2014 Holiday Lookbook #3: MUCOTA Hair Colour at Focus Hairdressing

Published on Dec 20, 2014
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Make yourself pretty... not for the boys or the naysayers out there... but for yourself! - Agent G

Unhappy with her current hair colour, Agent E was invited to try out Mucota Hair Colour Correction at Focus Hairdressing for our third edition of our Holiday Lookbook 2014!

Check out Agent E's experience below!

November 2014

Hello I'm Agent E!


Christmas is coming and I'll be going overseas for a short holiday in December...

However, my hair colour is so uneven!

6. Hair from the back

Just look at how ugly the black hair regrowth was?

Therefore, when I was offered a chance to do a hair makeover at Focus Hairdressing, I was super happy to try it out!

When I first entered Focus Hairdressing, the salon was already quite crowded.

I felt really fortunate to have Marcus, founder of Focus Hairdressing. to attend to me... a friend told me a lot of good things about him so I was really hyped!

1. Consultation - checking hair texture

During the consultation, I explained to Marcus about my preferences for hairstyle, hair length and the approximate shade of colour.

2. Consultation - recommendation on hair colour

As my hair colour is really too uneven, Marcus recommended a haircut and colour!

Based on my skin colour, Marcus also recommended a particular shade of brown with a reddish tinge.

Even though there was a huge variety of colours, I was happy that I didn't have to pore through every single one of them... and that Marcus was on hand to provide his professional advice on the colour that best suits me!

3. Variety of Hair colour

I later found out that the hair colour he chose was from the brand called MUCOTA! Apparently, MUCOTA Hair Colours tend to be more lasting and vibrant and does not damage hair that much because of the chemicals inside. Therefore, I'm super excited about the outcome of the hair colour!

4. Haircut

Before he began colouring, however, he started to snip off some chunks of my hair.

Even though I hated to cut my hair, I knew that the hair trimming will get rid of some of my dry ends and help give my hair an overall lift!

What I really liked about the haircut was that Marcus bothered to share with me what some of my hair issues were! He also shared what I should be looking out for and how he would cut to cover up the hair issues and enhance my overall look!

I felt as if I learned alot from his cut as well!

5. Haircut complete

My hair is now shorter but don't you think the haircut suits me better now?

8. Applying Hair Colour section by section

After the haircut was done, Marcus began to apply hair colour on my hair.

I was a little surprised that he is doing it himself instead of getting another hair assistant... Apparently, this is because he prefers to have one stylist take care of his customers from start till end. This way, they can feel more responsible for the customer's hair outcome! This is definitely something I look up to!

9. Applying Hair Colour in sections

Because of the difference in hair condition and because of my hair regrowth, he had to carefully section out the hair so that the end result for the hair colour will be more even.

11. Waiting for hair colour to penetrate

After application of the hair colour, I had to wait for another 10-20 minutes for the hair colour to penetrate!

12. Hair personally washed by Marcus

Finally, it was time for a hair wash!

Maybe its because he is a man, his hair washing skills isn't as careful as I would have liked; some water got onto my face.

However, it isn't that big of an issue as I'm here more for the hair colour!

16. Haircut

Right after the hair wash, Marcus began trimming my hair again.

17. Professional cutting hair

His perfectionist streak shows as he ensures that the inline and outline of the hair is cut well!

It is no wonder why his customers love to go back to him for a haircut... his cut can last for months due to his haircutting skill!

18. Blow dry

Before finishing up, Marcus began blowdrying my hair.

24. Last few bits

He even took the time to style it!

25. Almost done

A little more...

26. finished!

and I am done!

What do you think?

Just to give you an idea of how much my hairstyle was changed:

5. Haircut complete

Photo of my hair BEFORE the hair colour

27. Front View

Photo of my hair AFTER the hair colour

Overall, I really loved the colour that Marcus chose for me!

It's vibrant and warm... I feel as if it really suits me!

I noticed however that the hair colour on the top of my hair is still a little different from the bottom at certain angles! This is probably because of my hair condition and my previous big contrast in hair colour!

Regardless, I had a good time at Focus Hairdressing.

Just before I left, I realized that Focus is already packed with many of their loyal customers... with their affordable prices and genuinely helpful hairstylists, it is easy to see why. :)

with stylist marcus

THANK YOU Marcus and Focus Hairdressing for giving me such a great haircut and hair colour for Christmas!

I'll definitely come back again with my friends in the future!

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