6 Ways Ash Hair Colours are Making You Look Unattractive

Published on May 25, 2018

Ash hair colours are trending left, right and centre with almost everyone around us sporting the latest ash brown, pink, grey or blue hair colour. Ashy hues are taking over and it’s safe to say, they aren’t going anywhere, at least for a long time. Obsessed you may be with ash tinted tresses, these hair colours can actually make its wearer look unattractive. Yikes! 

We talk to stylists from Chez Vous Salon who share with us the 6 ways that ash hair colours could possibly make you look unattractive.

1. Ash Hair Colours Can Make Your Face Look Washed-Out

Changing Ash Hair Colour to Rose Gold For Dull and Uneven Complexion

Melted Rose Gold Hair by Shawn Chia, Chez Vous Salon

Ash hair colours may look good on its own but on someone with dull and uneven complexion, and who prefers to not to put on too much makeup, it’ll lead to her looking washed out. This is because the hair colour matches the skin tone too closely and doesn't allow for enough contrast to bring out the person's facial features. 

More Makeup with Ash Tone Hair Colour

This is exactly what happened to Elaine; obsessed with trendy ash hair colours over the years, Elaine repeatedly dyed ash hair colours, only to find herself spending more time and money on makeup. It was only after much persuasion from Shawn from Chez Vous Salon did she finally take the leap of faith to try a warm and equally trending rose gold colour. 

Take a look at the transformation and witness the effect it has on her overall complexion! The rose gold brings colour to her face and brightens her complexion. From actively trying to avoid warm colours, Elaine now welcomes them as it also saves her from spending extra on foundations and concealers.

2. Light Ash Hair Colours Can Take Attention Away From Your Facial Features

Hair Transformation from Blonde to Brown Balayage at Chez Vous

Warm Chocolate Brown Balayage by Wai Kan, Chez Vous Salon

Your hair acts as a photo frame - a dark but glossy colour (usually warm colours) bring focus to the face, while a light but matte colour (usually ash colours) draws attention away from the face and onto the hair itself. If you’re blessed with beautiful features and good skin, why not make your face the focal point with a darker, but no less trendy warm chocolate brown balayage?

3. Ash Hair Colours Can Dull Your Complexion

Changing Ash Colour to Melted Gemstone Hair Colour at Chez Vous

Melted Gemstone Hair by Veyond Chong, Chez Vous Salon

Different hair colours reflect different colour tones onto our face, and our skin tone will then react to it either favourably (brighter, cleaner and glowing complexion) or unfavourably (dull, blotchy and uneven complexion). Ash hair colours can have a dull impact on some people's complexions, particularly if your skin tone reacts to ash colours in a pallid (turns blueish or greyish) manner. See how a right colour can enhance and brighten your complexion, as seen on Melissa.

4. Ash Hair Colours Can Make Your Face Look Flatter

before and after lavender hair colour at chez vous

Lavender Hair by Shawn Chia, Chez Vous Salon

Do you find that Annabel's face looks more dimensional by simply changing her hair colour to a lavender? Certain hair colours can interact with your skin tone and facial structure to cast subtle shadows on your face – creating an illusion of a 3D-looking face with seemingly more defined features. Opting for lighter ashy colours tend to remove that effect, causing your face to look flatter and less contoured.

5. Ash Hair Colours Can Makes Your Tan Look "Dirty"

Before and After Bronde Balayage at Chez Vous

Bronde Balayage designed by Joyce Wan, Chez Vous Salon

Choose a colour too ashy and you'll find that it can ashen your tan and make it look pasty. Choose subtle warm highlights such as caramel, chestnut or champagne blonde to make it look more sun-kissed than it already is – just like how it works for Jasmine!

6. Ash Hair Colours Can Make You Look Older

Old Silver Hair Colour

Granny Hair Colour by Shawn Chia, Chez Vous Salon

Maybe because grey hair colours are traditionally associated with aging, light ash colours tend to make you look older. It's less of a problem when you're in your 20s but sporting it in your 40s might make you look older than you actually are! Ash hair colours are therefore, not a great hair colour choice if you're trying to turn back the time. Opt for colours with greater contrast with your skin tone to bring out the best of your features. 

Purple Lob Hairstyle by Chez Vous

As always, just because a particular look or style is trending, it doesn’t mean it’s the best for you – same goes with ash hair colours as explained above. You can google about best hair colours for each skin tone but like us, you'll probably find many different, contradictory and conflicting advice because online advice is often geared for Caucasian and Hispanic hair. 

So if you really want a definitive, comprehensive answer on which hair colour is best for you, we recommend you head down to Chez Vous Salon. The folks over at Chez Vous came up with a brilliant hair colour diagnosis together with Goldwell Singapore; by using colour cards and placing them against our faces in a participative exercise, which enables the stylists at Chez Vous to figure out the impact of a specific colour on your skin. Keen to try it out? Chez Vous Hair Salon is giving Beauty Undercover readers exclusive promotions as part of the launch for #RightColourMatters! 

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