Best Hair Salons for Volume Rebonding in Singapore

Published on Dec 20, 2019

Being in Singapore’s humid climate tends to spell disaster for our naturally curly haired sisters out there. Frizz and poufiness doesn’t exactly scream a sleek, chic look. If you’re considering a way to sort out your floofy hair in the coming year, why not try Rebonding?

Rebonding will be a fantastic option to achieve that desired straight, smooth, silky texture, and make styling it daily all the more manageable! If rebonding is something that you’ve always had an interest in, but have no idea where to start, this article is for you! Read on to check out some of the best review hair salons for rebonding in Singapore.

Best Hair Salons for Rebonding in Singapore Based on No. of Reviews

1. Pro Trim @ Ngee Ann City Takashimaya / Jurong East JEM / Woodlands Causeway Point

Pro Trim Korean Hair Salon Ngee Ann Takashimaya

Price: From $230

Pro Trim is a name that you might find oddly familiar upon hearing it, and if you do, it’s probably because you might have passed the store front of one of their salon outlets one time or another in the past. Located at popular locations like Taka, Jurong East and Causeway Point, you’ll be sure to find the Korean stylist of your dreams to help rebond your hair.

Every outlet has at least 2-4 Korean stylists, with an additional 3-4 local stylists who are just as proficient in delivering the K-drama styles that you desire. Among the Korean stylists, Joel Park is among the most popular thanks to his skills with perming and rebonding hair, so be sure to enquire about his availabilities! However, being as popular as he is, he does have a pretty substantial wait list, but what other clear proof do you need that he is as good as his hype.

We love that the prices are not too exorbitant given the skill set behind the stylists, and the salons tend to be pretty private despite being in high-traffic areas.  

Volume Rebonding (Joel)
Soft Rebonding (JoelPark)

2. Chez Vous Hideaway @ Ngee Ann City / Chez Vous Hair Salon @ Ngee Ann City

Chez Vous Hideaway Interior

Price: $199 for Cut + 1 other service, $299 for Cut + 2 other services, $399 for Cut + 3 other services, to a maximum of $499 for Cut + 4 other services. Keratin Treatment, Perm, Rebonding and Scalp Growth Factor has an additional $99 addon but that's about it.

As fancy and instagrammable as Chez Vous Hideaway is, there are a portion of customers who tend to dismiss the salon for being “all look and no substance”, relying on their gimmick to draw customers in rather than the services provided… but they would be absolutely wrong about that!

Chez Vous Hideaway has the ability to not only walk the walk, but talk the talk too! Both gorgeously decorated AND chock-full of talented stylists, Chez Vous is most popular for haircuts, keratin treatments and hair colours by its Director-Only team. Their stylists have been regularly positively reviewed by Beauty Undercover Agents for their professionalism, skill and honesty. Better yet, the stylists are capped at a maximum of only 5 appointments a day so the service feels a lot more exclusive without having to share time between customers.

Aside from the pop-up museum décor, Hideaway has a Relaxation Lounge for customers who arrive early to get a complimentary scalp fix with the free Blue Laser treatment and an oxygen boost.

Ladies Hair Rebonding (Oscar) by Chez Vous Hideaway
Haircut and Rebonding (Deon) by Chez Vous Hideaway

  3. LeeKaJa Korean Hair & Beauty Salon @ Mandarin Gallery

Leekaja Korean Hair & Beauty Hair Salon Interior

Price: From $180

You can’t say “Top Korean Salon in Singapore” without also saying “LeeKaJa” in the same breath. The biggest hair salon chain in Korea has definitely made a splash here in Singapore.

What we love about LeeKaJa is that the entire experience for a hair session is an entire experience. Within seconds of arrival, there will be someone attending to you, offering you wine, smoothies or coffee, all in a cafe-like environment with warm lighting, vintage sofas and lush greenery. 

And if the service and ambience wasn’t enough, you’ll be attended to by one of the team consisting of Ted, Catherine and Jun Park. They are among the very best stylists in Singapore for perms and volume rebonding.

Your first experience at LeeKaJa is unlikely to be your last, and we guarantee you’ll walk away from every session feeling refreshed, pampered, and rejuvenated.

Medium-Length Hair Rebonding by Leekaja
Short Hair Rebonding by Michelle at Leekaja Korean Hair & Beauty Hair Salon

4. Do My Hair @ Orchard Central

Do My Hair Salon

Price: From $180

Do My Hair is a gorgeous salon no doubt, and being easy on the eyes certainly gives off a warmth that distinguishes it from many of the other salons we’ve visited in the past.

Co-founded by 3 female stylists Renee, Ivy, and Celia, the space was designed to make the salon feel as cozy and comfortable as one would be in their own home. Bring your family along with you as Do My Hair is a family-friendly place, suitable for both partners and tiny tots to spend some time there too while you get your hair done.

We love that Renee, Ivy, and Celia won't make you feel uncomfortable or try to sell you products and services because that's just not who they are, so rest assured you can get your hair rebounded in peace and tranquility.

Rebonding by Renee at Do My Hair
Long Hair Volume Rebonding by Do My Hair

  5. No. 8 Hair Studio @ Vision Exchange Jurong East

No. 8 Hair Studio

Price: From $118

Located in the West, just 6 minutes away from Jurong East MRT, is a gem of a salon. No. 8 Hair Studio @ Vision Exchange Jurong East delivers high-quality Director level hair service at pocket-friendly prices.

As reviewed by past customers, the vibe in this salon is surprisingly serene, given its location. Stylists Jimmy and Kent are conversational, though not overly chatty. Instead you get an elevated feel for the salon, giving us more Japanese-Hair-Salon vibes than you would expect.

Kent is very strong in hair colouring, while Jimmy is very good with professional haircuts for both men and ladies. Shim on the other hand, is who you want for Perms and Duo Colour/Balayage. Stylist Wenny Jung has also be noted to be really strong with rebonding and perms too.

Haircut, Hair Colour and Volume Rebonding (Wenny) at No. 8 Hair Studio
Rebonding (Jimmy) at No. 8 Hair Studio

6. Walking on Sunshine @ Orchard Central

Walking on Sunshine

Price: From $200

No doubt you will be familiar with the interior of this salon: it's insanely popular as an instagrammable spot, and tons of influencers flock here to get their hair and photoshoots done. In turn it enhances all the beautiful hair looks completed at the salon when photographed here.  But it's not all just about the look, their stylists are impeccable too.

Walking on Sunshine is staffed by top stylists, handpicked by the founders of the prestigious LeeKaJa. It is a popular destination for trendy hair colours and yes, for rebonding. The team here understands skill and service are key to a good experience in the salon and deliver on those fronts.

Best of all, service prices here are actually LOWER than most top salons (even LeeKaJa) with haircuts starting from $50. 

It's almost worth going for hair services here just so you can take your OOTD/HOTD photos at this location after!

Medium Hair Rebonding at Walking on Sunshine
Shor Hair Rebonding Treatment (Manami) by Walking on Sunshine

7. Chez Vous Hair Salon @ Ngee Ann City Takashimaya

chez vous ngee ann hair salon

Price: From $235

Chez Vous Hair Salon @ Ngee Ann City Takashimaya (not to be confused with Che Vous Hideaway), boasts a staff of stylists that were all directors in their previous premium salons, and an illustrious clientele that includes socialites, artistes, and other movers and shakers in Singapore. No wonder most first-timers here end up being regulars!

While they are best known for their cuts, perms are an underrated service available to the ladies who come here. The best part is, no hardselling, no unnecessary frou-frou, and definitely no regrets coming to do your hair here.

Rebonding and C Curl Perm by Chez Vous Hair Salon
Professional Haircut and Rebonding by Chez Vous Hair Salon

8. The Space Korean Hair Salon @ The Cathay Dhoby Ghaut

The Space Korean Hair Salon

Price: From $230

Elegant, classy decor greet you as you enter this artfully designed salon, and the ambience of the cleverly lighted space adds to the excitement of getting your hair done here at this amazing salon.

공간 (Kong Gan or Space) is the brainchild of popular Korean stylist Lee Han. Ambience isn't the only thing that characterizes The Space Korean Hair Salon though. Apart from the decor, the key attraction for us here is still the stylist team Lee Han, Jenny and Sha Sha.

The ever popular Lee Han has transformed the hair of numerous Singapore ladies from stubborn frizz to sleek, earning him lots of regulars and fans, so if you're intending to try him out, make sure to book ahead! We've met many stylists but few with his level of dedication and perfection.  His other stylists Jenny and Sha Sha are equally detail-oriented and committed to customer satisfaction and beautiful hairstyling.

Rebond C Curl by The Space Korean Hair Salon
Volume Rebonding and C Curl by The Space Hair Salon

  9. Flamingo Hair Studio @ Tiong Bahru / Tanjong Pagar

Flamingo Hair Studio

Price: From $300

You wouldn't expect to find a salon like Flamingo Hair Studio in the middle of the CBD, filled with relaxing, minimalist Japanese decor, various special quirks like a Japanese manga collection, hairstyle illustrations, pretty potted plants and even jewellery. 

The service is excellent; in-depth consultations are the norm, and close attention is paid to customer comfort. The stylists are also extremely skilled, so you can rely on them for your hair needs.

Stylist Tetsuya is who you should look for if you want a good Rebonding. No matter how unruly your hair may seem, he’s able to straighten and tame that mane. We were impressed with how the hair didn’t look flat and dead after rebonding. Tetsuya even made sure to maintain volume and a nice bounciness to our hair after the treatment! 

Volume Rebonding by Flamingo Hair Studio
Before and After Rebonding Treatment by Flamingo Hair Studio

  10. 99 Percent Hair Studio @ Orchard Central, Bugis & Bedok

99 percent Hair Studio

Price: From $189

Best known for their Hair Colouring services, the stylists here at 99 Percent also have a number of other hidden skillsets that you might not know about, having gone for numerous training sessions to keep themselves ahead in other services such as perms, haircuts and now scalp treatment. 

This continuous drive to innovate and upgrade themselves while remaining true to their customers is exactly the 99 Percent philosophy that we at Beauty Undercover fell in love with years ago. Humble yet ever hard-working, rebonding your hair at this salon would be pretty fool-proof a decision.

While prices are not the cheapest, their solid skill, fashion-forward hairstyles and great service make them a salon you MUST-VISIT in Singapore!

Soft C Curl by 99 Percent Hair Studio
C Curl Rebonding by 99 Percent Hair Studio

Best Hair Salons for Rebonding in Singapore Based on Editor's Choice

1. Picasso Hair Studio @ Bugis & Tanjong Pagar

Picasso Hair Studio

Price: From $315

Just like its namesake, the team here at Picasso specialize in making works of art. Just that the hair is their canvas. It doesn't matter what style you are looking for; they have all the techniques and perm lotions at their disposal to give you your dream hairstyle.

This is all thanks to co-founder Jesly who challenges her team to create new perm styles and constantly upgrades her techniques to achieve perms with the lowest damage. 

That was how they came up with their signature Rebonding Perm, a rebonding done on top of minimal layers in the cut to reduce frizz, together with lower layered curls for that extra volume while still keeping it easily manageable.

They also won an award from Singapore Women’s Weekly in 2019 for this perm, which they dubbed the "Singapore Perm". It was designed with the local humid weather and local lifestyle here in mind, to minimize frizzing and making it an easily styled look to manage for the busy Singaporean working folk!

Wave Rebonding (Nicole) by Picasso Hair Studio
Volume Rebonding by Picasso Hair Studio

2. Act Point Salon @ Midpoint Orchard

Act Point Salon

 From $210

For those looking for an affordable perm with an all-in price (inclusive of haircut, pre and An affordable perm. An all-in price (inclusive of haircut, pre and post treatment). No packages. Stylists focused on giving you the best services with no hardselling. You'll find all this and more at the one and only Act Point Salon.

This pocket-friendly salon (especially for perms, rebonding and haircuts) is also located at Midpoint Orchard, so it's super convenient to get to! 

No upselling of unnecessary hair products and services here - Act Point Salon sets the industry standard for being one of the most transparent and trustworthy hair salons in Singapore. Don’t be surprised if a hairstylist at Act Point refuses to do a specific hair service you asked for; if the hair service is deemed to be too damaging for your hair condition or if the stylists are not confident of doing a great job, you might find yourself politely declined. 

Natural Rebonding by Act Point Salon
Rebonding and C Curl Perm on Long Hair by Act Point Salon

3. Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing @ Chinatown Hong Lim Complex

Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing

Price: From $180

You wouldn’t expect to find an award-winning hair salon located amid food paradise Hong Lim Complex, but nestled in the most unlikely of places is Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing @ Chinatown, home to Gary, voted one of Singapore's Top 50 Stylists by Her World.

Having been rigorously trained in Vidal Sassoon London – Gary has even been internationally endorsed, with his name regularly on invite lists for overseas hair seminars, shows and competitions over the past two decades.

The signature perms at Kudos are not only priced at an absolute steal, but reportedly can last for over six months! Definitely try it out if you can!

C Curl with Rebonding by Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing
Rebonding at Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing

4. Ann's Studio @ The Adelphi

Ann's Studio (Prev. Curly Ann)

Price: From $260

We know the pain of trying to find a good stylist here in Singapore that wouldn’t panic at the sight of natural curls and desperately start recommending straightening products as a way of handling the unfamiliar territory. Not Annie though. Annie celebrates curls and loves bringing out their bouncy, beautiful best, not least because she has sassy spirals herself.

Annie has considerable training and work experience with various hair types and textures in Toni & Guy UK and Singapore, and as much as she loves curls herself, also know the pain of having the style them constantly, which is why she is also the perfect person to ask for recommendations on how best to manage your curls more permanently. Having gone through that rebond phase herself, Annie too has mastered the art of keratin treatments as well as rebonding and perming.

Off the record though, she will however confess that she prefers Keratin Treatments as it doesn't take away your natural curls and actually defrizzes your hair more and more over time. If you’d like to try this in place of rebonding if your main concern is more defrizzing your hair, give Ann's Studio a go!

Perm by Ann's Studio
Rebonding Before and After by Curly Ann

5. AUBE Japanese Hair Salon @ Wheelock Place / Marina Link / Cineleisure

AUBE Japanese Hair Salon

Price: $260

AUBE is one of Japan's most popular hair salon chains with more than 200 outlets worldwide, and are known for their fantastic stylists, high-quality hair products and state-of-the-art equipment at attractive prices. Since taking Singapore by storm in 2017, we've fallen in love with their exquisite, durable cuts and colours, especially those by Salon Manager Takato, who was handpicked to join Singapore after impressing the founder of AUBE Japan with his skill in those areas. 

Like most Japanese salons, their service here is one-to-one so the Japanese stylist will attend to you from start to finish and will make sure you get exclusive attention. The only non-Japanese staff here is a local assistant to help with hair wash and non-essential services like blow-drying to speed up the service. 

Given their quality of service, hairdressing skill and ambience, you’d be surprised to find that the prices here are lower than most hair salons in Singapore, especially for hair colours, perms and even hair treatments! Definitely the cheapest if you want to experience the amazing Yume chair, exclusive to AUBE.

With a good balance of price, service and quality, it’s clear why this is an Editor’s Choice for getting your rebond done here!

Tokio Soft Rebonding (Kazuki)
Rebonding-tokio desinka rebonding (Aya)

6. Threes Japanese Hair Salon @ The Central Clarke Quay

Threes Japanese Hair Salon

Price: From $230

Many of us will never get the chance to be a J-Pop Star, getting our locks done by Japanese Celebrity Stylists… but we can try the next best thing, here at Threes Japanese Hair Salon! With many of the stylists here having extensive experience cutting, colouring and styling hair for celebrities and models back in Japan, you can be sure that the stylists here are capable of delivering a celeb-worthy hairstyle! 

Despite their high-profile background, the team is extremely warm, with an easy, welcoming demeanour, and a great command of English. Their expertise is surprisingly more affordable than one would expect coming from a salon of such high caliber!

The fact that they feel so easy to connect to works in their favour. The carefree, honest and genuine personality presented by every stylist here make it very easy for us to like them on a personal basis. Coming here therefore feels more like coming to a friend's place, rather than a business.

Clean Short Hair Rebonding by Threes Japanese Hair Salon
Rebonding (Tomoko) by Threes Japanese Hair Salon

7. Color Bar by Full House Salon @ Tampines Central

Color Bar by Full House Salon @ Tampines Central

Price: From $168

Color Bar by Full House Salon @ Tampines Central may blogger-verified for its nigh-unbeatable skill with hair colours, but don’t overlook their quality hair products and masterful stylists capable of delivering perfect perms as well.

Other than great colours and cuts, we love how homey the ambience is here. Sometimes going to a fancy salon in the middle of town means having to also spend extra time and effort considering what wardrobe you’d show up in. Can’t turn up in flips-flops and raggedy t-shirt for some of those uber fancy places, can you? Sometimes, that can be so much of an unnecessary hassle. Not here at Color Bar though, show up in casual wear, be comfortable, and enjoy your treatment here sans judgement.

Stylists include Samantha, Natalie, Calvin and Jessie, all recently returned from their Vidal Sassoon haircutting courses in London. With the high level of service, great hair products and skilful hairstylists, this is the must-try hair salon of Tampines! 

Easy to Manage C Perm by Color Bar by Full House Salon
Short Rebonding by Color Bar Full House Salon

8. Focus Hairdressing @ Cuppage Plaza / Chinatown Point

Focus Hairdressing at Chinatown Point

Price: From $200

At first glance, Focus Hairdressing’s salon decor is relatively humble compared to some of the others on this list, and is overall a little more no-frills, but the quality of their rebonding service are undeniably just as good.

Look past the unpolished exterior, and don’t miss out on one of the greatest hidden gems in town: honest, experienced and down-to-earth hairstylists who want to make customers beautiful at one of the lowest prices in Orchard and in Chinatown! Founded by Marcus Kee, Focus Hairdressing aims to help as many customers as possible achieve smooth frizz-free hair. 

Marcus insists on using quality products for customers. That, along with the stylists' own special skill with perms, is possibly why the results of each perm turn out so stunning each time... and the reason why customers keep coming back for more! 

Having dealt with all sorts of hair types in their time, the stylists here are able to manage hair of vastly different and challenging textures. Stylists at other salons may reject perming or rebonding your hair if they don’t know how to handle the current state it’s in, but the stylists here rarely shy away from a challenge.

Volume Rebonding by Focus Hairdressing
Volume Rebonding by Focus Hairdressing

9. Zinc Korean Hair Salon @ Millenia Walk

Zinc Korean Hair Salon

Price: From $240

Agent G’s top Korean Hair Salon choice for this list is the one an only Zinc Korean Hair Salon. And for good reason! Zinc is after all, the very first Korean salon to give her the kind of curls she LOVED so much that she couldn't stop perming afterwards. Since then, Agent G has tried many Korean salons in Singapore but thus far, Zinc is still the one she likes to go back to thanks to the definition, volume and lasting power; her perms from Zinc last easily more than 6 months! 

Regardless of which outlet you go, you'll be served by extremely experienced and capable Korean Hair Stylists. Unlike some other salons with foreign stylists, you don't have to worry about the language barrier as many of the stylists here have been in Singapore for a number of years and therefore have an excellent command of English for ease of communication.

Another reason that puts Zinc ahead of other salons would have to be their perm lotions. They bring in exclusive perm lotions directly from Korea, which is why the perms that come from Zinc achieve a different end result compared to other salons.

Korean Rebonding at Zinc Hair Salon
Rebonding_Perm (Justin)

10. The Fluxus House @ Outram Park

Fluxu House

Price: From $250

Chiho, Koichi and Aki are three of Singapore's favourite Japanese hair stylists, and you can find all of them at The Fluxus House @ Outram Park. While perms can sometimes turn out very uniform, these maeastros never compromise on showcasing your personality, providing a combo of cut and curl that is distinct to each customer. With a dream team of Japanese stylists in Fluxus, be ready to discover "a new me" each time you visit Fluxus. 

Chiho, is one of our favourite Japanese stylists here in Singapore. Her forte being hair colours and cuts, she knows exactly how to balance style, personality and lifestyle for a sophisticated yet easy to manage hairstyle you can confidently flaunt.

Aki from S.A.D's Hair Design may be a little more quirky but his hairstyles are no less stunning as his playful colours and soft cuts earn him just as many fans.

If you're keen to add volume to your hair, you can't miss Koichi, whose signature Lather cut adds quite a bit of volume, even without a perm. He identifies your face shape as well as bone structure and customizes the cut in such a way that it gives your silhouette a flattering uplift.

All three of these superstars are extremely capable of creating the most artfully done rebond for you, and although you might have to shell out a little bit more, you’d be signing yourself up for a truly magical, hair-transforming experience well-worth the money spent!

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Cut + Perm (Chiho) by Fluxus House
Trendy Short Perm (Chiho) by Fluxus House

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