6 MUST KNOW tips to take Holiday Selfies You'll LOVE!

Published on May 25, 2014

I have just completed a 15 day trip with my parents-in-law to Europe!

For those of you planning for an overseas trip this June, here are 5 tips you might want to consider before embarking on your next holiday!

#1 Get a perm / hair colour / haircut done at least 2 weeks before the trip!

Those who know me in person, know that I'm no fashionista. I'm not the type of person who will choose meticulously what clothes to wear to look chic and cool on a holiday trip. I mean I would like to look good in photos but its just tooooo much work!

After going on more than 10 holiday trips in the past 5 years, however, I've found perms to give me the most reward-to-effort in holiday pictures!


Before Perm vs After Perm   

As you can see, the permed hair helped to frame my hair and actually made my face appear slimmer (although in actual fact I have gained weight by the time I permed the hair!). After my perm, I am so much happier with how I look in pictures... that I regret not perming before.

For those of you worried about having to maintain your perm on a holiday, don't worry! For this particular perm, I did not have to do much styling (if any at all!) I merely blew dry my hair, applied leave on moisturizer and I'm ready to go!

Haha... that is why I ADORE my stylists at Zinc Korean Hair Salon (read my recent experience here!) and my L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Hair Oil.

Although I rave on and on about perms, well, it may not necessarily be the look you want to achieve! That is why I would advise you to go back to your trusted hairstylist to freshen up your hairstyle at least two weeks before a major holiday. After all, paying $100-$400 to make yourself look good in pictures for a holiday that cost at least $2000-$5000 makes good sense to me!

#2 Make an appointment with your eyebrow (and nail?) specialist!

For those of us who hasn't yet jumped on the eyebrow embroidery wagon, do remember to make an appointment with your eyebrow specialist one or two days before you fly!

Untidy brows can make a difference in pictures and well, its not going to be easy to find a Browhaus in the country you are going to!

Although nails don't often feature in pictures, a nicely done French might be able to make yourself feel pretty throughout your trip.

#3 Get a good camera (and accessories)!

I know that camera phones can produce pictures with impressive quality these days. I just bought an Xperia Z2 and man, I am just blown away by the quality of the images that come out of it! (Particularly, underwater shots ;) )

However, a good camera phone is just not enough for me.

Imagine that you are in an airplane and you spot the Orion's Belt from your seat.


Or imagine being surrounded by the magnificence of the sprawling mountains in the Swiss Alps.


If all you have with you is a smartphone camera, you are likely to be disappointed by the shot you just took due to poorer low light performance and reduced clarity of the smartphone camera.

Hence, I would recommend you to get a compact but powerful mirrorless camera (like a Sony a6000?) that makes you and the scenery look good to make your $2000 holiday worth $10,000 :)

If you're not sure what to get, our friends over at GloboSurf has reviewed lots of holiday-friendly cameras for you to choose from!

Selfie stick

For those of you who love selfies, a portable selfie-pod might be a good investment to liven up the trip!

#4 Learn how to pose for the camera

Holiday pictures or not, mastering these techniques will help you look good in selfies... ALL THE TIME!

1. Tousle your hair a little and bring your hair to the front

Permed hair like mine helps to frame the face to make it appear slimmer. Use it to your advantage by taking the time to arrange your hair to achieve the look you want in photos! What I tend to do is simply to tousle my hair a little and bring the mass of hair from the back to the front and sides.


2. Angle your face and position the camera slightly above you

Shadows could make your face look bigger so stick out your chin a little and tilt slightly downwards / upwards and angle your face for a successful selfie.


3. Use your tongue to avoid the dreaded double chin

Press your tongue against the top of your mouth to make your neck and jawline appear longer (avoiding the double chin!) 

4. Smile naturally

Somehow, humans are wired to see if a smile is authentic. So smile more often and train yourself to smile more naturally in photos to look good!

5. Turn your body 45 degrees and cross one foot over the other.

Yes, this is the old red carpet trick. If it feels forced, simply cross your legs from your calves to make your hips look smaller and legs longer.

body angle

#5 Put yourself / subject on the One-Third line

Imagine breaking down your camera LCD into thirds so that you have 9 parts


Studies have shown that if you place points of interest (like yourself or a subject) in the intersections or along the lines, the photo generally becomes more balanced and looks more pleasing to the eye.

rules of third

#6 Be yourself!

YOU are the best reason why the shot is memorable. :)

Think of crazy positions and photos only you (and your loved ones) can make!


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