2014 Holiday Lookbook #4: MUCOTA Argan Oil Perm & Redken Chromatic Hair Colour at Kenaris Hair Salon

Published on Jul 24, 2012
Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

At Beauty Undercover, we wish everyone a blessed new year ahead!

Before 2015 began, we gave Agent G her dream hair makeover at Kenaris Hair Salon to complete our 2014 Holiday Lookbook!

Read more about her experience below!

November 2014

Hello, I'm Agent G!


Yes I know, I know. With these long unkempt curls and faded hair colour, I look like I'm in my late thirties or older! (Just to clarify, I am much younger than that :P )

So when Beauty Undercover collaborated with Kenaris to do a hair makeover for me, I was really looking forward to see what Kenaris can do for me!

*Super excited particularly after seeing the gorgeous Redken Chromatic Hair Colour on Agent S*

With contemporary music playing, I felt super relaxed as I strolled into Kenaris Hair Salon just in time.


After the hair assistants gave me a fantastic hair wash, Aris began the consultation.

She played with my hair and shared some of her observations about my hair condition.


Even though my hair is healthy, the hair ends on the right side of my hair appear more damaged.

My hair colour is also rather uneven due to the old hair colour.

Aris therefore recommended a haircut, hair colour and perm.

Even though I'm doing a perm, I'm not going to give you the usual heavy Korean-style perms. Instead, I would like you to try the lighter, natural wave that adds softness without looking too old!-Aris

She also recommended a haircut as a shorter perm can maintain the volume required to help give a slimmer appearance.


After I gave my final OK, Aris began with a haircut, snipping off inches of my hair!

Blow dry

She is so conscientious, she does both wet cuts and dry cuts to ensure that my hair will turn out exactly how she wants it to.

That is why she blew dry my hair after doing her wet cut.


Then resumed cutting again!

I know I've said this a million times but the haircut is CRUCIAL to determine how the perm will turn out!

Where the cut starts and ends will cause the hair to curl at that specific location.

Therefore, I was happy to note that she spends a significant amount of effort to ensure that the haircut is done right.

Apply hair colour

Aris chose to do the hair colour first.

Given my skin colour, Aris chose a Chromatic Hair Colour with a warm brown shading.

I was very happy to find out that she's using Chromatic Hair Colour for me because it is healthier and ammonia-free! (No bad smells and doesn't damage the hair!)

Given how good Agent S looks with her Redken Chromatic Hair Colour, I was super excited to see how it will look on me as well!

As my hair colour is naturally dark, the hair colour is applied on the roots and mid section for a longer period of time than the hair ends to achieve a consistent hair colour!

Hair wash

After 10-20 minutes of waiting for the hair colour to penetrate, I was given a thorough (yet careful) hair wash to rinse everything off!

Really love how careful the hair assistants here are! He didn't even get a drop of water on my makeup!


I couldn't stop admiring the new hair colour after the hair wash.

Alas, I had to let Aris proceed to the next step: perm!

The perm she was about to give me is MUCOTA DYNA Argan Oil Perm, which has been really popular recently!

Unlike the typical brands, MUCOTA Argan Oil Perm uses more treatment than chemicals, making the perm outcome more glossy, soft and bouncy!

The smell is also not as strong!

Apply perm lotion

After letting the pre-treatment penetrate the hair, the perm lotion is applied.

The perm lotion breaks down the existing bonds so that new hair bonds can be formed later!

As some parts of my hair was more stubborn than others, they applied the perm lotion in sections!

I love how meticulous Aris is as she checks on my hair every 5 to 10 minutes to ensure that the chemicals are given just enough time to prevent excessive damage!


To speed up the penetration, this machine helps to heat up hair evenly.

after wash and blow dry

After yet another hair wash and blow dry, can you see that my hair is now a lot straighter?

That's the power of the perm lotion!

curling hair

Now that the hair bonds are broken, it is time to give them the curls they need!

Similar to a Japanese creep perm, Aris uses these spongy cloths to cover the curlers. This reduces heat damage to the hair during the heating process.

hair curls

This is how I look like, all curled up... even my fringe!

Connecting to the machine

The curlers are then connected to a machine. This machine heats up the curlers to create the waves!

blow dry

The spongy stuff is then removed after 10-20 min.


The Fixer or Neutralizer is then applied to "fix" my waves in shape!

Moisturizer treatment

After just 10 more minutes, I was given another hair wash.

The attentive assistant over here was explaining about the treatment he was about to apply.

I felt so pampered as they apply so many treatments on my hair!

blow dry

One last blow dry...

blow dry

Followed by some tips to help make my hair appear more voluminous...

TIP: Anytime you need a volume boost, just dip your hair downwards and use your fingers to create volume as you bring your face back up!

after perm and colour

And I am done!

Just a reminder of how I looked before:


And now, after!

after perm and colour
after perm and colour back view

I know this might sound BHB but I think I look alot more sleek and classy now than I did 6 hours before!

(Yes, the combined time for the hair colour and perm is 6 hours.)

Other than the shorter length, the waves made me look softer, younger and still professional. This is unlike some of my previous perms which made me look more womanly but more mature as well.

At the same time, the waves looked super natural... it added texture (and made my face appear slimmer) without making it obvious that I had done a perm!

Perfect for those of us  who want to give our hair volume but doesn't want the heavily permed look!

Overall, I enjoyed my time at Kenaris Hair Salon. The atmosphere was relaxing and the assistants really attentive. All the stylists here have many years of experience... Aris especially is very skillful, knowledgeable and superbly passionate about hair. This makes me super reassured when I put my hair in her hands. With my hair looking radiant even weeks after the hair colour and perm, Aris certainly doesn't disappoint!

Here are some pictures of me on a holiday about 3-6 weeks after the perm!

3 Weeks

3 weeks after perm and colour
3 weeks after perm and colour
3 weeks after perm and colour

6 Weeks

6 weeks after perm and colour
6 weeks after perm and colour
6 weeks after perm and colour

*Sorry not as pretty as normal bloggers :P *

I like it that I don't have to do any styling for my hair to look like that. I just have to faithfully apply leave-on conditioner and ensure my hair is blow dried before I leave the house!

This makes it so much more convenient, whether you are working or going on a holiday!

Although I love how my hair turns out, I note that prices for perms here are significantly higher than typical hair salons. Therefore, you might have to save up quite a bit for a treat at Kenaris Hair Salon! For those of you who can afford it, do also check out Kenaris' haircuts and their famed Redken Chromatic Hair Colour as well!


for making my hair look so beautiful for 2015!

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