5 Reasons why Handpressed Hair Colour is the COOLEST Hair Colour Technique You've Never Heard of in Singapore!

Published on Mar 07, 2016

Never heard of Handpressed Hair Colour?

Well, you're not the only one.

Read on to find out what's so special about Handpressed Hair Colour and why you've never heard of it!

1. There's no other hair colour technique that applies hair colour the same way!

At least not that we know of!

Handpressed Colour requires the hairstylist to first draw some designs on a piece of plexiglass (diagonals, circles... whatever!)

Next, put the plexiglass on the underside of the hair and press the hair onto the plexiglass design.

The colour will seep through and saturate the hair!


The plexiglass is then removed, the colour reapplied and the next section of hair is then coloured the same way!

Foils are used to separate the sections and processing time begins after the last section of hair is coloured.

The processing time takes about 30-45 minutes, which is slightly shorter than balayage and foil highlights as there isn't much blending after the colour is applied.

The overall colour application time may take a little longer as the stylist has to apply section by section, which can be pretty time-consuming!

2. You can be involved in your own hair colour design!

If you are one of those who likes to feel involved in the hair colour design, handpressed colour is for you!

Before the stylist begins the colour application process, you can request for the stylist to let you try your hand at creating the hair colour designs!


You can draw anything you like on the plexiglass (and even write your name!) but note that you won't be able to see the design exactly as the colour will be blended!

A tip to take note of when designing your plexiglass: Diagonal patterns give a bolder and stronger demarcation of hair colour whereas circles and squiggles give a more blended and softer effect on the hair!

3. The Resulting Colour Need NOT be Vibrant or Crazy but it will still Stand Out!

As the process of colour application can be pretty time consuming (imagine doing this for the whole head!), handpressed colour is usually only applied on specific sections of your hair and placed in a way that helps the hair colour stand out!

Best of all, you don't have to bleach your hair for the special colour design to show:

Handpressed Colour (Jeremy)

Handpressed Colour by Picasso Hair Studio

But of course, bleaching your hair gives you and your stylist more room to exercise your creativity.

Handpressed Highlights (Picasso)

Credits: The Smart Local 

We love how smooth the transition is from one colour to another... something that possibly can't be achieved even with Balayage, Babylights, Highlights, Ombre or other techniques!

after Handpressed Colour

Agent Jojo's Handpressed Hair Colour at Picasso Hair Studio

4. Very Few Hair Salons in Singapore Offer Handpressed Colour!

First created by Redken colourist Chiavi Marvici, this innovative hair colour is offered in very few hair salons in Singapore.

Picasso Hair Studio are possibly the only salons we know that do offer Handpressed Colour.

We suspect that this may be because:

  1. The entire process is time-consuming
  2. They don't have the necessary equipment ie. plexiglass
  3. They haven't heard of this new hair colour technique (this is after all a really new technique that was just created last year!). Not every hairstylist is so quick with hair trends, unfortunately!
  4. It requires quite a bit of skill and hair knowledge. As the colours will be blended together, certain colours may overpower another if the patterns are not designed well.

Unlike foils which are a lot more controllable in traditional highlighting techniques, the blending required in handpressed colour makes it more challenging to apply the right colours at the right places to bring out the best of a person's face shape and facial features. You've got to be really experienced to know how the colour will turn out before you actually put down the design on the plexiglass!

Since few salons in Singapore offers handpressed colour, you can be sure that the results of your handpressed colour will be really unique!

5. Bloggers haven't caught on the trend (YET!)

So far, we haven't heard of many bloggers trying out Handpressed Hair Colour... so you may be one of the first to give it a go!

Reckon being even more trendy than the bloggers out there?

Is Handpressed Hair Colour your cup of tea?

Check out Agent Jojo's experience at Picasso Hair Studio before you go ahead to make that appointment!

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