5 Japanese Hairstylists Share their 5 MUST-DO Hair Tips to Get Manageable Hair and Healthy Scalp in Singapore. We're pretty sure that most of you don't do #1!

Published on Nov 15, 2016

We've all been there; the frustration of not being able to replicate those silky smooth tresses we are left with when we leave the salon. In fact, most of us face the problem of ugly, dry and frizzy hair ends just a few days after the salon visit. Just what magic do hairstylists possess that we mere mortals lack?

Noticing how this is a common concern among most ladies, Japanese stylists from COVO Japanese Hair Salon share their 5 must-do hair tips to get salon-quality hair without even stepping into a hair salon!

Megumi from COVO Japanese Hair Salon

Megumi, Salon Manager at COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Keong Saik Rd

Tip 1: Dry your hair fully and apply leave-in treatment

Do you have the habit of letting your hair "air dry" because your mom told you that hairdryer is bad for your hair? 

It's very tempting not to dry your hair in Singapore because the heat will do it for you. I see many women in Singapore walking around with their hair still wet. This is unlike in Japan - if you don't dry our hair in winter, you're very likely going to catch a cold! 

While heat from the hairdryer does damage the hair a little, not drying your hair actually make it worse!

If you don't dry your hair, the hair cuticle will absorb the water, making the hair surface look uneven, resulting in dull hair! Wet hair also aggravates damage from UV rays as the water in your hair will keep the hair cuticle open and expose it to the harmful UV rays

What we recommend:

If you don't have time in the morning, take a shower the night before and dry your hair completely before going to bed. Make sure that you apply a heat-protecting oil / cream to minimize damage from the hairdryer and proceed to blowdry your hair until it is completely dry.

In the morning, all you have to do is to apply the right amount of leave-in treatment and do a quick blowdry for your hair to look silky. Do that and I can assure you that your hair will look much less frizzy than normal! Also consider wearing a hat and spraying sunscreen hair spray to protect your tresses against ultraviolet rays. 

Asako from COVO Japanese Hair Salon

Asako, Salon Manager at COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Katong 

Tip 2: Wash your hair with carbonated water after swimming

Did you know that the water found in swimming pools and in the sea are alkaline

Alkaline water tends to be very damaging to the hair as it encourages hair cuticles to stay open for a longer period of time. It's therefore very important to wash off the chlorine and all of the alkaline water immediately after swimming with tansan water (carbonated water) and to blowdry it to return the hair to its mildly acidic condition. 

What we recommend:

Ideally, you can come to our salon for a thorough hair wash with carbonated water and COVO treatment to clarify and repair the hair.

Shampoo with Carbonated Water After Swim for Healthy Hair

COVO Super Treatment at COVO Japanese Hair Salon 

Alternatively, you can also purchase tansan foam to clear your hair of the alkaline water and harmful deposits as well. 

Natsumi from COVO Japanese Hair Salon

Natsumi, Stylist at COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Keong Saik Rd 

Tip 3: Choose the right shampoo to minimize hair loss

Many expat customers shared that they experience hair loss problems and changes in hair texture after moving to Singapore. This is not surprising given Singapore's hot and humid climate that promotes excessive UV damage and growth of bacteria on the scalp

Other than drying your hair thoroughly with a hairdryer, the choice of shampoo is very important. The right shampoo will remove the dead skin cells on our scalp more efficiently without stripping excessive moisture from both your scalp and your hair. 

What we recommend:

Let us examine your scalp and share with you about your current scalp condition. From there, we can recommend some shampoos from Japan - shampoos that use many natural ingredients and do not contain sulfates that may dry your hair out.

Right Shampoo for Hair Loss

Hair Wash at COVO Japanese Hair Salon 

If time and budget allows, we would also recommend you to go have a in-salon scalp treatment every one to two months. Other than washing off dirt from our hair, our tansan water treatment also removes extra sebum, dirt and smell from hair and scalp that the normal water cannot get rid of. We will also give you a good scalp massage to improve blood circulation to your scalp and improve cell rejuvenation.

Yumi from COVO Japanese Hair Salon

Yumi, Stylist at COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Katong  

Tip 4:  Towel dry and blow dry your hair from bottom for extra volume

Hands up if you're one of those who wish to have more voluminous hair!

Here in humid Singapore, I found that many customers face the problem of flat hair due to the moisture in the air. To increase volume, it is therefore important to remove the moisture as much as possible and make it easier for the roots to prop up the hair.

What we recommend:

For an immediate improvement in hair volume, the easiest thing to do is to learn how to blowdry your hair properly. When drying your hair, remember to dry it from the bottom up. Hold your hairdryer near the ends of your hair and make it face upwards. 

This way, it is easier for the roots to stand up and give more volume to the hair. Blowdrying also removes moisture so that the hair has more volume.

Blow Dry at COVO

Blowdrying at COVO Japanese Hair Salon 

Before blowdrying, remember to towel dry your roots more thoroughly to make it easier for the roots to hold up your hair. 

Other possible solutions include:

1) Keeping your hair short

Shorter hair is not as burdening on the scalp, making it easier for the hair to be more voluminous.  

2) Perming your hair

Particularly if you have straight hair, a perm will give the hair the necessary curls to increase hair volume. 

Perm at COVO

Perm at COVO Japanese Hair Salon 

3) Don't use treatments / serums / curling creams that are too heavy / or drags down the hair

Another reason why hair tends to be flat is because some ladies go for treatments or use serums / curling creams that are too heavy. This drags the hair down, making it look flat!

Ask your hairstylist for the right treatment or haircare product that is suitable for your hair so that you can protect your hair without dragging it down.   

4) Solve your oily hair issues

Oily scalp will also cause the crown to look exceptionally flat. To maintain a healthy scalp, improving blood circulation is key. Heeding Natsumi's advice to maintain your scalp condition will also help your hair become more voluminous. 

Kiyo from COVO Japanese Hair Salon

Kiyo, Stylist at COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Keong Saik Rd

 Tip 5: Moisturize your hair to avoid frizzy hair

Do you find that your hair becomes dry and frizzy more easily in Singapore than when you go overseas? 

Once again, the humidity is to blame. 

Dry or damaged hair tends to absorb an unnecessarily large amount of moisture in the air as compared to healthy hair.  

The best way to counter frizziness is to moisturize your hair properly before blowdrying and styling. 

What we recommend: 

Some ladies are afraid that the hair becomes very oily after applying curling lotion or leave-in treatment. If that's the case, try to use those products with limited oil content. Instead, use mist-spray type blowdry lotion and cream type leave-in treatment to moisturize and protect your hair before blowdrying.  

Don't apply too little or too much though - too little and it can't control frizziness. Too much and it weighs your hair down. Remember, don't apply it too close to your scalp as it may clog your pores. Do however note that these 2 items do not maintain your curls or give you the soft movement. So use spray wax or hair spray after styling.  

We understand this can be a little complicated, so if you need help, feel free to come to us and we'll help you design the optimal haircare routine that saves you time and achieves your ideal hairstyling results at home! 

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