Agent KZL found this AVEDA Pramasana Scalp Treatment Helpful in Clarifying The Scalp and Slowing Down Hair Loss

Published on Sep 14, 2017

Hello! I am Agent KZL, an engineer working in a Japanese company. 

Every month, I pamper myself with a hair service or facial treatment after long, stressful days at work. I love to try different salons to see what's new and what's trending. My favourite resource is, therefore, Beauty Undercover. I found Beauty Undercover 2-3 years back when searching for reviews of the salons I heard about. I love the site because it tells me everything I need to know about the salon and also provides genuine reviews to make sure that my pampering session doesn't turn out to be a nightmare. Best of all, there are always so many good deals and promotions for Beauty Undercover readers that I'm spoilt for choice! The best website for budget-conscious salon-hoppers like me! 

As I am very appreciative towards other reviewers who take the time to share their genuine experience, I too decided to spare some time to share some experiences of my own in June and July 2017. Honestly, I just felt that I should give back to the community who has given me so much. I was therefore very surprised when Agent G emailed me in August 2017 to let me know that I won an AVEDA Pramasana Scalp Treatment from Gene by Ginrich. This complimentary service came just in time because I've been experiencing hair loss problems.

My hair looks decent from the front but from the back, it's evident I'm suffering from hair fall.

Although I noticed this hair loss since a few years back, my recent perm and colour seemed to have worsened the problem. In fact, I actually went for a herbal scalp treatment at another salon just a few months before. The place is very affordable and seems to have shown some results in reducing my hair loss. However, it doesn't really cleanse the scalp and also doesn't seem to help with hair growth. Worse, it stains my hair and makes it slightly orange, a colour I did not like. Hence, I stopped going after a while. 

I wonder what the AVEDA Pramasana Scalp Treatment will be like and I'm really excited to try it out after reading Agent G's experience at Gene by Ginrich!

August 2017

I walked past Gene by Ginrich many times when passing through Wisma Atria. The salon is close to the escalator and very accessibly located at level 3. Its premium decor, however, gave me the impression that it was very pricey. 

Gene by Ginrich

I was pleasantly surprised that my first impression was incorrect. Although the location is very good and the decor premium, haircuts by a stylist here start from $48. No wonder it was so packed on a Sunday morning! Although the salon was rather full, I was immediately served by Esther who showed me to a seat within the salon. I had to wait for about 5-10 minutes before the stylist allocated to me was ready.

He is Vynn, a cute and boyish-looking stylist with very good massage skills. We took some photos of my hair before we began. Although my hair looked generally okay, Vynn observed that the hair ends look a little dry, possibly due to the perm done earlier in the year. 

He advised that the AVEDA Pramasana hair treatment will definitely be able to help with that. 

Scalp Analysis

Before starting the treatment, Vynn scanned the scalp to check my scalp condition. He explained that this allows him to better customize the treatment to my needs. 

Here's how it looks like:

Even without him explaining, I could see that my scalp was extremely oily e en though I just washed my hair the night before. There was also a thick layer of dead skin cells clogging up the follicles, which may be a reason for my hair loss. Vynn mentioned that the AVEDA Pramasana Scalp Treatment is likely to help as it exfoliates and purifies the scalp, removing some of the dead skin cells. If the treatment is done on a regular basis, he is confident that hair loss will be controlled. 

A simple visual inspection also revealed that my scalp is a little sensitive as it is reddish in certain areas. He will therefore be using a more gentle way to clarify my scalp later.

A scan of my hair also showed that it is rather damaged. The hair cortex is increasingly hollow, making it hard to retain moisture and structure. 

AVEDA Pramasana Scalp Treatment

Somehow I expected Vynn to massage my head immediately. However, I was pleasantly surprised when he began by...

applying drops of essential oil onto my hands and encouraging me to breathe in deeply. 

The oil has an intriguing mix of floral and peppermint scent that left me feeling refreshed immediately.

Vynn then applied some drops of oil onto his hands.

And did the same to let me inhale the essential oil.

I could feel my mind quieten down even more. 

With the essential oils still on his hand, he massaged my shoulder.

I must say that the massage is a godsend! My job requires me to sit in front of the computer at least 9 hours a day, so I often face problems of a stiff neck and shoulder strains. 

When Vynn expertly pressed on the correct acupressure points, it felt as if all the tension was released. Total bliss! Definitely felt as if I was in a massage spa rather than in a hair salon... I'd give a perfect 10 for this great way to start the scalp treatment!

Scalp Exfoliation

The next part of the scalp treatment involves brushing the scalp to exfoliate the bigger dead skin cells.

It actually felt rather comfortable as the brush was specially created by AVEDA for exfoliation purpose. There is, however, one area that felt a little bit more painful possibly because my scalp was sensitive around that area. 

Can you see the dandruff or dead skin cells on the scalp?  That shows how effective the simple act of brushing was! Glad to remove them all from my scalp!

Scalp Cleanser

With the big dead skin cells removed, it was time to concentrate on purifying the scalp from within. 

Vynn applied the purifying scalp cleanser onto the scalp directly and gave my head a scalp massage for about 10 minutes or so. It contains exfoliants that help to remove the smaller dead skin cells and clarify the follicles from within.

He was very thorough and made sure that the top, sides, and back were thoroughly cleansed and massaged.

My scalp never felt so clean!

Hair Wash

Vynn proceeded to cleanse off everything at the hair wash area. 

He used two different shampoos for me - rosemary mint and the exfoliating shampoo to make sure that the scalp is cleaned and left feeling refreshed afterwards. 

Vynn calls this the double shampoo technique. With the first time we shampoo, only the surface dirt will be removed. It is only the second time that will yield a more effective cleansing result. I must say that I like the rosemary mint shampoo more though as the mint feeling leaves me feeling very refreshed!

Back at the seat, Vynn completes the scalp treatment with a nourishing scalp masque.

Once again, he applied it throughout the scalp and combined it with a massage.

After cleansing the scalp, the pores are now open. Vynn says that the nourishing scalp mask is, therefore, necessary to replenish whatever nutrients that the scalp requires so that the hair that grows out afterwards is stronger.

AVEDA Pramasana Hair Ritual

My hair is the next to be pampered.

Vynn mentions that Damage Remedy is AVEDA's signature range for hair treatment. 

He mixed them both in a bowl...

and applied them to my hair with a brush. 

Next to follow is a nanomist machine to ensure that the treatment penetrates into my hair further. 

One last heavenly hair wash later...

and we are almost done!


Before blowdrying, Vynn applied yet another scalp serum for extra nourishment.

Then, he proceeded with the blowdrying. 

I love how he manages to give my hair the volume and romantic curls I've always loved but can't do at home!

Just in case you forgot how my hair looked like earlier: 

It definitely looked a lot more moisturized now and the hair colour looks brighter as well! But what about my scalp? I went for a second scalp scan to see if the scalp treatment really works.

I cannot believe my eyes! Are these scalp scans really mine?  It looks totally different from what we scanned earlier! There are no more oil residues clogging the hair pores and my scalp looks so clean now. I know it feels really clean but when you see the huge transformation in front of your eyes, I'm pleasantly surprised. 

Even my hair looked more structured and fuller now. 

Final Thoughts

There's one word I'd use to describe this treatment and the word is...AWESOME!

I love the entire scalp and hair treatment from start to finish as it incorporates so many massages that it felt more like I was at a spa than a hair salon. The products used were also very premium and high quality and natural since it's from AVEDA. It also proved effective for me. One treatment is probably not sufficient to see any difference in hair loss but I can confidently tell you that my scalp is no longer itchy even a week after the treatment.

My hair also felt very smooth and soft after the treatment. I couldn't stop touching it immediately after and I'm glad to say that the treatment lasted the week after as well. At a reasonable price of $180, you can bet that I'll definitely come back again to Vynn for his heavenly massages. Hopefully, I'll see a huge difference in my hair loss problems with a few more sessions.

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