What is the 24K Gold Facial and How It Gets You Closer to Korean Glass Skin

Published on Jan 18, 2021

Whether it's for jewellery or safekeeping, most of us love a little gold and sparkle. But did you know that gold can be applied on your face as well? 


For those of us who may not know, skincare routines infused with real gold have been around for sometime now. In fact, there's no better ambassador for Gold Skincare than Queen Cleopatra whose beauty routine includes covering her face in pure gold every night to stay youthful - more than 2,300 years ago. 

As boujee as that may sound, scientific studies have recently discovered that Cleopatra's fascination with Gold may have been warranted... but not in the way she does it. (Good news since most of us can't afford covering our face in Gold every night anyway!)

Gold is prized in the scientific world, not just because of its perceived value but because it is among the best conductors of essential vitamins and minerals to our skin. According to Journals in Dermatology, the stability of Gold nanoparticles as well as its large surface area make it particularly suitable to deliver active ingredients like hyaluronic acid right to where the cells need it most.

Colloidal Gold vs Powdered Gold

It is however notable that not all Gold are made the same. Scientific studies that found Gold to be effective requires Gold to be in the form of nanoparticles, possibly because Gold has to be this small to be absorbed by the skin. Apple from Apple Queen Beauty also observed the same empirically. While powdered Gold products yield little benefit during her initial testing, Apple saw huge improvement in her own (and in customers' skin) after applying 24K Colloidal Gold masks containing Gold Nanoparticles suspended in liquid form. 

24K Colloidal Gold Mask at The Apple Queen Beauty

Left: Colloidal Gold, Right: Powdered Gold

Despite the much higher cost, the results convinced Apple to use only Colloidal Gold 24K for facials on customers. 

What exactly are the benefits to look forward to when using Gold in skincare?

1. Gold brightens your skin to fight uneven skin tone

Gold Mask For Uneven Skin Tone

Struggling with uneven skin tone? You're in luck. Gold nanoparticles have the effect of illuminating your skin to create a more even complexion.

As the Gold nanoparticles is absorbed into the skin, your face will look more radiant as the gold particles reflect light and makes your skin look more luminous immediately after!

2. Gold Stimulates Skin Regeneration and Slows Skin Ageing


Collagen is responsible for making your skin smooth, while elastin is responsible for keeping your skin firm and supple. As collagen and elastin levels naturally deplete when you age, you will start noticing changes to your skin and hair. 

Enter gold: It slows down the depletion of collagen and elastin in your skin cells to prevent your skin from premature and serious sagging and wrinkles.

3. Gold improves circulation and literally makes your skin glow

Getting 24K Gold Mask at The Apple Queen Beauty

Known as a 'heart-friendly' metal, the gold nanoparticles enters the skin and improves blood circulation, keeping your skin hydrated at all times. This gives your skin a distinct glow following the application, making it ideal before makeup as it gives the appearance of fresh, radiant and flawless skin. Touch your skin and you'll love how the Gold facial makes your skin texture softer and plumper!

4. Gold keeps acne away 


Ancient Egyptians believed that gold has medicinal properties that heal diseases because the antioxidant properties in gold increase blood circulation, reducing the appearance of acne and skin allergies. And apparently, there is some truth in that. Gold nanoparticles have been found to improve blood circulation, metabolism of skin cells, and discharge of toxins. It is also found to be anti-bacterial and anti-inflammation, allowing oxygen to enter your skin to increase the renewal of cells, make your face look rejuvenated!

5. Gold helps with sun damage to keep you looking youthful


Living in sunny Singapore, many of us suffer from sunburns, uneven skin tone caused by UV rays, and lines - all of which contribute to sun damage that can make your skin dry and prone to premature signs of ageing such as wrinkles.

Gold can help to preserve your youth thanks to antioxidant properties that can protect your skin from damage caused by free radicals a.k.a highly unstable molecules that are formed by environmental aggressors like UV rays, cigarette smoke, and air pollution.

You can try to purchase Gold-infused skincare to see if it works for you but an alternative for faster, more effective application is to go for the 24K Gold Facial by Apple Queen Beauty. Having tested it on her own as well as on a number of customers who volunteered for the treatment, she has established a facial routine that has helped numerous customers brighten their skin, reduce uneven skin tone and achieve dewy glowy skin... even for those of us who had acne previously. 

To show you what the facial is like, we sent one of our own, Agent CW, whose Circuit Breaker acne was cured by Apple Queen Beauty herself. 

Agent CW's 24K Gold Facial Experience

Hi, I'm Agent CW, a writer here at Beauty Undercover.

To be honest, my skin used to be relatively clear and easy to take care of. That's why I've experienced and experimented with different skincare routines and facials - even trying the Caveman Skincare Routine where I used zero skincare.

That is... until May 2020. I don't know why but my face started breaking out like crazy during Circuit Breaker. This picture looks worse because my face was swollen post-extraction, but you get the idea. 

My Pimples During Circuit Breaker Before Facial Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty

I had no choice but to call Agent G for SOS and guess who she recommended me to go?

Top extraction facial specialist Apple Queen Beauty of course. 

The moment Circuit Breaker Phase 1 was opened, I made an appointment with Apple Queen Beauty. Since then, I've been going to Apple Queen Beauty and here're the results!

My Acne Skin Progress During Facial Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty

I'm glad to report that my skin has visibly improved... and has gotten even better than before.

No more clogged pores thanks to all the Signature Extraction Facials or rashes due to the Vitamin B5 Facials that has restored my skin barrier (I didn't know that facials could help my skin fight rashes)!

But I still have one more problem to solve: Uneven Skin Tone. As I dive quite a bit (before COVID), my skin has this natural discolouration at different parts of my face. Apple thus recommended me to try the 24K Gold Facial; it will make my face more even and even make it "glow". 

Glow? That sounds interesting.. could I get the glass skin seen on so many Korean celebrities? 

This time though, my facial therapist is Angie, Apple's trusty partner in Apple Queen Beauty. I've been wanting to give her a try because I've heard from Apple about how painless Angie's extractions are. So here we go!

Step 1: Cleansing

As usual, the first step of every good facial is a cleansing. A proper cleanse helps to remove any dead skin and environmental pollutants to facilitate extractions and helps the skin absorb the products better. 

Face Cleansing at The Apple Queen Beauty

Angie uses a cleanser that foams up quite easily and gave me a good facial massage during this step. 

Step 2: Extractions

Without further ado, it's time to extract the nasties from my skin!

Acne Facial Extraction at Apple Queen Beauty

It's nice to have a change of facial therapist once in a while because it shows you where each of them is strong at. Angie's extractions, for example, is much less painful than Apple's extractions whereas Apple is much faster and efficient, allowing you to finish the process in a shorter period of time - while being just as thorough. 

Acne Facial Extraction at Apple Queen Beauty

It's also nice to note that the extracted gunk is much smaller compared to my first few facials, which really made me convinced that proper cleansing and hydration is the key to smoother and clearer skin.

Acne Facial Extraction at Apple Queen Beauty

Check out how few extractions were done compared to before! (Skip if you're squeamish.)

Acne Facial Extraction at Apple Queen Beauty

June 2020 

Acne Facial Extraction at Apple Queen Beauty

January 2021 

Next, Angie helped me to trim my eyebrows.

I always love getting it done during a facial because it saves time and it feel painless compared to the extractions.

Eyebrow Shaping at Apple Queen Beauty
Eyebrow Shaping at Apple Queen Beauty

Step 3: 24K Gold Serum + Machine

With the painful part of the facial behind us, it is now time to calm my skin with the 24K Gold Serum. 

Gold Serum at Apple Queen Beauty

It may not be obvious but the gold pieces are suspended in collagen solution.

Gold Particles on Face During Application of Gold Serum at Apple Queen Beauty

Angie carefully applied it onto the skin before using the ultrasound machine to improve absorption and penetration.

Ultrasound Machine For Better Absorption at Apple Queen Beauty

The surface of the machine is cold, which felt amazing on my post-extraction face.

Ultrasound Machine For Better Absorption at Apple Queen Beauty

Step 4: 24K Gold Mask

Finally, it was time for the highlight: the 24K gold mask. 

Unlike a regular rubber mask which just combines the rubber mask powder with mineral water, the 24K gold gel mask mixes hyaluronic acid powder with the 24K gold gel mask in order to give it an extra boost of hydration.

24K Gold Mask at Apple Queen Beauty

Angie applied an even layer onto my skin so that it would dry evenly.

Application of 24K Gold Mask at Apple Queen Beauty

She also used some tissues to give my jawline a mini lift and to prevent the mask from dripping down.

Application of 24K Gold Mask at Apple Queen Beauty

It was left on for about 20 minutes until the mask became a firmer gel texture.

Check out just how much it glows in low light!

Getting 24K Gold Mask at The Apple Queen Beauty

Step 5: Cleanse + Tone

Once the mask was removed, Angie then wiped off the residue, toned my skin, and used the Hydro Serum for moisture and nutrition.

Getting 24K Gold Mask at The Apple Queen Beauty

And we're done!

Brightened and Glowing Face After 24K Gold Facial Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty
Brightened and Glowing Face After 24K Gold Facial Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty

The 24K gold mask brightened my face, added a layer of protection, and boosts skin recovery right after the extraction. 

Can you see my skin literally glowing after the facial?

Brightened and Glowing Face After 24K Gold Facial Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty

My skin is much less red than usual because Angie was so gentle during the extraction process. Thank you, Angie!


Days After 24K Gold Facial at Apple Queen Beauty

Days after the facial, I'm happy to find that my skin continues to glow! 

Days After 24K Gold Facial at Apple Queen Beauty

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