5 Vibrant Hair Colour Designs to Rock 2016

Published on Nov 12, 2015

Are you inspired by our previous article on why you should consider getting vibrant colours this festive season?

If so, check out the 6 Vibrant Colour Trends that Chez Vous has identified for 2016!

To commemorate their 20th anniversary, Chez Vous Hair Salon has created the 20 Lookbook Challenge to inspire and share with customers what they feel will be the upcoming trends for 2016. To help you sieve through the best of the best, we picked our 6 favourite hair vibrant colour designs we think can work this festive season!

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OUR TOP PICK: Hidden Galaxy Sand Art

Hidden Galaxy Sand Art (Sam)

Technique: Sand Art

Stylist: Associate Salon Director, Sam Chok

Move over rainbow-coloured hair, there is a new trend that brings prismatic-coloured manes to new heights. Inspired from one of our favourite childhood pastimes - sand art, it's not hard to grasp why this hair trend is lighting up on social media.

Hidden Galaxy Sand Art

Beyond the sand art design itself, we really love how Sam is able to create such a beautiful gradation of different colours that blend so well together. As the name galaxy suggests, it really felt as if we can hold the rainbow / galaxy in our hands just with the beautiful hair ends!

The contrast of black vs the colours was also executed rather brilliantly in our opinion!

A Hair Design Not to be Missed: Half-and-Half Hair Dye

Half-and-Half Hair Dye

Technique: Split-Dye

Stylist: Associate Salon Director, Shawn Chia

The latest hair trend - split-dyed hair (#splithair) has been flooding instagram feeds and might just become the new "IT" colour for 2016.

If done right, it can be fun, unique and beautiful.

Half-and-Half Hair Dye

We have seen many instagram photos with crazy hair colours for the split hair trends. This is the first time we've seen it done with blonde and brown and we must say that we are impressed!

Although the hair colour is really attention-grabbing, we love how the highlights inserted in between helps to balance the overall look and make it look rather attractive!

Still, it takes a lady with the right personality to pull it off, don't you think?

Don't forget about the Men: Split-Dyed Hair for Men

Split-Dyed Hair for Men

Technique: Split - Dye

Stylist: Echo Er

Forget the ladies-centric ombre and balayage colouring techniques. Guys can rock the split-dye hair trend too.

Look Book 6_Split Dyed Hair Trend_Model Anders_Associate Salon Director Echo Er 4

The split hair blue adds a fun-loving accent to an originally professional haircut. It spices up Ander's overall look and brings out his cool and friendly personality all at the same time.

It's wild, it's bold and definitely attracts attention from the ladies!

 Futuristic for the Eclectic: Granny Blue Highlights

Granny Blue Highlights

Technique: Granny Blue Highlights

Stylist: Associate Salon Director, Jamie Seah

While granny-coloured locks are nothing new, Associate Salon Director, Jamie Seah turned it up a notch by infusing touches of blue with other "hidden colours" in the hair that will unveil once the hair colour starts to fade.

Granny Blue Highlights

Isn't it magical how one hair colour design can transform into another?

We love how Jamie has thought of all that and incorporated the process of fading into the hair colour design! 

Sunset Dip Dye

Sunset Dip Dye

Technique: Balayage Ombre and Dip-Dye

Stylist: Associate Salon Director, Veyond Chong

Ombre may have been here for the past couple of years but few have dared to pair the technique with one of the rarest colours seen today: copper.

With that in mind, Veyond wanted to design a fiery ombre combination of copper, brown and orange to represent the colours of sunset.

Sunset Dip Dye

Copper may not be the colour of choice for most people but we are amazed to see how well the model carries off Veyond's design here. The challenging gradation was done really well and doesn't cause the model to look washed out.

Definitely a unique choice of hair design to try for 2016!

So there they are: the 5 Vibrant Hair Colour Designs we really like amidst the 20 looks we've seen in the Chez Vous 20 Lookbook.

For those who find the vibrant hair colour designs here a little too attention-seeking for your liking, look out for our next compilation of Peek-a-boo Vibrant Hair Colours Suitable for work!

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Good luck!

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