7 Reasons to go for Vibrant Hair Colours this Festive Season!

Published on Nov 10, 2015

First came rainbow cakes and now the colours of the rainbow craze have spread its dyes to hair! Those who have given their hair a new lease of colour are rocking it and have gotten the rest of us who are yet to jump on the coloured bandwagon seething with major envy.

If you are a little hesitant about going vibrant, read on to find out why you should dye your hair a vibrant colour.

1. It’s in fashion right now!

Granny Hair Colour for @kextay by Branche Hair Salon

Granny Hair Colour for @kextay by Branche Hair Salon

From pastel pink to steel blue, celebrities and commoners alike have chosen to strip their hair of its mundane colour and unleash a little colour into the lives (hair).

If you are one of those people who like to keep up with the latest trends, it’s about time you gave your hair a vibrant makeover.

2. You only live once (YOLO)... and you aren't getting younger!

Opal Hair Colour (Danson)

Opal Unicorn Hair Colour by 99 Percent Hair Studio

Might as well, right?

Life is short... if you don't do it now, its just going to get harder and harder in the future with a staid job and expectations from everyone stopping you from getting that colour.

So why not take the risk and dye your tresses the vibrant hue that you've always wanted... while you are still young?

You can always choose to just tint your ends if a head full of colour seems too much for you.

3. It gives your confidence that extra boost

Colours can boost your mood.

So, imagine the instant confidence boost every time you looked into the mirror and not to forget the countless compliments you will receive from almost everyone who will be lusting over locks and admiring your boldness to go vibrant.

Double the confidence boost!

4. It brings out your true colours!

Rainbow Malibu Hair Colour by CLEO Hair & Make

Rainbow Malibu Hair Colour by CLEO Hair & Make

Just like fashion is an expression of who you are, the colour of your hair can say a lot about you. Perhaps you are the spunky sort and rainbow-coloured hair is your thing or perhaps you are the multi-faceted lady who requires that complex mix of 3C Hair Colour to bring out your inner self.

3C Hair Colour

3C Hair Colour by Picasso Hair Studio @ Haji Lane

Whichever it is, vibrant hair colours are also an extension of your creativity and you can mix-and-match colours that expresses your personality!

5.  It’s a head turner!

Tortoiseshell (Juno)

Tortoiseshell Hair Colour by Artica Hair Studio

Do you enjoy being the centre of attention?

No doubt with hair this bright, all eyes will be on you. You are sure to turn more than a few heads and your friends will be able to spot you from miles ahead.

6. It won’t last forever

Vibrant hair colours fade fast and that can be a good thing!

If you decide you don’t like the colour of your hair or feel like you can’t pull it off, you don’t have to wait long till it wears off. You can dye your hair without the long-term commitment which is perfect for those who change their hair colour frequently or just want try out a different look for the holidays.

Are you ready to go vibrant?

Stay tuned for our upcoming articles on vibrant hair colour ideas and how you can better maintain your vibrant hair colour!

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