Get Ready for Your Interview: Tips for a Winning Hairstyle!

Published on May 19, 2015

The way you wear your hair to a job interview can be as important as the clothes you wear. True, what you bring to the job in experience and drive should be most important. But remember: the employer doesn't know you yet! All the interviewer sees is what you present during your very first meeting at the interview. First impressions count!

To help you make the very best impression, we've approached Jamie Seah, Associate Salon Director of Chez Vous Hair Salon to give us some valuable tips!

Keep It Formal, Neat & Simple

Less is more! Avoid elaborated styles when going for a corporate interview. Keep your hairstyle from being a distraction during the interview so the employer can focus on getting to know you. You don't want your potential employer seeing you as someone who is “high maintenance” (i.e. requiring lots of attention and time and distracting you from the job). Of course, we're not saying that you should look like you don’t even care about your appearance. Keep your style sleek, fuss-free and professional. A neat ponytail or low chignon works too.

Cut + Amplified Keratin Hair Treatment

Tame The Frizzy & Unruly Hair

Haircut, Soft Rebonding and Hair Colour by Chez Vous Hair Salon

Singapore is a great country to live in. Unfortunately, the humidity is a disaster for our hair. Humid air causes hydrogen bonds to form between water molecules and the proteins in your hair, triggering frizz and unruliness.

To resolve this issue, consider these tools – they are easy to use, fast and economical!

STEP 1: Use frizz control hair products on towel-dried hair.

A little goes a long way. Always focus from mid to ends, avoiding the roots.

Technology has evolved considerably over the past few years. Gone are the days when frizz control products are oily, heavy and sticky. These are our favourite products:

  • REDKEN Frizz Dismiss Leave-in Smoothing Control Cream FPF 40 (Frizz Protection Factor)
  • Kerastase Discipline Fluidissime Spray
  • KMS Tame Frizz Smoothing Lotion

STEP 2: Use a hair dryer to blow hair in downward motion.

Let’s face it, not many ladies can style their hair using a round brush. However, with the above products, you can comb your hair through using your fingers while pointing the hairdryer in a downward direction to achieve a salon blow-out look.

Sometimes, we're just plagued with bad hair days (e.g. after a long day of travelling, too much hair flip) that can cause frizzy hair. Fret not, try out REDKEN's latest Frizz Dismiss finishing sheets. Think of this as “tissue paper” for your hair. Divide hair into sections, wipe it using this miracle product, and you're ready for your interview!

Sounds like too much work? Looking for a quicker and stress-free way to have beautiful hair for your interview? Consider undergoing Chez Vous’s Amplified Keratin Treatment to tame the frizz and promote ease of styling.

Raise The Volume at the Roots

The worst problem most ladies face before an interview is “flat hair”. Excess sebum production on the scalp can be caused by stress (yes, we know interviews are stressful), weather or scalp irregularities. You don't need to spend a bomb to get a root perm (which usually doesn’t last in our humid weather) or perm your hair to create more texture. Try this “secret” product that Chez Vous uses every morning on Channel News Asia's news presenters – REDKEN Cerafill Dense FX Hair Diameter Thickening Treatment.

Section hair and apply REDKEN Cerafill Dense FX Hair Diameter Thickening Treatment on the scalp. Gently massage at roots. This works on both towel-dried and dry hair, and will give you the extra lift you desire. You will love it!

Cut + Colour + Korean Straightening Volume Perm + Korean Texturizing Volume Perm

Of course, try not to keep your hair length too long as it will drag the entire hair strand down!

Look Age-Appropriate Professional and Empowered

Let’s face it - on one hand, some of us look younger than our age (which is a good thing, but might not work to your advantage when going for an interview, especially if you're interviewing for a high level position).

Cut + Colour + Highlight

On the other hand, some of us look more haggard (low in energy) for our age. Many times, this is due to our choice of haircut. In recent years, keeping one’s hair long is highly desired by many Asians. Unfortunately, many do not know that the same long hair is “dragging” their “energy” down. Also, it “hides” their beautiful features. In short, this is a result of our hairstyles not framing our face or complimenting our look.

Cut + Blonde Highlights

Consider undergoing a total transformation by cutting a mid – short hairstyle that will enhance and compliment your features for that important interview! For younger women (especially fresh graduates), a refreshing haircut can make you look more professional and empowered. As for matured women, a new hairstyle can help you look more fresh and energized. Short haircuts usually exude confidence and professionalism. 

Soften Your Looks When Needed

Women who are applying for sales, public relations or hospitality positions should ideally look approachable and friendly. In the event that your look is a little stern and serious, opt for bangs! Soft bangs can soften your look and make you look more amicable and sociable. Blunt-cut bangs can make a statement, but the statement may be too bold for some industries.

Cut + Hair Colour + Highlights

Refresh Your Hair Colour

Cut + Expertligent Colour + Highlights

Having brassy and copper-ish hair colours 2 months after your last colour? Refresh your hair colour before your interview! Yellowish and golden highlights make you look sallow and down. Your level of energy and perceived drive are key success factors for an interview.

Avoid Manic-Panic Colours... Unless Your Work Requires It!

Cut + Redken Blur Brush Hair Colouring 2014/15

Funky hair or wild streaks of bold colour might work to your advantage in an interview for an artistic job, but for most interviews, conservative and natural colours will serve you best.

Whether you're a fresh graduate,  an experienced hire looking out for new opportunities, or someone who just wishes to have a fresh makeover, Chez Vous Hair Salon has a one day event just for you!

Mark your calendars, ladies!

On the 7th June 2015, Chez Vous is offering EVERY woman, regardless of age and race, the opportunity to experience a full makeover session when they visit Chez Vous @ Ngee Ann City.

The complete makeover session will include:

  • Tips and tricks by a fully qualified beauty consultant
  • Hair wash, blow-dry and styling
  • Professional make-up
  • Professional photography (photos may be used for Facebook posting and other social media opportunities)

*Not inclusive of chemical services, treatments & cut

This is a perfect chance to get the makeover you've always wanted, FREE OF CHARGE.

So how would you prepare for your big interview? Comment below and tell us more!

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