2019 / 2020 Best Hair Salons for Creative Hair Colours in Singapore

Published on Nov 27, 2019

As we enter the last few months of the year, it is time to unveil what our Beauty Undercover community thinks is the BEST hair salon for each service. We've recently unveiled our Top Hair Salons for haircuts and naturally, the next most popular hair service on the list is HAIR COLOUR. For those looking for work-friendly colours, it is better to look at our Best Hair Salons for Work-friendly Hair Colours but for those looking to express yourself unapologetically, THIS article on creative bright hair colours are for you.

In order to give you a more unbiased view of what other Beauty Undercover agents think is a good salon, we're once again separating the reviews into two: 

  1. Best Salon by Number of Reviews
  2. Best Salon by Editor's Choice

There is some subjectivity there as we decide which salon is best for work-friendly hair colours and which is better for outstanding vibrant colours but that's about it. 

Are you excited to find out which hair salon stood out? Read on to find out!

Top 10 Salons Based on Reviews

Best Creative Hair Colour at Color Bar by Full House Salon @ Tampines Central

1. Color Bar by Full House Salon @ Tampines Central

Price: $70-$200

Full House Salon may be located at Tampines but this is no ordinary neighbourhood salon. It has topped the charts year after year for being one of Beauty Undercover's most popular hair salons for creative hair colours. It is clear from their hair colours why that is the case!

From rose gold to metallic lilac, Full House frequently exceeds expectations when it comes to the final hair colour. There is after all a reason why customers travel all the way from Malaysia and Indonesia to get their hair done here at Full House... you'll even spot the occasional influencer and celebrity here, paying full price for a hair colour here despite getting their hair sponsored elsewhere... simply because their hair colour is THAT good. 

Ash Purple by Full House Salon

This is all thanks to the incredibly skilled team of stylists led by Singaporean stylist and Joico Ambassador, Samantha. Not someone who works only in the background, Samantha takes the responsibility to train every single stylist individually and sends them overseas for training to keep their skills at the top of the trade. 

That is possibly a reason why the stylists here are seriously one of the best in terms of hair colours!

Customer Review of Color Bar by Full House Salon

Service here is also amazing given their very helpful and familial environment. 

Of course, the colours doesn't just turn out gorgeous because the skill is good. Samantha makes sure that she uses only the best hair colours for each customer. This is why she uses the highly raved low-damage JOICO dyes as well as the the trending Guy Tang Hair Colours that fade so beautifully. 

Grey Pink Purple Hair Colour by Full House

Definitely a hair salon not to be missed for colour aficionados in Singapore!

2. Walking on Sunshine @ Orchard Central 

Price: From $80

Walking on Sunshine may be best known for this gorgeous interior but their team of dynamic stylists from Korea, Singapore and Japan are not to be miffed at. 

Peacock Blue Green Hair Colour by Walking on Sunshine

With top colour stylists like Preston, Manami and Gene stationed here, it is no wonder why influencers such as Charlotte Lum choose Walking on Sunshine to get their instagrammable hair colour done. 

Pastel Pink Hair Colour by Walking on Sunshine

Whether you're thinking about hot pink, pastel or mermaid hair colours, we're confident that this diverse and experienced team can get you the hair colour of your dreams.

Hot Pink Hair Colour by Walking on Sunshine

Hair colour aside though, the service here is truly amazing! They pamper all customers a complimentary 5-minute shoulder and neck massage and even offer a chicken breast salad with the hair service! Imagine that!

Customer Review of Hair Colour by Walking on Sunshine
Best Creative Hair Colour at 99 percent

3. 99 Percent Hair Studio @ Orchard Central, Bugis & Bedok Point

Price: From $109

If you want to get a stunning hair colour in Singapore, 99 Percent Hair Studio is definitely a salon you CANNOT miss. This is yet another salon that has been consistently ranked top 5 for their jawdropping hair colours one can only dream of. 

It isn't just us or Beauty Undercover Agents who think the same way; 99 Percent Hair Studio is selected as Singapore's only Wella Flagship salon, an acknowledgement by the industry of the stylists' incredible skill. 

Ocean Blue Hair Colour by 99 Percent

This means that 99 Percent isn't just the first salon that can use new shades from Wella, they are also the ones who set the colour trends in Singapore!

Rainbow Purple Pink Hair Colour by 99 Percent

On top of their amazing skill, 99 Percent Hair Studio offers customers a plethora of value added services such as complimentary head massage, hand mask treatment and scalp diagnosis for ALL their customers. 

Customer Review of Hair Colour by 99 Percent

Talk about splendid customer service!

Best Creative Hair Colour at Chez Vous Hideaway

4. Chez Vous Hideaway @ Ngee Ann City

Price: From $135

Chez Vous Hideaway's revolutionary salon concept with instagrammable rooms and complimentary hair services caught our attention but this isn't why the offshoot for one of Beauty Undercover's favourite salons made it to this list. 

Brown Hair Colour by Chez Vous Hideaway

While best known for their brown hair colours, the team at Chez Vous Hideaway have also produced numerous creative hair colours that have gotten the attention of our readers. 

Red Hair Colour by Chez Vous Hideaway

That includes the yummilicious fruit juice hair and even the defiant granny blonde that somehow makes the brightest of colours look presentable even at work. 

Blue Turquoise Highlights by Chez Vous Hideaway

That may be why you'll find socialites, artistes, lawyers, doctors, managing directors and many of the prominent people in Singapore visiting Hideaway thanks to the team's uncanny ability to integrate style with practicality. 

Ash Blonde Hair Colour by Chez Vous Hideaway

It doesn't mean that prices are expensive here though. We love how the price list is possibly the MOST TRANSPARENT we've seen. 

With prices at Haircut + 1 chemical service at $199 with every incremental chemical service an additional $100, the pricing is actually pretty value-for-money given its comprehensive set of services.

Best Creative Hair Colour at be u hair design

5. Be U Hair Design @ The Centrepoint

Price: From $88 for senior designer, from $108 for director designer

This salon might look like any other salon from afar, but look at their hair colours and you'll immediately see that this is no ordinary hair salon.

Rainbow Purple Hair Colour at Be U Hair Design

Founded by colour goddess Sherlin Yap, Be U Hair Design has impressed many Beauty Undercover agents with dazzling hair colours that looks good and are easy to manage.

Blue Ombre at Be U Hair Design

They aren't just good at colour, the stylists here are also very good at haircut to bring out the details of the colour and make it flattering for your face shape.

Pink Highlights by Be U Hair Design

That, together with their friendly service and AMAZING head spa, is the reason why Be U Hair Design is the salon our writer Agent C.W. love to go to!

Best Creative Hair Colour at Bump Hair Design Rochesther

6. Bump Hair Design @ Rochester Buona Vista

Price: From $95

The first Japanese salon to appear on this list, Bump Rochester is a salon not to be missed for its exquisite hair colours along with omotenashi Japanese service at an affordable price.

Ash Purple Hair Colour by Bump Hair Design

This outlet at Rochester comprises of the very talented So-ne and highly skilled Mayu who are so good that they've been invited overseas to teach about hair colouring!

Red Pink Hair Colour by Bump Hair Design

The colours they do aren't just bold and expressive, they know how to create a special colour blend to make it stand out without being over. 

Pastel Pink Hair Colour by Bump Hair Design

Best of all, the prices here are very affordable... and you'll still get one-on-one service from your stylist!

Customer Review of Creative Hair Colour at Bump Hair Design
Best Creative Hair Colour at finder by covo

7. FiNDER by COVO @ Duxton Tanjong Pagar

Price: Argan oil colour $130

If you are a fan of Japanese salons, you may have heard of COVO, a Japanese salon best known for their premium service, semi-private spaces and relaxing ambience. Having assembled a COLOURS AVENGERS team, they've recently opened a new outlet close to Duxton: Finder by COVO.

Dark Blue Hair Colour by Finder by COVO

While they are strong across all types of colours, we're especially in love with the anime-inspired colours by Hajime. 

An anime fan, Hajime enjoys bringing anime characters to life by putting these gorgeous colours on customers and cosplayers who love anime as much as he does!

Dark Purple Hair Colour at Finder by COVO

That is probably why his choice of colours are pretty distinctive when compared to other stylists!

Care Bleach Balayage at Finder by COVO

They don't just do bright hair colours though. The other stylists here are great with work friendly balayage as well as haircuts! We've heard a lot of raves particularly about Shobu's haircuts, so don't forget to give them a try!

Customer Review of Hair Colour at Finder by COVO
Best Creative Hair Colour at mane made

8. Mane Made @ The Midtown Hougang

Price: $90-$429

Midtown (or even Hougang) isn't the first place most people think of when they're looking for a great hair colour. But fans of Beauty Undercover know that it is in these nondescript locations where you can find gems.

Peekaboo Pastel Rainbow (DebyZen) at Mane Made

Pastel peekaboo

Founded by Zen, a Singaporean stylist best known for his light but understated colours and sculpted cuts, Mane Made is one such gem.

Short Grey Hair Colour by Mane Made

Having worked with a number of top hairstylists at salons along Orchard before venturing to open his own salon, Zen has learned from the very best and created his own signature colouring style that customers continually come back for. 

Customer Review of Hair Colour by Mane Made

On top of his awesome hair colours, the genuine service here makes it easy for us to come back again and again. There is only 1 stylist and 1 assistant (his wife) here and so the service feels especially exclusive and cozy. There is no hardselling or upselling for the matter because he is just not like that. In fact, you are more likely to hear him share about the occasional lame joke you may have already heard back in school... but that's about it. 

Ash Lavender Hair Colour by Mane Made

We've also recently followed Agent R on her Copper Hair Colour at Mane Made. Check out her experience here!

Copper Hair Colour by Mane Made
Best Creative Hair Colour at Picasso Hair Studio

9. Picasso Hair Studio @ Bugis & Tanjong Pagar

Price: From $105

There are salons who are known for their occasional instagrammable photo and then there are salons who can consistently produce beautiful hair works that customers keep coming back for. Having tried them ourselves, we can confidently tell you that Picasso belongs to the latter. 

Here, beautiful hair doesn't happen by chance as the co-founders of Picasso painstakingly put in place processes and systems to keep customer satisfaction high. This includes an in-depth consultation process at the start of the service to the standardized colouring, perming and cutting process to make sure that customers get exactly what they ask for. 

This is complemented by regular training sessions that keeps stylists' skill ahead of others in the industry. It is therefore no surprise to find more and more stylists from Picasso winning national and international colouring awards in recent years. 

Orange Pink Hair Colour by Picasso Hair Studio

This robust system is the reason why the fussiest of customers love to come to Picasso; whether it's your first time or your 50th visit to Picasso, you are assured of gorgeous hairstyles you can flaunt at work and with friends. 

Purple Hair Colour at Picasso Hair Studio

It is this commitment to excellence that makes Picasso our FAVOURITE hair salon to recommend for friends and family looking for quality hairstyles with zero errors. 

Customer Review of Hair Colour by Picasso Hair Studio

Editor's Choice

1. The Beauty Emporium by The Urban Aesthetics @ Raffles City

Price: From $100

One look and we know that The Beauty Emporium by The Urban Aesthetics is a high-end salon; from its marble walls and lavish furnishings with gold trimmings tucked away in a secret walkway in Raffles city, this salon spells of class, $$$ and tai-tais. As we had the idea that tai-tais tend not to go for bright hair colours, we were very surprised to have this misconception of ours debunked when we got to know about The Beauty Emporium by The Urban Aesthetics.

Red Ombre Hair Colour by The Urban Aesthetics

While most Tai-Tais may not go for bright reds, there is a minority looking to make a statement... and how best to generate conversation than to get a stunning hair makeover?

That, along with young adults seeking a hair makeover, is the reason why The Beauty Emporium by The Urban Aesthetics added talented Singaporean stylist Kelvin to the team. Since his addition, The Beauty Emporium by The Urban Aesthetics' IG account has been lit with shades of red, blue, pastel and even the trending dusty lavender that has been so popular these days!

Dusty Lavender Hair Colour by The Urban Aesthetics

Together with Hidero, Kelvin has been pushing the boundaries of Guy Tang #mydentity colours to create not just vivid colour shades but understated dusty shades that are more palatable for work. 

Customer Review of Hair Colour by The Urban Aesthetics

Add their exquisite service to the mix and you've got an unforgettable hair colour experience you would actually want to come back for!

2. The Fluxus House @ Outram Park

Price: From $120

Fresh off the oven, this Japanese Hair Salon has just opened its doors in October 2019. The place may be new but we're no stranger to its illustrious team of stylists from S.A.D's Hair Design and Bump! This is the first time the 3 Japanese salons collaborate to create a whole new salon concept incorporating an art gallery and a hair salon. 

As unique as the proposition may be, it is ultimately the team of stylists that got us going woo and aahhs. 

This salon is anchored by Chiho and Koichi from Bump as well as Aki from S.A.D's Hair Design, all of whom are highly popular Japanese stylists who have been in Singapore for a number of years!

Red Coloured Ends by Fluxus House

This means that their hair colours are not just pretty, they understand our local preferences and are able to adapt the styles accordingly to give us the kind of dreamy hairstyles you've always wanted. 

Pink Orange Hair Colour by Fluxus House

The stylists here are also fluent in English, so you don't have to worry about miscommunication!

3. No. 8 Hair Studio @ Chinese Garden

Price: From $128

No. 8 Hair Studio may be located in the West but once again, this is no ordinary neighbourhood salon.

Designed more like a Japanese salon, there is a serenity and artsy vibe that cheers us up the moment we enter.  

That isn't No. 8 Hair Studio appears on this list though. 

Copper Hair Colour at No. 8 Hair Studio

Among salons in the West, No. 8 Hair Studio is always top of our minds for their astute choice of colours and smooth blends that get our hearts fluttering. 

Two-Toned Blue Grey Hair Colour at No. 8 Hair Studio

Their colours aren't just pretty, the stylists here also think of how they can use coloured highlights to contour the face for extra depth and definition. 

Red Highlights at No. 8 Hair Studio

Their immense creativity and skill, along with exclusive service at affordable prices, makes No. 8 Hair Studio our top hair salon to check out in the west!


Style NA Korean Salon and Pro Trim Salon may not have been featured in the above list but they are currently running an irresistible hair colour promotion we cannot not share!

43% off Unlimited Bleaching + Unlimited Mucota Colour + FREE Colour Treatment Now $238 (U.P.: $420)

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The outlets that this promotion is valid for are:

Given that hair colours requiring bleaching can cost quite a bit, we think that this deal is pretty amazing, particularly if you know which stylist to look for!

Ash Purple Hair Colour at Style NA

Know which salon you're going to try? Share your experience on BU.sg!

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