7 Empowering Hairstyles That May Change Your Life in 2019

Published on Mar 15, 2019

It might seem like just a hair makeover but having one that is uniquely your own can make a world of difference to your outlook in life. There's a reason why many women go for a contrasting cut or colour when they're approaching a new chapter in life. It is refreshing and it gives you a different take on life.

It’s 2019 and society has conditioned women they should look and act a certain way for far too long. Reclaiming your hairstyle is an act of empowerment, and not just as a post-breakup hair change. If you're looking for a hairstyle to give you a breath of fresh air to find the strength you never knew you had, maybe one of these will work for you.

1. Cutting Your Hair Shorter Can Be Symbolic

Short Bob Haircut and C Curl by Michaela Japanese Hair Salon

C Curl Rebonding by Tokyo Michaela Japanese Hair Salon

Much like getting a tattoo after a monumental life moment, a haircut can provide psychological relief. It might just be hair you are cutting off, but sometimes, it can feel much more than that. An article on Bustle featured several women at a pop-up barbershop, who all agreed that chopping off their hair would be a way for them to usher in a new chapter and present themselves as a new person. “I feel lighter I guess,” shared Stephanie Pendleton, a customer at the Scissors and Clippers women’s barbershop. “It’s not like my hair was weighing me down. It was just like what I’ve been through in the last couple of years was weighing me down, so I cut it off just to restart my life.”

2. Going for an Edgy Precision Haircut

Angled Precision Haircut by Be Salon

Precision Haircut by Be Salon

Just like sporting a power suit can make you feel more powerful and confident, a precision haircut can make you look and feel more edgy and confident. It's a cut that pushes the boundaries of a typical haircut and makes you stand out from the crowd. This haircut is not for the meek, so if you want to show your unique, daring and rebellious side, you know what to do.

3. Colouring Your Hair the Shades of the Galaxy

Galaxy Hair Colour

If you’ve always dreamed of rocking unicorn-coloured hair but hesitated because of all the looks you might get, take your cue from Alicia Keys. We all know the R&B singer isn’t one to let her natural shine go dull. Always unapologetically herself, she has experimented with various hairstyles throughout her career — despite raising a few eyebrows. Last year, she not only went back to her roots by going with some braids, she decided to dye them in a loud shade of pink and blue. They turned some heads, but in true Alicia Keys fashion, it didn’t matter because she was totally owning it. Similarly, you shouldn’t be afraid to make a statement in whatever colour you choose. It’s a look that shows people you aren’t scared to be yourself.

Galaxy Hair Colour

Don't forget to add a temporary tattoo for the ultimate badass look.

4. Buzzing Your Hair Off

Blonde Women's Buzz Cut by Branche Salon

Buzz Cut by Branche Salon

Women have colored their hair screaming purple or neon green, but only a few have sported a buzz cut. When this haircut emerged as a booming Hollywood trend in the 1980s, it made the ultimate statement which continues today, with the likes of Grace Jones and Kristen Stewart proving that women can be beautiful with or without hair.

On the other hand, androgyny has also started breaking into the sports mainstream, thanks to athletes like soccer player Megan Rapinoe with her distinct platinum pixie. Let’s not forget iconic boxer Nicola Adams who is also making waves with her signature mohawk. The two-time Olympic gold medalist recently turned professional and has been such an inspiration that even Mattel has taken notice. The doll company has since created Adams’ own Barbie doll, which is a monumental shift from the blonde Barbies with voluminous hair we grew up with. Undoubtedly, these women are smashing stereotypes and breaking boundaries in and out of the sports arena.

5. Making a Statement with a Hair Tattoo

Woman Long Hair Tattoo by Kenaris

Hair Tattoo by Kenaris

As the androgyny trend catches on, there's another way to let out the wild side. Similar to precision cuts and buzz cuts, hair tattoos are reserved for those who want to make a bold statement with their hairstyle. Your hair is an extension of your personality and what better way to say you are cool, fierce and wild than with a hair tattoo. Better yet, this look can even be worn by working professionals as seen above.

6. Au-Natural

Natural Curly Hair Haircut by Ann's Studio

Haircut by Ann's Studio @ The Adelphi

Many women are made to change their natural hair in favor of what’s more accepted in society. Mature women, for example, are shamed for their graying hair. For yoga therapist and model Claudine Penedo, embracing her natural curls was an act of defiance. By ditching the dye, she felt she no longer had to try to so hard to achieve a youthful appearance. “Being my true self meant I was no longer going to cover up who I was,” she shared. Penedo is just one of the many women putting their foot down against the “anti-ageing” agenda that the beauty industry and media has been peddling for so long.

7. Age is Just a Number

Multi-Toned Highlights for Mature Woman

It's not about hiding behind your age but rather expressing who you are. So if you prefer to skip the au-natural and rock a crazy colour, don't let your age stop you! Whether it's a cool, edgy cut or galaxy hair, these hair trends are not restricted to the young. Break the norm and set a new trend that soon will have many others following. Trends come and go but the confidence to be unapologetically you will always be in fashion.

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