2020 Horoscope Forecast for Aries Women and 5 Celebrity-Inspired Hairstyles to Bring Out Your Best in 2020-2021

Published on Mar 26, 2020

It's time for another horoscope forecast! As we welcome the end of March (2020 is flying by!), we're wishing Aries, people born between March 21 and April 19 a happy birthday!

The traditional Aries archetype is assertive, impulsive and energetic. If you are or know an Aries, they're likely honest, fiery and hardworking. You know things will be done when an Aries is in charge.

2020 is a year of career growth for Aries as Saturn stays in Capricorn for a few more months before its move to Capricorn. The road is not easy as Saturn will have quite a bit to teach you before he eases the pressure on you. But then again, nothing good ever comes easy. If you manage to persevere, reinvent yourself and chase your goals, you will see the fruits of your labour towards the end of the year. As much as career will be at the top of your mind, don't forget to shower your family and friends some love as they will be the one to pull you through all your obstacles and give you the much-needed support.

Knowing how experimental you are with your hairstyle, we've got some hair inspo from fellow Aries celebrities to give you ideas on what you can possibly pull off in 2020. 

Ready to find out what they are?

1. Bold and Bright Hair Colours

For Arians who believe in going big or going home, this one's for you. 

As the textbook Aries Lady Gaga demonstrates, there's nothing an Aries would not try. 

Be it a bright pink or iridescent blue, an Aries is the most likely astrological sign to go for a hairstyle so shocking, it turns heads wherever they go. 

Sky Blue Hair Colour by 99 Percent Hair Studio

99 Percent Hair Studio

What would be ideal is therefore a stylist who wouldn't hold you back, but one who would ACTUALLY LISTEN to what you want and work with you to get there.

Purple Hair Colour

You don't want to waste time on a stylist who nags about how difficult it is to maintain hair colours or give you excuses about why your hair can't achieve a desired shade. 

Pink Bubblegum Hair Colour by Full House

Bubblegum Rose Hair Colour at Full House Salon

Instead, find one who knows exactly how to get there, fast.

2. Go Short

Just when people think they've got you figured out, you'll go for a makeover that catches them by surprise.

Kristen Stewart Short Hair

For those who're already sick of bright colours, you can take a leaf out of Aries actress Kirsten Stewart's books and go short.

Short Pixie Haircut and Red Hair Colour by SAD Hair Design

Fluxus House @ Outram Park

Fashionable and versatile, the short pixie raises your assertiveness and reminds you (and the people around you) of your laser focus on career this year. 

Pixie Haircut Styling (Jimmy)

Just make sure you do your research beforehand to avoid getting a stylist who is unable to deliver a beautiful hairstyle because you simply have no time to waste on bad haircuts!

If you enjoy going for makeover cuts once in a while, consider investing some time to find a stylist with proven experience and skill to create a hairstyle that not just stands out from the crowd but looks like it belongs in a magazine. 

Short Purple Hair Colour by 99 Percent Hair Studio

99 Percent Hair Studio

3. Hippie Perm

Have straight hair all your life? 

Another way for the Aries to stand out in Singapore is to get some waves in your hair. 

We may not all look like famous Aries Mandy Moore or Kiera Knightley but most of us can definitely rock some curls. 

Hippie Curl Hollywood

Not just light curls like this 

Light Curl Perm and Haircut by Style NA

Style NA Korean Salon @ Parkway Parade

but full-on hippie perms

Hippie Perm

Although curly is a traditional style that people in Singapore tend to be afraid of, the Aries has the personality and courage to pull it off. 

Short Hippie Perm by Koinonia Salon
Short Hippie Perm by Koinonia Salon

Koinonia Salon @ Tiong Bahru

Did we also mention that the perms for this hair is actually very affordable (at less than $200?)

4. Sleek & Glossy

Not the type of Aries who expresses your personality through hair?

The career focused you may want to keep your hair sleek and glossy and let your vivacious personality exert itself at work. 

If so, the lob would work really well, as you can see on yet another Aries personality Celine Dion. The lob makes you look so professional and look-together, it adds a sheen of confidence to your shining armour. 

Sleek Long Bob Cut by Shun Sakurai

Shun Sakurai Japanese Hair Salon @ Chijmes

Doesn't everyone love looking professional and put-together? There's no better way to do it than having a hairstyle that is sleek and shiny. 

Short Bob Haircut by Mode Studio

Mode Studio @ Wheelock Place

Want something simpler? Go for a long and straight look. It doesn't have to be boring when you have silky smooth hair that looks fitting for a hair commercial.

Sleek Straight Hair Keratin Treatment by No. 8 Hair Studio

Keratin Treatment at No. 8 Hair Studio

If you find that your hair is a little too curly to achieve the sleek and glossy look, there are a few things you can do.

Straight Soft Keratin Treatment by Be Salon
Straight Soft Keratin Treatment by Be Salon

Soft Keratin Treatment at Be Salon @ Millenia Walk

The semipermanent solutions like Keratin Treatment ↑ or Brazilian Blowout ↓ can help you achieve sleek glossy hair right out of bed. 

What is Brazilian Blowout and 5 Things You Should Know About It

Brazilian Blowout at The Bund @ Bishan Park

If you're a little too lazy to go for keratin treatments every 2-3 months, you can also consider going for the cost-efficient volume rebonding!

Blowout Rebonding by Focus Hairdressing

Blowout Rebonding Perm at Focus Hairdressing

5. Anytime, Anywhere Hair Bun

Horoscopes always group every sign into the same personality type, but of course not everyone thinks and acts the same way. There are some Aries who prefer quiet and subdued looks. Particularly during this season when opportunities are coming hard and fast at you... you've absolutely no time to maintain that outrageous hairstyle you've secretly wanted for so long. 

If so, an option is to throw it up in a cute messy bun to get your hair out of the face.

Aren't you envious how Emma Watson makes it so effortlessly glam?

Hair Bun

We also have famous Aries Victoria Beckham wearing this bun to her Spring 2020 collection!

Hair Bun Updo Styling by Style NA

Style NA Korean Hair Salon by Joel Park @ Parkway Parade

You can actually achieve this at home but just in case you need some professional help, you can go to salons in Singapore to get it styled as well. 

Updo Styling by Picasso Hair Studio

Picasso Hair Studio @ Bugis & Tanjong Pagar

Are you up for that hair makeover this year, Aries?

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