50 Shades of Grey... in your hair!

Published on Mar 30, 2018

Your love life may not be as exciting as Ana Steele but your hair can definitely be!

Who would have thought there would come a time when both men and women would willingly tint their locks grey before it naturally turned a silvery hue. More and more folks from runway fashionistas to even K-Pop celebrities are embracing the #grannyhairtrend, which means grey hair is here to stay, at least for a long while.

If you are thinking of embracing your natural grey or convinced you should come over to the grey side, here are our favourite 50 shades of grey you can dye your hair by hairstylists in Singapore ...

Platinum Grey

The first colour people think of when going grey is Platinum. Drawing from popular celebrities Lady Gaga and Nicole Richie, Platinum grey give off a striking look that most can carry off... as long as you take the effort to put in your makeup right!

Ash Grey Hair Colour

Ash Grey by LeeKaJa Korean Salon

This colour is however notoriously hard to achieve for Asians like us because we have to go through as many as 5 bleaches to remove all our hair pigments to reach here.

For most people, your hair would already break by then.

Hence, this is usually seen as THE ULTIMATE hair colour you arrive at after trying other hair colours and bleaching your hair over time. 

Blonde Grey

Not keen to bleach your hair to that extent? 

Blonde Grey or Greys with a tinge of beige may just be what you're looking for. 

Ash Brown Hair Colour

Ash Brown Blonde Grey by Chez Vous 

These colours come off as a very light shade of brown so you won't get a shock every time you look into a mirror.  

Ash Brown Hair Colour

Beige Grey by Flamingo Hair Studio

However, as beige grey hair colours are pretty light, it can still take some time getting used to it as well.

Blonde Grey Hair Colour

Blonde Grey by LeeKaJa Korean Salon

You don't have to go ALL in though. We love this Beige Grey rendition by Art Noise which combines the texture of curls with the Beige Grey balayage for a really trendy look!

Beige Grey Hair Colour

Beige Grey by Art Noise Japanese hair Salon

Silvery Grey

It is not enough to go grey these days.

Silver Grey Hair Colour

Silver Grey by Picasso Hair Studio

New hair colours now allow hairdressers to infuse a metallic feel, further enhancing the "coolness" of the colour. 

Silver Grey Hair Colour

Silver Grey by LeeKaJa Korean Salon

We think its best paired with flowy bobs

Short Ash Grey Hair Colour

Ash Grey by Branche Japanese hair Salon

Although this pixelated silver pixie just takes our breath away!

Short Ash Grey Hair Colour

Pixelated Silver Ash Colour by The Bund

Matte / Dusty Grey

When it comes to colour trends, you can't have one without matte colours making the list, and matte grey hair colours are no exception!

Similar in look to ash greys, matte colours, on the other hand, tend to look dusty, which is why the term dusty hair colours might seem familiar to you.

Short Matte Grey Hair Colour

Matte Grey by Picasso Hair Studio

Which do you prefer ash grey or matte/dusty grey?

Smokey Grey

There are many different names for this combination for this gorgeous black, ombre combination but we think that Smokey Grey describes it best!

The combination of black and grey exudes a smokey, sultry feel thanks to the contrast between the black and the greys. 

Smokey Grey Highlights

Other than the fact that this cool combination would definitely incite hair envy, it is also easier to maintain than the usual all grey hair colour. 

Smokey Grey Highlights

Smokey Grey Highlights by COVO Japanese Hair Salon 

You don't have to bleach your hair all the way to the roots (therefore doesn't hurt your scalp) and doesn't require you to touch up the roots when it grows out!

Smokey Grey Highlights

All you need is a good silver shampoo to keep the hair looking ashy and silvery!

Blue Grey

Blue-Grey hair colour needs no introduction. 

It is one of the most popular hair colour combinations for greys in Singapore RIGHT NOW.  

And its easy to see why. 

Blue Grey Hair Colour

Blue Grey by Gene by Ginrich

The colour looks so ethereal 

and matches anyone with a cool skin tone. 

Blue Grey Hair Colour

Blue Shadow Roots + Ash Grey by Picasso Hair Studio

Smokey Lilac Greys

Blue-ash may be the most popular but Icy Lilac Greys are not far behind. 

Lilac Grey Hair Colour

Smokey Lilac Greys have the unique quality of looking glam and grunge at the same time, making it perfect for ladies with that classy yet slightly edgy personality. 

Infuse a little silver and you'll see different dimensions within one hair colour just by moving your hair around. 

Other than how beautiful it looks, Lilac Grey is often a colour hairstylists fall back on when your hair is not strong enough to withstand further bleaching. This is because they often use purple colour to kill off the yellows in our hair to achieve greys. 

If your hair cannot be bleached further, lilac or violet hair colours are often recommended whille letting your hair rest before the next bleach. 

This also means that lilac grey is a good option for ladies looking to bleach just 2-3 times instead of 4-5 times!

Icy Grey Hair Colour

Icy Grey 99 Percent Hair Studio

When bleached beautifully, the icy grey would look almost platinum.

Love how this lady carries off the icy grey so well even though she's not the youngest customer out there asking for the colour. 

Shows how grey has truly no age limit!

Pastel Pink Grey

Is full on grey too cool for you? 

Pink Grey Hair Colour

Picasso Hair Studio

Consider adding pink for some warmth into your overall look!

Pink manages to breathe in a new air of romance and youth that can't be found in any other colour. 

Pink Grey Hair Colour

Dark Silver and Pink by Mane Made

Surprisingly (or not), it also blends in very well with greys. 

Pink Grey Hair Colour

Style NA Korean Salon

Can't make a choice between different shades of pink? 

You don't have to if you go for peek-a-boo peach, pink and purple colours like what Agent CC did at Mane Made!

Pink Purple Grey Hair Colour

Peek-a-boo Peach Pink and Purple Ash by Mane Made Studio

Olive Mint Grey

Green may not be the first hair colour you think of but it actually works very well with grey for the ashy look. 

Greenish Grey Hair Colour

Greenish Grey by Evolve Salon

You can opt for a darker olive grey or a translucent one like the one below.

Grey Balayage

Grayage Balayage by Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon

Regardless of what you choose, this colour is very flattering especially for ladies with warm skin tones.

Mint Grey Hair Colour

Mint Grey by 99 Percent Hair Studio

It is also among the most unique as this colour is not often spotted on the streets. 

Green-Grey Ombre by AVENTA

How well it looks however depends on your stylist in choosing the right tone for your skin!

Grey + Vibrant Peek-a-Boos

Bored with #justgrey? 

You can always add a dash of vibrancy or give your grey hair a pop of colour. 

Vibrant Red Grey Hair Colour

No.8 Hair Studio

It can be colour blocking, 

Purple Grey Hair Colour

Full House Salon

Peek-a-boo vibrant colours

Bluish Grey Peekaboo Hair Colour

or just a simple ombre.

Grey Blue Hair Colour

Bump Hair Design @ The Rochester Buona Vista

Ash Brown to Grey Gradation

Working in a strict environment or just feel a little shy?

Ash Brown Grey Hair Colour

Ash Brown  to Grey Gradation by Pro Trim Korean Hair Salon

You can still rock the grey trend with subtle grey ombres

Ash Brown Grey Hair Colour

Full House Salon

Or ash brown-grey combinations. 

You can also go for Dark Ash Grey that requires perhaps just 1 bleach.

This is PERFECT for ladies with very niao bosses as the hair looks ashy under sunlight but looks naturally black under not-as-obvious lights.

Dark Ash Grey Hair Colour

Dark Ash Grey by Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon

Not obvious enough for you?

Ash Brown and Silver Hair Colour

Matte Ash Brown and Silver  No. 8 Hair Studio

There's always grey highlights at your hair ends to get your grey hair fix.

Grey Highlights Long hair

COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Katong

The placement of the grey highlights is of absolute importance because it can turn your hairstyle from conservative to loud. Hence, it is up to you to communicate your preferences to your stylist to achieve the effect you're dreaming of!

Grey Highlights on Short Hair

No. 8 Hair Studio

Let us know which of these are your favourite grey looks in the comments below!

PS: Grey hair tends to fade a little too fast but don't worry, we've got you covered with these shampoos to prolong your hair colour before heading down to the salon for a colour refresh.

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