2016 Hairstyle Trends for Men in Singapore

Published on Dec 29, 2015

Earlier this year, we encouraged you gents to make bold choices with your new haircut.

We are now into the last week of 2015, so it is the perfect time to discuss some current hairstyles, and how they will continue to trend into the New Year!

Whether it is a new hair cut/style or even colour, you are bound to find something in this catalogue that “hair-spires” you to try something different for 2016.

But fear not those of you who are iffy to changes.

We at Beauty Undercover, are here to ease your worries of looking ridiculous— helping you navigate through the wide selection with commentary ensuring you make a great choice for your next hairstyle.

And with that, let us share our Hairstyle Predictions for Singapore Men in 2016! :)

TREND 1: Fade Haircuts and Pompadours continue to be in trend but Korean Style Haircuts are making inroads

Yes, we know it's getting a little old but fade haircuts are definitely not going away anytime soon!

Look around the Office, Walk down Orchard Rd, Check your Instagram — the close-cropped haircut can be seen on stylish men everywhere.

However, we do see a small minority of men sporting Korean style haircuts (and perms?) lately.

Read on to read about the different type of Men's Haircuts you can get in Singapore salons!

Classic Fade Haircut: A Safe Choice for both Work and Play

Classic Fade Haircut

Kobayashi Hair Design @ Far East Plaza

Suitable for both work and play, the classic fade haircut is easy to style and is suitable for many different types of face shapes... as long as it is done correctly!

For this cut, the hair is tapered to the skin at the perimeter hairline, allowing for longer hair length at the crown!

Turn on the Heat with Low Fade Haircut AND a Sexy Beard

Men's Fade Haircut

99 Percent Hair Studio @ Bedok Point

A Low Fade Haircut usually reduces in length gradually halfway through the sides and back of the head and about 2.5cm before the natural hairline of the sides and back of the head.

We hear that ladies tend to find this low fade + beard + moustache combination smoking hot (at least among some of our Agents here at Beauty Undercover!)

Go military style with High Fade Haircuts

Like what its name suggests, high fades refer to fade haircuts with the fade starting within 5cm of the crown of the head. This means that the hair is very tightly cropped to the side of your head with a very short crop at the top. It is suitable for men with a thinner facial structure and usually gives off a more authoritative (even military) feel, reminding us of that army OC back in camp!

Pretty sure your Encik will pass you on this hair!

You can opt for a more Japanese variation of the high fade with the Spiky High Fade where the crown is left a little longer for the spiky look!

Which style you go for eventually may have to depend on your hair texture!

Bring back some Class and Volume with Tapered Fade

Tapered Fade Men's Haircut

Kenaris Hair Salon @ Wheelock Place

An undercut that transits from short to skin instead of the usual obvious disconnect, the taper fade is one of the most popular men's cuts lately!

The taper cut can be worn high or low. If you find that your crown lack some volume, a closely cropped tapered fade can also help make your hair look more voluminous!

Don't forget about that Classic Pompadour!

Pompadour Men Haircut (Thomas)

Chez Vous Hair Salon @ Ngee Ann City Takashimaya

Pompawhat? The Pompadour! It is only the most classic hairstyle for men.

Something about it makes the hairstyle a good fit for any occasion and any occupation.

Timeless.  Also probably the most versatile hairstyle for many different hair textures!

Korean Style Volume Men's Cut are making inroads!

Men's Haircut (Nicky)

Zinc Korean Hair Salon @ Millenia Walk

If you are one of those forced to watch sappy Korean dramas with your girlfriend (yes, we know some of you actually secretly love watching them!), you may want to consider these top heavy voluminous Korean-style Men's Cuts! By using multiple layers and sometimes even perms to achieve a volume crown, you may find your hair growing that extra few cm due to your hair!

We however note that this hairstyle may require much styling to look good and works best for those with coarse thick hair!

Men's Haircut and Colour (Bella)

Style NA Korean Salon @ Parkway Parade

Still, the effort is worth it if it makes you look like one of those K-drama stars, don't you think?

TREND 2: Colour makes a comeback

With most men sporting some form of a fade / pompadour haircut at work, haircut alone may not be sufficient for you to stand out from the crowd.

In fact, we're seeing more and more men experimenting with brighter hair colours in 2015 and we expect to see even more variations in 2016!

Here are some of the colours we expect to continue trending in 2016:

Silver delivers

Men Silver Hair Colour (Jimmy)

Kenaris Salon @ Wheelock Place

Classy yet attention-grabbing, silver is a great way to add an edgy contrast to your neutral or warm complexion!

We may argue that a sliver of silver also adds a little more maturity and age for the youthful male!

Men's Cut and Colour (Zen)

The Bund @ Ang Mo Kio Bishan Park

The colour itself is also professional enough to carry off at work, making it one of the preferred choices for Singaporean men at the moment!

Blue makes an impression

Blue Hair Colour (Juno)

Artica Hair Studio @ Far East Plaza

Get your hair coloured blue and we're pretty sure you'll stand out in the crowd, whether you're in the middle of Zoukout, Attica or any End of Year parties.

Not many people can carry off a colour as bold as the vibrant blue above though.

Mash Blue Ash (Takuya)

CLEO Hair & Make @ The Central

So some may choose a pastel blue colour if you are going for a softer look.

Look Book 6_Split Dyed Hair Trend_Model Anders_Associate Salon Director Echo Er 4

Chez Vous Hair Salon@ Takashimaya Ngee Ann City

Working professionals may however find this split dye colour design most palatable to the eye at the office.

With just a blue accent highlighting the hairstyle, it retains the professional look while managing to get the ladies in office turn around for a second look!

Pink is for the Adventurous

Not many men have the confidence to carry this off but Pink is another striking colour that we are seeing more of in Singapore.

It may not be a colour you'll go back often but its definitely a colour to try at least once in a lifetime for fair skinned men!

Brown is still the preferred choice for most men!

For most, colouring the hair brown is an easy choice that is relatively worry-less, whether about looking professional or about cost!

Don't look down on the browns as browns can have many different shades from cranberry brown to caramel browns so do ask your stylist for advice on what colour best suits your skin colour!

TREND 3: Perm is no longer just for the ladies!

It's been a long time coming but Singapore men are finally realizing the benefits of perms in 2015! Although a very common procedure in Korea, relatively few men have tried it in Singapore.

K-dramas have however made them more aware about the benefits of perms and so we're seeing a resurgence of perms for men!

Get your hair volume back with perms!

Men's Perm (Oscar)

Chez Vous Hair Salon@ Takashimaya Ngee Ann City

The above picture demonstrates how a perm and a great cut by a skillful stylist can transform your look altogether!

Notice that the perm helped the hair looked more voluminous without looking excessively curly!

Give your hair some texture and curls with Korean Men’s perm

Men's Korean Perm (1 June)

Pro Trim Korean Salon @ Jurong East JEM

Korean-style perms generally softens the hair, create volume at the crown, which has a slimming effect as it lengthens your face.

The perm usually lasts for at least 3-4 haircuts for guys.

Best of all, it makes you look that much more like a Korean actor... like Kim Soo Hyun?

Pretty cool huh!

Get Shaggy with Japanese Style Men’s perm

Men's Cut and Perm (Teru)

Rubik Hair Salon @ Outram Park Bukit Pasoh Rd

Japanese perms are for you gents who want the loose, natural look.

They say that if you want to make a fashion statement, going long is always an option!

Whoa. So that’s quite a lot of trends we've spotted and styles to select from for your brand new look for 2016!

Are you ‘hair-spired’ yet?

Let us know which hairstyle got your interest for 2016!

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