyes today?

Dip a washcloth into ice water and cover your eyes for at least 60 seconds. For those who are really desperate, you can even dip your whole face in ice water for better results!

5. Is that really obvious pimple bothering you?

You can also wet a cotton wool in ice water and dab it on your pimple to reduce the swelling before putting on your foundation and concealer!

6. Go for a trusted professional facial therapist for a real pick me up!

If you are going for a wedding photoshoot, leave nothing to chance and get a professional facial therapist like Shiori to help with your skin! Even if you only have weeks before the big day, SONA Japanese Skin Studio can help make a difference!

PS. Shiori is one of the FEW FEW facial therapists I would unequivocally recommend... for a reason!


7. Put on some bronzers and then a rosy blush to brighten your skin!

Applying a bronzer and then a rosy blush on the tops of cheekbones, forehead, temples, side of nose and chin can liven up your skin.

hair spray

8. Lightly spray hairspray on your face if you REALLY need to set your makeup!

Only for emergencies!

9. Apply Manuka Honey to reduce redness and relieve sunburns!

Had too much fun out in the sun? Apply Manuka Honey as a mask on your face for at least five minutes! Due to its amazing anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, it helps to reduce the redness fast!

10. Accidentally got a lipstick stain? 

Use cold water to wash those stains off more easily!

green tea

11. Drink some green tea or chew on cardamom seeds for quick breath freshening!

Bacteria in your mouth tend to ferment sugar, which leads to those very unpleasant odors so cut down on sugary mints which only serve as temporary solutions! On the other hand, polyphenols (in teas) and cineole (in Cardamom) can prevent the growth of the bacteria!

12. Want to change up your hairstyle just for the night? 

Read our article on 7 easy updos in less than 10 minutes for some inspiration!

13. Need a last minute volume-up for your hair?

Mop up your hair grease, freshen your hair and give it some volume by keeping a bottle of dry shampoo in your office. We love the Redken Pillow Proof we got from Kenaris Hair Salon!

14. Frustrated with your single eyelids but surgery is not an option?

Other than double eyelid stickers / tapes, double eyelid glue can be really effective and natural too!

15. Wake up with perfect lashes with a lash extension!

Too lazy to put on mascara every day? Reduce your lash maintenance time with eyelash extensions at Allongee Japanese Beauty Design @ Keong Saik Road

Do you have other beauty quick tips that you swear by?

Share them with us below!

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