5 Life-Saving Face-Slimming Hairstyle tips for Round Faces

Published on Sep 26, 2012

Running out of new hairstyle ideas for a round face?

Consider these hairstyle tips to make your round face appear slimmer!

Pixie Hair Cut by Ginnifer Goodwin

#1: Go for a daringly short pixie cut

When done well, a short pixie cut elongates a round face by adding height and lift at your crown.

By keeping the hair short and away from the face, greater emphasis is also put on the cheekbones and the eyes, perfect for those of you blessed with striking large eyes.

volumizing emma stone

#2: Add volume to your crown

If you are not so daring to try a pixie cut, volumize your crown with a traditional bun or even a more distinctive korean bun!

Mila Kunis with her Long Straight hair

#3: Lengthen your face with long long hair

Long hair lengthens the face, making it perfect for those with round faces. Consider getting your hairstylists to put in some long layers with the shortest bangs below your eyelobe for a stronger lengthening effect!

Wavy Curls by Mandy Moore

#4: Wavy curls deflect roundness of the face

Scrunch your hair or use a curling iron to create the natural wave that makes your face appear oh-so-slimmer.

Kelly Clarkson with volumizing bob

#5: Avoid heavy side bangs

Not all bob cuts will suit a round face - avoid side partsheavy side bangs to look slimmer!

Are there any more face-slimming hairstyles? Share with us below.

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