7 Tips to Easier, Faster Men's Hairstyling!

Published on Apr 14, 2015

We all love how our hair looks right after leaving the salon - perfectly styled, with each strand in just the right place. The problem is, most of us have a hard time recreating that style when we're back at home, the day after we first got our hair done in the salon.

Here’s where the right styling product and advice step in!

We dedicated the month of March to celebrating women, and now dedicate the month of April to the fellas! Want to recreate that perfect faux hawk or pompadour that your stylist gave you at the salon? Having trouble styling your hair because it's too fine, curly or sparse?

As part of our April series for the fellas, we speak to stylists from The Bund and Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon for tips on how you can style your hair just the way you want it!

Tip #1: Get a good haircut

This sounds very much like common sense (duh!) but we'll say it again anyway: A good haircut is the most essential step to fast and easy hairstyling!

When your hair gets too long or grows out of shape, it will take many more (painful) minutes in the morning to get your hair into your desired style. Remember to visit an experienced stylist who can advise you on the style you should go with to complement your face shape! Get a good cut, and you've won half the hairstyling battle!

Check out these 17 haircut ideas if you are still thinking about what to do.


Muk Pomade used by The Bund

Tip #2: Know your hair products

From pomade and gels to clay and mousse, different hairstyles and hair types require different styling products in order to look good.

Pomade is generally not recommended for fellas with low-density hair (i.e. those facing hair loss issues) as it does not give sufficient volume and weighs down the entire hair, resulting in a greasy look. A volumizing mousse is likely to do better in helping the hair increase volume.

However, pomade is great for that wet slick look, best for pompadours!

Interested to find out more about how to style with the best hair products? Stay tuned for our next article on 4 ways to style your undercut / fades / pompadours!


Men's Haircut by Ken from Kenaris Hair Salon

Tip #3 Towel or Blow dry your hair

Before you begin styling your hair, towel dry first! To towel-dry, pass the towel over your hair and squeeze the hair with the towel in your hand to remove excess water. Try not to rub the towel against the scalp vigorously as this damages your hair and causes frizz!

For those hoping to get some extra volume, use a hair dryer and blowdry your hair upwards for extra volume. Don't overdry your hair as most hair products don't work optimally on fully dried hair!

TIP: For even more volume, apply products such as the Redken Rootful before blowdry to increase hair volume at your roots! FYI, we got our bottle at Kenaris Hair Salon.


Tip #4: Apply hair product on hair ends to mid shaft and run it in both directions for a stronger hold

When applying your chosen hairstyling product, coat your fingers with the product and run your fingers through your towel-dried / blown dry hair as you style your hair.

Get most of the hair product on your hair ends to the mid-shaft (not too close to your scalp!). For those with longer hair, run your product in the direction of your desired style and then run it again in the opposite direction to create a stronger hold on the hair.


Men's Haircut and Styling by Ricky from The Bund

Tip #5: Consider mixing your styling products

Different hair products have different characteristics. Consider using different styling products for different parts of your hair!As Ricky from The Bund demonstrates, you can use pomade for the slick overall look and then wax on the side and back for stronger hold to keep the hair down.

satin guard

Tip #6: Finish off with a hair spray for a firmer hold

After styling your hair, use a hair spray and give your hair an overall spritz for longer lasting hold.

Men's Haircut and Styling by Art Noise Hair Salon

Men's Haircut and Styling by Art Noise Hair Salon

Tip #7: Check every angle before leaving the house!

Additional styling tips from Art Noise Hair Salon: It's important to perfect your look from the front, but equally important (and often overlooked) are the other angles from which other people view you.

Avoid a flat back by using 2 mirrors to check the front and back of your hair while styling, and add a hard freeze spray to end off your look!

Are there any tips we've missed out?

Tell us below!

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