2019 / 2020 Best Hair Salons for Haircuts in Singapore

Published on Nov 10, 2019

As we enter the last few months of the year, it is time to unveil what our Beauty Undercover community thinks is the BEST hair salon for each service... and as usual, we're starting with the most fundamental yet transformational hair service of all: haircuts. In order to give you a more unbiased view of what other Beauty Undercover agents think is a good salon, we're experimenting with different ways of ranking our top 10s. 

  1. Best Salon by Number of Reviews
  2. Best Salon by Percentage of Reviews
  3. Best Salon by Editor's Choice

Are you excited to find out which hair salon made the cut for each methodology?

Read on to find out!

Best Salons for Haircuts in Singapore Based on Number of Reviews

1. Walking on Sunshine @ Orchard Central 

Price: From $50

One of the most instagrammable hair salons to open in the last year, it is no surprise to see Walking on Sunshine dominating the reviews for haircuts in 2019! Founded and managed by the same team that created the luxurious LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon, Walking on Sunshine features the same great service, gorgeous decor and top-notch international team of stylists from Korea, Singapore and Japan. 

Thanks to the diverse stylist team, customers find themselves spoilt for choice in terms of highly skilled hairstylists who can produce varying styles from chic bobs

Short Haircut and Hair Colour

to funky pixies 

Cheap Ladies Pixie Haircut and Blue Hair Colour

and even just the easygoing everyday hairstyles. 

Affordable Medium Length Haircut by Walking on Sunshine

With stunning haircuts, wonderful service along with an affordable price point, Walking on Sunshine is deservedly Beauty Undercover Agents' favourite hair salon for haircuts. 

Haircut Review of Walking on Sunshine
chez vous

2. Chez Vous Hair Salon @ Ngee Ann City Takashimaya

Price: $55-$75 for men, $70-$90 for women

We've been having the Best Hair Salons for Haircut for a number of years now and it is no coincidence that Chez Vous Hair Salon is featured every year. Even though prices here are a rung higher than most other salons in Singapore, customers who've tried Chez Vous would tell you that their haircuts are absolutely worth it.

Staffed only by directors with more than 10 years of experience in the industry, all the stylists here go through stringent tests before they are recruited into Chez Vous. After that, stylists are required to continue upgrading with regular training to ensure that their skill improves even further. 

Fuss Free Haircut by Chez Vous Hair Salon

This is a reason why people who are REAL fussy about their hair come here; the stylists here have real substance!

Haircut Review of Chez Vous Hair Salon
Do My Hair Salon

3. Do My Hair @ Orchard Central

Price: $42-$50 for men, $50-$65 for women

Do My Hair may have just opened in 2019 but their ability to provide a good cut along with warm service and beautiful salon environment at an affordable price has attracted the attention of many Beauty Undercover readers.

Cheap Ladies Long Haircut and Perm by Do My Hair Salon

It isn't just the ladies who love this place though. The stylists here make even the male customers feel comfortable and so, is a perfect place for you to bring your significant other for a combined hair service. 

Cheap Men's Haircut with Hair Tattoo

Whether you have fine hair, challenging curls or thinning hair, you can be sure that the 3 veteran stylists here at Do My Hair will be able to subdue it and give it stylish spin you've been dreaming of. 

Haircut Review of Do My Hair Salon

P.S. Did we also say that this place is perfect for you to bring the little ones along due to its ample space and caring stylists?

The Space Korean Hair Salon

4. The Space Korean Hair Salon @ The Cathay

Price: $48

Perm lovers might've heard that the famous Lee Han opened a new salon at The Cathay. However, you don't go there just for perms as this Korean salon offers Korean style and service at prices lower than other Korean salons in Singapore. 

Cheap Korean Ladies Haircut by Leehan at The Space Korean Hair Salon

All the stylists here are Korean and have a number of years in Singapore. This means that their English are all very understandable.

Cheap Korean Ladies Haircut by Leehan at The Space Korean Hair Salon

The stylists also have a good grasp of local tastes, so you'll find that the eventual perms and cuts turn out exactly what you hoped for.

We do however think that their cuts and perms are the most outstanding for medium to long hair length to accentuate that romantic look. 

Affordable Short Ladies Cut by The Space Korean Hair Salon

Do you agree? 

Pro Trim Korean Hair Salon

5. Pro Trim @ Ngee Ann City Takashimaya

Price: from $45

One of the most established chains in Singapore, Pro Trim has nurtured a team of strong hairdressing talent both from Singapore and Korea over the past decade. Those in the know can tell you that the very best of Pro Trim are actually located within its flagship outlet of Ngee Ann City Takashimaya. 

Medium Length Layered Haircut by Pro Trim

Layered Haircut by Tino

From founder Tino and Florence to popular Korean stylists Joel as well as local stylists Evane, Selyn and Qiu, there is no shortage of hairdressing talent to transform your hair from ordinary to chic in under an hour. 

Shoulder Length Haircut by Pro Trim

Decor or service is not the most impressive here but for the price paid, the quality of haircut by true experts with skill more than compensates for it. 

Haircut Review of The Space Korean Hair Salon

Best Salons for Haircuts in Singapore Based on Percentage of Reviews

Instead of ranking by number of reviews, we take the number of positive reviews who went for haircut / total number of reviews.

This allows us to identify specialties that smaller salons have.

Be Salon

1. Be Salon @ Millenia Walk

Price: $59-$79

With a strong focus on stylist skill and training, we are not surprised to find Be Salon topping the charts for Best Haircut. Founder Sham himself makes sure that he goes to Vidal Sassoon or equivalent hairdressing workshops annually to keep his hairdressing skill at the forefront of the industry, a reason why he is versatile across many different haircuts. 

It is not just him whose haircut is brilliant though. Sham makes sure that he selects only top stylists with strong hairdressing skill and ensures that consistent training is performed to encourage continual improvement. 

Cute Short Bob by Be Salon

Bob by Chester at Be Salon @ Millenia Walk

Add their personalised service to the mix and you'll understand why ALL the stylists here have accumulated a huge following of their own, with varying styles that customers love!

Haircut Review of Be Salon
Branche Hair Salon

2. Branche Japanese Hair Salon @ Capitol Piazza

Price: $100-$150 for men, $120-$180 for women

You'll know that Branche is a high SES salon once you enter... even before you look at the price list. The premium decor. semi-private spaces and attentive stylist who greets you with high-quality Japanese tea when you first enter... this is a place with service so exclusive, it is well loved by tai-tais, celebrities and even regular folks like you and me looking to pamper ourselves on special occasions. 

People don't come to Branche just for a haircut however. We're not saying the haircuts aren't special, but we're saying it's the entire experience here that seals the deal.

Haircut Review of Branche Salon

Branche is known for their dry cuts which is not commonly used in other salons as it requires more precision. A haircut here will include a wonderful wash and blow as well as complimentary champagne!

Ladies Haircut, wash and blow at Branche Hair Salon

If you're in a hurry, you can get your nails done at the same time too.

3. No. 8 Hair Studio @ Chinese Garden

Price: $38-$48

No. 8 Hair Studio may be located in the neighbourhood but the service and quality of haircut doesn't feel anything like what you'd expect from a neighbourhood salon. 

Straight Short Haircut at No. 8 Hair Studio

Hailing from top hair salons in Singapore, Jimmy and Kent leads a team of stylists to deliver good quality hair services and outstanding service at value-for-money pricing in the West! 

Pixie Haircut at No. 8 Hair Studio

With Jimmy and Kent's strong foundation in haircut, haircuts is undoubtedly one of their most popular hair services here.

The quality of cut is SO GOOD that even Agent G's Secondary School Math Teacher couldn't stop raving about it (even after experiencing haircuts from other top Japanese hair salons in Singapore). 

Shoulder Length Layered Haircut by No. 8 Hair Studio

You can therefore imagine why so many customers choose to go to No. 8 Hair Studio for their haircuts.

Haircut Review of No. 8 Hair Studio
Koinonia Hair Salon

4. Koinonia Salon @ Tiong Bahru

Price: $38-$70 for men, $58-$100 for women

Instagrammable decor aside, Koinonia gathers a group of skilled stylists Shua, Elin, Celine and Shinice all in one roof. They're good with various hair types and are known to tame even the toughest hair textures. While the most famous hair service here is perms, their haircuts are nothing to be sneezed at.

Stylish Long Haircut at Koinonia Salon

From stylish long cuts to chic bobs, the stylists here can deliver a wide range of looks to suit your needs.

Koinonia Short Bob Haircut

On top of excellent haircutting skills, we love the personal service that the salon provides; the staff here goes the extra mile to remember your name and prepare a designated name tag for your seat before the appointment.

Haircut Review of Koinonia Salon

The combination of skill and service is a major reason why their haircuts are such a draw!

5. Flamingo Hair Studio @ Tanjong Pagar Neil Rd & Tiong Bahru

Price: $75 for men, $90 for women

The gorgeous greenery and boho decor are what draws many people into the salon, but its the amazing haircut that keeps them coming back. 

Long Haircut at Flamingo Japanese Hair Studio

Whether you're thinking of a long U shaped cut 

Short Haircut and Perm by Flamingo Hair Salon

or a cut to trim your natural curls, the stylists here excel at bringing your best. 

Before and After Haircut by Flamingo Hair Salon

Although the stylists here are Japanese, many of them speak English quite well so consultation is a breeze. Add this to their many years of training back in Japan and you'll get a makeover that can literally change your life!

Haircut Review of Flamingo Hair Studio

P.S. They just opened a new salon in the heart of Tiong Bahru, so do check it out if you haven't!

Best Salons for Haircuts in Singapore Based on Editor's Choice

For salons that still fall through the cracks (or new salons we've recently profiled), our editors choose which are the best salons you should take note of for the individual service.

Izumi Hair Salon

1. Izumi Salon @ Clarke Quay

Price: $150

Don't be turned off by the higher prices in this salon - you'll understand why the price is absolutely worth it once you've given her a go. 

Located centrally in Clarke Quay, the salon boasts a gorgeous view of the city... enjoyed by you and you alone! Yes, Izumi attends to you exclusively from start to finish, so you won't have to worry about double bookings, hair assistants or miscommunication as she is with you the whole time! 

Haircut Review of Izumi Salon

That isn't why most people go to her though. Her extensive experience in New York, Tokyo and Singapore with some of the very best celebrity stylists have honed her skill to such a level that she's able to transform ANY type of hair to one that is instantly celebrity worthy. This is not pure talent at work; Izumi puts in a lot of effort during the consultation to really understand you so that she can design something that suits you to the tee. Her hard work, detail and commitment to excellence is a major reason why Izumi is till today, Agent G's top recommendation for haircuts in Singapore!

Medium Haircut and Colour by Izumi
The Bund AMK

2. The Bund @ Ang Mo Kio Bishan Park

Price: From $80

Singapore's only luxury garden hair salon isn't just gorgeous, The Bund is the place that CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Managing Directors, Executives and Tai-Tais choose to go to for awesome haircuts by renowned hairstylist Ricky Wang.

Angled Bob by The Bund AMK

Almost every one we recommended to Ricky LOVED his haircut. There is a structure and a flow with the hair that gives it that effortless chic vibe while still looking professional and assertive. 

Short Angled Bob by The Bund AMK

He is also very versatile; whether you're going for assertive or funky, he'll be able to design a look just for you.  

Ladies Short Haircut and Silver Highlights by The Bund AMK

Regardless which you choose, we're certain that his haircut will empower and reveal a different you each time. 

Haircut Review of The Bund AMK
mode studio

3. Mode Studio @ Wheelock Place

Price: $60-$180

Mode Studio may be the new kid on the block but its stylists is certainly far from being novices. Home to stylists the likes of Sam Woo (top stylist who worked directly with Kim Robinson), Gabriel (stylist to Bryan Wong, Ayden Sng and a number of Who's Who in Singapore), Beck (stylist to Jay Park and other Korean celebrities) as well as Anneth, Veena and many more top Singaporean stylists, Mode Studio is a hair salon NOT to be missed. 

Long Haircut by MODE Studio

While prices are definitely not low, the level of service and the experience are considered a steal for what you pay... especially if you go for their attractive promotions with Beauty Undercover. A haircut here doesn't just promise a beautiful transformation, they also provide free flow alcohol, comfy plush seats and best of all, genuine service that gets people coming back for more. 

Long Haircut by MODE Studio

4. Kenaris Salon @ Wheelock Place

Price: $65-$95 for men, $85-$135 for women

There aren't many reviews for Kenaris but this is where a number of outstanding stylists Ken, Aris, Pauline, Summer and Alston reside. Their many years of experience allows them to accurate determine styles that the individual likes and with their professional opinion create a style that flatters their silhouette by looking at face shape, head shape, hair texture and even body shape. Even if you have no idea of what you want, these stylists can make you look like you just walked out of a magazine photoshoot in an hour. 

Haircut Review of MODE Studio

Add their fantastic head massage and hair wash, and you've got a haircut you'll actually want to come back for!

That's all for our list of Top Reviewed Hair Salons for Haircut. We will be revealing the best hair salons for other categories in the coming weeks so stay tuned! 

P.S. if the salons above are too expensive for your liking, go over to our list of 10 most underrated salons offering haircuts below $50!

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