4 Ways to Style Your Undercut / Fade

Published on Apr 19, 2015

Just got a swanky new cut from your hairdresser? Set yourself apart with the right styling and bring out your personality! As part of our April series for the fellas, we're here to help you get four different hairstyles with your undercut!

#1: The Pompadour

This style is most likely the hottest new trend in the men's hairstyle scene, with celebrities to businessmen sporting the look. A typical pompadour is worn with short sides, with the hair swept upwards and backwards. However, the look has become more and more versatile, with a variety of different styling methods to make it suit your face shape, lifestyle and career.

Step 1: Get a good pompadour cut at a salon with professional stylists

Pompadour by Xavier from Plan B Hair Studio.

Step 2: Invest in a blow dryer

Blow drying your hair helps create the base shape and elevation necessary for the style. Start with towel dried hair. For more volume and hold while blow drying, apply some mousse to your hair before blow drying (about the size of a fifty cent coin and spread evenly from the root to the tip of your hair, apply more if necessary). Using a round brush, start with blow drying the sides and top of your hair straight back. Save the front of your hair for last. With the round brush, blow dry the front straight up to create elevation. Then, use the round brush to grab the front of your hair, and quarter turn the brush to fold the front back while you continue to blow dry. Remember to always blow dry the hair from the roots to the ends of the hair, as this will provide more control and shorten the blow drying process.

Step 3: Pomade

Blow drying will help create a dry pompadour, but you'll need a good pomade to hold the style in place for the rest of the day. Start with a small amount of pomade (usually two fingertips worth) and rub it in both of your hands until the pomade is smooth. Then, apply the pomade in the same steps as when you blow dried your hair. Start with the sides, then move to the top. Again, save the front for last. By applying from the side to the front, you will be able to tell if you have insufficient pomade on your hair. Do note that the front of your hair will require the most pomade, as you will need the added strength to hold up your pompadour. If you've tried water based pomade and find the hold lacking , do consider an oil based Pomade for a stronger hold.

Step 4: Comb

When combing the pomade through your hair, follow the same steps that you used to put in the pomade. Start by creating a side parting clearly with your comb, combing the sides down. Then comb the top. If you have trouble running the comb through your hair, you can add a little lightweight gel to help disperse the pomade through your hair. Again, save the front for last. Comb the front straight up to create the pomp, you can also consider using a round brush which might give you more control of the pomp. With one hand holding the comb and one hand free, start from combing the front of your hair up from the side partings and into your free hand. Your free hand will act as a guide for your hair to fold over and to also serve as a limit to how high the front will go. Comb your hair up, and pat it down. Follow this step until you achieve the desired look.

Step 5: Finish with a hairspray

If you want to add even more hold throughout the day, use hairspray to solidify your pompadour. Sounds like a lot of work? The pompadour definitely needs practice and patience!

If you need some more guidance, refer to the video we've scouted for you below!

This is just one of the MANY ways you can style your Pompadour. Does this work well for you?

#2: Spiky Edge / Fauxhawk

Spiky hair is one of those styles that always looks good. Spiked hair creates texture and a bold, tousled look that's still acceptable for elegant events if styled well. Men look sporting, neat and appealing with spiky hair, yet still retain their boyish charm. Who could ask for more?

Step 1: Get a good cut at the salon that's suitable for a spiky style

Men's Block Cut (Sam)

Men's Block Cut by Sam from Chez Vous Hair Salon

Step 2: Blow dry

The extra weight of water in your hair will make it more difficult to stand up, so you want to dry your hair before spiking. However, hair is often most malleable when still a tiny bit damp, so don’t dry your hair completely! Point the blow dryer upward towards your hair to create body and texture that can help your spiked look once you add product. If you have curly or wavy hair, you may want to consider straightening your hair for better control while styling.

Step 3: Add product

The best product depends mostly on your hair type. Rub some product in your fingers before running your fingers through your hair (avoid the fringes / bangs). This helps get an even application of the product through your hair. Choose a product with the hold you want your desired look to have - If you’re going for a messy, slept on spiked look, you don’t want to use a styling glue that can hold up an eight-inch mohawk. Try a lighter styling wax like the Gatsby Moving Rubber or pomade that will help you style without hardening into a brick. If you have fine hair, try a matte fiber paste which will give your spiked look a fuller, richer texture.

Step 4: Create spikes

Once you have your hair product of choice distributed in your hair, it's time to get creative! Scrunch your hair in the middle into a mohawk line. For a messy or even fauxhawk look, start by grabbing handfuls of your hair and pulling them up to spike them. Spend 10 to 15 seconds spiking your hair and using your fingers to direct it in your desired direction (e.g. toward the middle of your head for a fauxhawk look). Many stylists agree that if you spend longer than this, you’ll actually give too much order to your messy look, which can be counterproductive.

For a messier spiked look, take a section of hair and apply extra-strength gel. Use one hand to separate a small section of hair from the rest, then use the other hand to apply a liberal amount of gel to the section. Grasp the hair at the roots and smooth the gel up to the tips. Hold your hand there for a moment to let it set. The smaller the section of hair you grab, the smaller your spike will be. You can create rows of even spikes or alternate between small and large ones. Pull your hair in the direction you want the spike to go. If you want it to stick straight out, pull the section of gelled hair straight from your head and twist them at the ends. If you want spikes that move toward the front of your head, pull them in that direction and hold them in place for a moment before letting go. You could also pull spikes in all different directions for a messier look.

If you need some more guidance, refer to the video we've scouted for you below!

This is just one of the MANY ways you can style your Spike. Does this work well for you?

#3: Side Parting / Business Men's Cut

Made popular by the vintage style of Downton Abbey and Mad Men, and spotted on plenty of celebrities, the classic side part hairstyle has come back into fashion. Neat, tidy, and well-groomed, side parting makes any man look instantly dapper. A side part is simple yet sophisticated, and is very easy to achieve with styling. Hair can be slicked to one side for a more controlled and disciplined style, or it can be left looser for a more casual appearance.

Step 1: A good cut

(We can't stress this enough!)

Men Cut and Style (Yumiko)

Men's Haircut by Yumiko from Kobayashi Hair Design

Step 2: Get a comb, and pick the right product for your hair

For thin or normal hair, a pomade offers both shine and pliability. For thick to medium hair, a gel may be better able to tame your tougher locks.

Step 3: Style away!

To style your side part, apply the product of your choice evenly throughout damp hair after a shower. Find your natural part by brushing your hair forward, shaking your head lightly, and noticing where the hair starts to separate. Then, comb the sides down and push the front slightly back and over to the side (or up, back, and over to the side, if you want a higher quiff).

To create a more polished side part, blow dry hair in the direction you prefer, combing hair at the same time. Keep two products handy at home: 1 shiny and the other more matte. This way you can alternate between a more casual, relaxed look during the day and a shine for the evening. For a more relaxed feel once you’ve combed the hair, run your fingers through it to break it up a bit and introduce a little texture. Try mixing both products together to make a blend that suits you for any occasion.

This is just one of the MANY ways you can style your Side Parting. Does this work well for you?

#4: The Fauxhawk

The preferred look for many sports stars, this style is often seen as "poseur" but has persevered with its popularity among fellas who wish to look sporty or rebellious.

Step 1: You guessed it... Get a good cut at the salon! 

Mens Haircut (Yuya)

Men's Haircut by Yuya from COVO Japanese Hair Salon

Step 2: Towel dry

Step 3: Pick your product

Any shaping cream, wax, "firm hold gel"  should do. If you have longer hair, consider having some hairspray to help provide extra hold and keep its shape throughout the day.

Step 4: Style!

Use your index finger to scoop out some product about the size of a quarter and rub it between your palms. Run your fingers lightly through the tops of your hair to get your hair to stand. Be sure to do this to all of your hair, paying extra attention to the front to ensure it stands straight up. Comb the sides diagonally forward with your fingers to create more texture than simply combing them vertically. Push your hair on the top of your head together by making a sort of triangle with your hands. Use your fingers to comb down hairs sticking up in the back. Push the top of the fauxhawk forward slightly to create a wavelike motion and grab out of place pieces and twist them upwards to help them keep their shape. Apply a bit more product to any other places that it's needed and you're done!

This is just one of the MANY ways you can style your Fauxhawk. Does this work well for you?

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