5 Superhero Hairstyles You Can Absolutely Get in Singapore

Published on Apr 10, 2019

It takes a lot to be a superhero, especially a female one.

You've got to be smart, compassionate, strong, be lean and voluptuous, get a killer costume and yes, stunning hair that can take it all - whether they are flying into the sky or engaging in fist fights with ultra villians. Yes, we know its all in the movies but aren't you amazed by how good they always look while they're running or at the end of a fight scene?

Ultra inspired after watching two female superhero films lately, we thought.. why not think about the kind of superhero hair we can have right in Singapore? So here we are... counting down to the 5 favourite hairstyles on female superheroes!

1. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

Who says that superheroes can't be feminine?

Gal Gadot proves that you can be a strong yet feminine female superhero with her portrayal of Wonder Woman. 

A major contributor to her feminine look is her long luscious curls that balances her strong battle costume. 

Wonder Woman Hairstyle in Singapore

It may not be practical to wear what she wears on a daily basis but you can certainly get curls as luscious as hers right in Singapore.

Wonder Woman Perm by Bump Hair Design

Bump Hair Design @ River Valley

Just apply some styling cream, blowdry it and you are ready to take on Superwoman tasks!

2. Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel isn't the stereotypical female superhero who tends to look voluptuous the way Gal Gadot looks in Wonder Woman. She is strong, athletic and doesn't give a darn about appealing to males, because that's not what her quest is about; she will eventually be the one who save the world in Endgame after all. 

It doesn't mean that she looks all masculine. Captain Marvel's hair is designed to be ash blonde with just that bit of curl for that right balance of femininity and strength. 

Captain Marvel Inspired Blonde Bob

Blonde Bob

It is not that easy for us Asians to pull the colour off as it requires quite a bit of bleaching.

Lightwave and Highlights by Be Salon

Light Waves and Highlights at Be Salon @ Millenia Walk

However, the shoulder length big wave lob is definitely good enough for us girls in Singapore if it can be look as resilient as it did while having fights with Yon-Rogg.

3. Alita

Alita Superhero

Finally, an Asian represent! 

It's always difficult emulating Western superheroes because their style and colours can be so dramatically different from ours. For the first time, Alita breaks that stereotype with a small, cute exterior strong enough to break even the strongest of cyborg villians.

As she is adapted from Japanese manga, we're not surprised to find her style partially inspired by Japanese trends. 

Short Bob by Bump Hair Design

Short Bob by Bump Hair Design @ Rochester

Alita is given a blunt bob that show a bit of her defiance and personality beneath her cute exterior. If you identify that, this can be a hairstyle you can consider going for as well?

Blunt Bob with Bangs by No. 8 Hair Studio

Blunt Bob with bangs by No. 8 Hair Studio

You may choose to keep your hair black but honestly, it will work with any other colour as well. 

Classic Bob by Bump Hair Design

Classic Bob by Bump Hair Design @ The Rochester Buona Vista

4. Black Widow

Black Widow Hairstyle

Maybe it's her chin-length lady haircut, the fiery ginger colour, or intense gaze, Scarlett Johanssen definitely looks badass as Black Widow.

Her solo movie is coming soon, so before everyone jumps on the black widow bandwagon, why not try her signature copper hair colour?

Ginger Hair Colour by Kenaris

Ginger Bob by Kenaris Salon

Her ginger is actually very close to this year's hair colour of the year: living coral. 

Coral Hair Colour by Picasso Hair Studio

Living Coral Hair Colour by Picasso Hair Studio

The pink undertones makes the colour a little sweeter than what you see on Scarlett Johannsen itself, which may just be necessary to sand off her rough edges.

Coral Hair Colour by 99 Percent

Coral by 99 Percent Hair Studio

One of our friends @cherzinga recently got her Black Widow fix at hot new salon Chez Vous Hideaway and we can tell you, it looked absolutely amazing. 

Pink Coral Hair Colour by Chez Vous

Living Coral at Chez Vous Hideaway

5. Storm

Storm Superhero

And then, there must always be that one superhero character who must carry off that suave masculine look and that is none other than Storm!

With her short pixie cut and all-black emsemble, Storm looks all assertive and strong - a perfect hairstyle to try if you need that extra confidence boost at work!

Pixie Haircut with Ash Blonde Hair Colour by 99 Percent

Blonde Pixie Cut by 99 Percent Hair Studio

A pixie cut is liberating in a way that few other cuts are.

If you are even more adventurous, you can even try the shorter buzz cut like the one below!

Women's Buzz Cut and Blonde Pearl Greyge by Branche Salon

Buzz Cut + Pearl Greyge at Branche Salon

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