6 Ways Amber Heals Your Skin

Published on Oct 04, 2017

We were shocked when we first heard about how amber is used extensively in facials at Japanese Facial Salon Face Plus by Yamano

Amber? Isn't it a gemstone? How can it be used in a facial?

Intrigued, we read up more on amber. It was only upon more reading did we realize that amber is not actually a gemstone but a fossilized resin? For many centuries, amber is widely used as medicine and as protection against different diseases by many different civilizations from the Romans to the Chinese. In ancient Rome, Baltic amber was used as medicine for many different diseases while in Asian countries, amber is used for calming and settling babies.

With its healing powers widely documented, Mikio Yamano was keen to explore the possibility of using amber to heal people's skin problems and therefore collaborated with top doctors in Kaliningrad who are pioneers in this area. Yamano carried out various studies of amber's effects on the skin with RIKEN (the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research) and they came up with the following conclusions.

Read on to find out how amber affects your skin!


Baltic Amber contains 3% to 8% of succinic acid, which is a powerful antioxidant that has been shown to stimulate neural system recovery and boost the immune system. This is especially important for problem skin where acne, eczema, sensitivity and other facial problems may arise when your face may not have the immunity to deal with infections or facial products that are too harsh for your skin. 


Amber Oil Soothes Skin

The soothing aroma is one of the major reasons why Amber Oil is a top essential oil used for aromatherapy. Other than its ability to calm and soothe the mind, few oils are as effective as amber in reducing inflammation and pain. 

That includes inflammation caused by hormonal changes, making this especially useful against hormone-induced acne. 


Amber Heals Sensitive Skin

Besides boosting skin immunity and cell renewal, amber also acts as an antiseptic. It has healing properties which can be beneficial for those with sensitive skin. Thanks to the succinic acid found in Baltic Amber, it restores energy balance at the cellular level, increasing skin metabolism and growth of new cells. This enables sensitive skin to heal faster and develop a stronger immunity against harmful triggers.

Initially I didn't really believe in what the therapists say about amber as it sounded too good to be true. However, I cannot help but be surprised when I used the Kohaku Bidou facial products for myself! My sensitive skin became much less red and less sensitive over time!  I don't need to use much... just a little bit and I can see a big difference.Agent J, Customer of Face Plus by Yamano for over 2 years


Amber Powder Skin Detox

When amber powder is rubbed into your skin, amber acid is released into the skin and the amber powder warms, energizes and polishes the skin. This helps to open up pores and makes it easier to clean and clear them. The amber acid also helps to fight free radicals and extracts toxins from the skin, making amber skincare products effective in reducing acne and blemishes.

My face becomes really smooth after going for the Kohaku facial at Face Plus by Yamano. My therapist says that this is because of the amber within the facial that polishes the skin to make it radiant afterwards, even without going for extraction. Applying makeup is a breeze days after the facial because the face is just so smooth, bright and radiant!- Japanese Agent AA aged 50+, Customer of Face Plus by Yamano for over 5 years


Amber Facial Balances Uneven Skin Tone and Hyperpigmentation

Also known as “Spirit of Amber,” the succinic acid within Amber helps to balance uneven skin tone and improves hyperpigmentation.

It does so by stimulating synthesis of the collagen and elastin, improving the metabolic process of the skin and skin dehydration, and reducing fine lines and hyperpigmentation.

Though there are no instant effects, the gradual improvements to my skin are obvious.Over several months, I saw how the Age Defying Facial helped me some of my fine lines disappear!- Face Plus by Yamano Customer


Amber Oil for Facial Massage at Face Plus by Yamano

Kohaku Facial at Face Plus by Yamano

Amber oil makes a great massage oil as it penetrates the skin tissues to promote better circulation and blood flow. It encourages relaxation and oxygenation to parts of the body that needs it the most, resulting in higher energy levels and better organ function.

At Face Plus by Yamano, pure amber stones are used during Kohaku Facial Regeneration to repair the skin and promote blood circulation as well as lymphatic drainage.

Fun fact: It doesn't just benefit your skin!

Amber Relieves Pain

Amber is known to relieve pain, including teething for babies, bone pain, and joint pain, as it is anti-inflammatory and high in antioxidants. It is even used to treat arthritis. Some people wear amber necklaces/bracelets that help to ease the pain. 

Amber oil is even used to help fight coronary heart disease as it improves heart health by calming the heart rate and promoting blood circulation. The succinic acid is rich in antioxidants that help strengthen the heart.

Are you as awestruck by Amber as we are?

So far, we hear that Face Plus by Yamano is the ONLY facial salon incorporating amber in their facials because they have exclusively patented the techniques. 

If you ever have the chance, do try it out during your next facial and share your experience on bu.sg!

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