3 Reasons Why Apple Stem Cells are the Newest Miracle Ingredient for Thicker, Fuller, Smoother Hair

Published on Dec 09, 2020

There're always new breakthroughs in science and that to us is what makes the hair and beauty industry so exciting.

Every once in a while, a new technology emerges, delivering better results whether in terms of hair health, longevity or design. 

The discovery of Uttwiler Spatlauber, a rare species of apple from Switzerland is one such example. Rich in phytonutrients, proteins and long-living cells, this special apple has rocked the world of skincare and haircare with the discovery that the Malus domestica fruit stem cells within have the special properties of awakening dormant cells, stimulating healthy cell renewal and delay aging in essential cells and skin. When applied on crow feet twice daily, the stem cells were found to significantly reduce wrinkle depth after just 2 weeks. 

Unsurprisingly, the properties of the Malus domestica fruit stem cells isn't just restricted to skin. Here are the 3 benefits these stem cells have on hair health.

1. Slows Hair Ageing (Hair Thinning and Greying Hair)

Hair is made of many protein strands that has a life ranging between 2 to 7 years. Normal process dictates that the hair will fall out at the end of its life and get replaced with new hair. As we age, the life of each hair follicle reduces over time, leading to hair loss. Each hair strand also become smaller and have less pigment, leading to greying hair 

Going for Malus Domestica stem cells frequently will reverse the aging process by stimulating the scalp cells to renew more actively and awaken dormant cells that slow the hair thinning process. Over time, the treatment is found to be so effective that hair is observed to thicken over time and even delay greying as it slows down the deterioration of the hair follicles. 

2. Extends Life of Hair Colours and Keratin Treatments

Other than slowing deterioration of hair follicles, Malus Domestica was found to be effective in repairing hair cuticles as well. This means that colour and keratin pigments can stay on your hair longer, extending the life for hair colours and keratin treatments. 

3. Fights Frizz

Rich in hydrogen, phytonutrients, antioxidants, proteins and age resistant cells, hair that grows out after the Malus Domestica treatment is observed to have cuticles that are not as easily damaged. This allows for frizz-free hair that is shown to be stronger and has higher elasticity as well. 

Given its many benefits, COVO is specially bringing in from Japan the X treatment, Singapore's first Apple Stem Cell Hair Treatment. The X treatment contains a high concentration of Malus Domestica stem cells along with collagen, CMC, keratin and amino acids aimed at promoting hair growth and volume, hydrating hair and eliminating frizz. 

Keen to see how the treatment works? 

Read on as we follow Agent M to Finder @ COVO Japanese Hair Salon. 

Agent M's Experience

Hi I'm Agent M, lash and brow stylist from KJStudio. 

It isn't just the hairs around my eyes that I care about though. Ever since I was 16, I've coloured my hair every 4-6 weeks.

Nope, I don't go for bright daring colours; I prefer the classic highlights because I feel it brings out the more feminine me. 

Still, the regular bleaching for my highlights have taken its toll. 

My hair is very dry even though I go for hair treatments regularly.

In fact, I go for hair treatments once every 3 weeks to make sure that my hair is smooth enough for me to comb through. Most of the time, my hair gets so damaged, the increased hair volume actually makes me look very messy, definitely not a look that would inspire confidence in my own clients. 

Hence, I make sure I make an appointment with Kazz from Finder by COVO Japanese Hair Salon every 3 weeks. Earlier this year though, Kazz shared with me that COVO was bringing in a new Apple Stem Cell treatment for my hair and asked if I was keen to try. 

Stem cell treatment sounds so advanced, I couldn't wait.

I went for my first session right before the Circuit breaker in April 2020 and was impressed by the results. Since then, I went for 3 more sessions afterwards. Having gone so regularly, I found that X Treatment was indeed much more effective than my usual hair treatment.

As a reference, most hair treatments I've tried last me only 3 weeks - I have to get back to Kazz to go for a hair treatment before I start looking like a crazy woman. The X treatment, on the other hand, has allowed me to stretch my hair treatments to as long as 5 weeks, a 60% improvement! 4-5 weeks is possibly a good reference for ladies whose hair is as damaged as mine... I've heard friends who've tried this treatment and have it last as long as 6-8 weeks! 

For those keen to find out more, read on for what Kazz does at each step. 

Step 1: Application of Treatment Solution

The first and most crucial step in the X Treatment is the application of the orange solution. Kazz shared with me that the orange solution contains stem cells from a miracle apple from Switzerland that have the properties of delaying ageing! That's on top of the concoction containing keratin, collagen and amino acids to nourish the cortex of the hair. 

After spraying onto the hair, Kazz ensured that he massaged it deep into the hair to ensure thorough penetration.

It is not enough to apply the apple stem cells though; the external part of the hair needs to be repaired with CMC so that the stem cells can be properly absorbed and retained by the hair. 

Hence, he applied the CMC and use a special comb to make sure that the entire mixture get into the hair evenly. 

Finally, a special solution is applied to the hair and left to soak for 10-15 minutes to neutralize the pH of the hair. 

Step 2: Repeat 3X for X Treatment, 5X for X Treatment Plus

Depending on how damaged the hair is, the above step is repeated for more thorough repair of damaged hair. 

The X Treatment itself includes 3 cycles of the above process whereas the X Treatment Plus includes 5 cycles - recommended only for those with severely damaged hair. 

Step 3: Wash

After the cycles are complete, Kazz treat me to clarifying hair wash

and an almost orgasmic head massage that feels oh-so-good.

Although this is a hair treatment, Kazz mentioned that the apple stem cells actually has a lot of benefits for the scalp as well, even accelerating hair regrowth and slow hair thinning. 

Given that I'm entering my 30s, this is definitely a bonus. 

That however takes time. 

The effects on my hair is more immediate; as you can see, my hair is now stronger and more elastic right after the treatment. 

Back at the seat, Kazz blew my hair dry and that's the end of the X Treatment! 

Frizzy and Tangled Hair Before Apple Stem Cells Hair Treatment at Finder by Covo
How I Look After Getting Apple Stem Cells Hair Treatment at Finder by COVO

(Top: Before Treatment, Bottow: After Treatment)

Look at how soft and flowy my hair is right now!

I love how my hair is looking and feeling right now.

Overall thoughts

I've tried many hair treatments and I can safely say that X treatment is among the lightest, smoothest and most long lasting one thus far. 

My hair would usually require a round of TLC every 3 weeks but X treatment has thus allowed my hair to stay tamed even after 5 weeks. 

Every additional week saves me time and money so you can definitely count on me to be back at Finder by COVO to get another round of X treatment done.

Hope to see you there!

Keen to give X Treatment a try? Finder by COVO Japanese Hair Salon is having the following promotion. 

20% off X Treatment NOW $160 (UP: $200) 

Terms and Conditions

  • Valid for all customers
  • Going for only this treatment will incur an additional $20 in wash and blow charge
  • Top up $40 for X Treatment Plus (5 cycle treatment) 

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