2020 Horoscope Forecast for Pisces Women and 5 Celebrity-Inspired Hairstyles to Bring Out Your Best in 2020-2021

Published on Mar 11, 2020

2020 Yearly Forecast

If you’re born between February 19 and March 20, a very happy birthday to you, the sensitive, ethereal Pisces Woman! Known as one of the most compassionate and dreamy signs in astrology, you naturally draw people to you with your enigmatic beauty and kind, caring nature. Sometimes your empathy makes you very emotional, and can be a little too trusting of people. It’s the Piscean capacity to create and push boundaries that makes it such a common sign among many actors, industry leaders, and artists. Pisceans are very goal-oriented, but your success is less personal and more focused on changing the lives of other people. 

This year though is pretty special with Jupiter sextile Neptune, your two ruling planets getting along. This is a fantastic time for meeting new friends and even business contacts that could leave you feeling a stronger purpose as a result of your new interactions or plans. You may lead a group in starting a new and exciting venture, develop close connections with those who see the same way you do and even meet THE soulmate you’ve been dreaming about.

With Jupiter also conjunct Pluto from April to November, you will make use of these connections to doggedly pursue improvements for the greater good. There may be some problems that have been existing for a long time and this transit will give you just the right determination to get you over the hump. For Piscean career women, this is a very good time for success in your career or in business as you’re making the network and connections you need to succeed.

2020 is the year that you’ll be a social magnet with almost everyone – friends, romantic interests and even business contacts looking to connect with you. Choose your friends and collaborations wisely and don’t let the wrong people and projects drain you of your precious energy and time.

If you have been working on building those precious connections over the year, you can look forward to reaping the returns in December 2020 as lucky Jupiter enters humanitarian Aquarius!

Keeping that in mind, here are 5 celebrity-inspired hairstyles we think can bring out the best of you in 2020.

1. Mermaid Waves

Is this new year resolution to find love? If so, mermaid waves may be the perfect look to highlight your femininity and ethereal nature the way @camila_cabello found love in Señorita

Camila is not the only celebrity sporting mermaid waves! Famous Piscean Korean singer Taeyeon from Girls' Generation is also going for the very same waves!

Olivia Wilde in a gorgeous half-up mermaid hairdo. 

You can totally get this style in Singapore by asking your hairstylist for soft waves or a S-curl perm.

Mermaid Wave Perm (Tomoka) by Shun Sakurai

Shun Sakurai Japanese Hair Salon

We love this because it looks good on long hair, medium-length hair and short hair!

Mermaid Perm_Colour_Cut (Yuki) by AUBE

Aube Japanese Hair Salon @ Wheelock Place

You can even add a few hair accessories to get the delicate demure vibe that is oh-so-Pisces. 

S Curl Perm (Ayumi) by Flamingo

Flamingo Hair Studio

2. Long Silky Hair 

If your focus this year is all business, stay simple and classy with long silky hair like @lilycollins and @yerimiese.

Whether you're preparing for a talk or meeting the man of your dreams, you can't go wrong with long silky hair. 

If you realize, the key is to achieving this look NOT to make your hair super straight. 

Long Silky Hair with Perm by Picasso Hair Studio

Picasso Hair Studio

but give it a natural curl / volume near the ends for the impression that it has just been blown dry. 

Perm_Rebonding by The Space Korean Hair Salon

Going for Keratin Treatment is the alternative to volume rebonding to remove the frizz and gives you the silky smooth look we all love!

Keratin Treatment by COVO

COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Outram Park Keong Saik Rd

If not, going for the right hair treatment can give your hair that additional life and shine!

Layered Haircut by Rubik Hair Salon

Rubik Japanese Hair Salon

3. Vibrant, Loud and Short

Just because the Mermaid fits much of what people expect of Pisces doesn't mean that all Piscean ladies are dreamy and romantic. Many Pisceans have a dual personality; this means that they can carry off some of the most flamboyant and creative looks while still retaining their romantic side.

This is certainly true for famous Piscean Rihanna. 

You can go super loud when you have a short haircut like a pixie cut because it doesn't look too overwhelming.

Orange Hair Colour by Chez Vous Hideaway

Chez Vous Hideaway

Warm colours like Violet or Salmon works well as the short cut or bright colour doesn't detract from your femininity.

Magenta Hair Colour by Picasso Hair Studio

Picasso Hair Studio

It doesn't mean you can't go for ash though. 

Ash Purple Hair Colour by Finder by COVO

Finder by COVO Japanese Hair Salon

Adding some violet highlights within the ash colour is sufficient to give you that edgy yet feminine look you're looking for. 

4. Mid-Length Lob

Blonde Mid-Length Lob

Easy and effortless but still chic, lob is the 'it girl' hairstyle for 2020.

It isn't just because Emily Blunt is going to be seen everywhere on screen (Quiet Place 2 and Jungle Cruise), this hairstyle is natural, easy to maintain and feminine enough for the dreamy Pisces. 

Short Bob Wave with Bangs by Michaela Japanese Hair Salon

Hair Tokyo Michaela Japanese Hair Salon

Here, the focus is not about making the hair very curly 

S Curl Perm by Style NA

Style NA @ Compass One

or keeping it super long / short. 

Medium Length Perm by Flamingo Hair Studio

Flamingo Hair Studio

It's about understanding the real you: the female with a personality 

Medium-Length Colour and Perm (Ryo) by Threes

Threes Japanese Hair Salon

and bringing out your inner fire with just the right texture. 

Short Hair Perm (Risa) by AUBE

Aube Japanese Hair Salon @ Wheelock Place

5. High Ponytail

Nobody ain't got time for curly wurlies for Pisces who are happy in love and family this year.

It's no wonder why famous Pisceans Eva Longoria, Cindy Crawford and Queen Latifah are getting down to business with the good old-fashioned ponytail.

From the outset, it doesn't look as if your hairstyle is important (you're going to tie it up anyway, right?)

High Ponytail

Did you know that there is a right ponytail for each face shape?

A perky, high ponytail works really well for most face shapes as it somehow balances your face and makes your face appear smaller. Those of you with square / rectangular jawlines should consider perming your hair for a ponytail that has soft and wispy pieces while those with heart-shape faces can go for the mid-height classic ponytail and bangs for extra cuteness. 

High Ponytail for Smaller Face

To give your ponytail an extra volume boost, you can put two bobby pins in an X shape before draping your hair over it


or for those of you who don't mind taking a bit more time, tease it well before tying it up in a ponytail!

Inspired? Share your hair transformation experience on BU.sg!

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