11 Awesome Valentines Ideas for a Sizzling Hot Date in Singapore

Published on Feb 08, 2019

February is a month where money seems to flow out fast and furious. Hot on the heels of CNY is the much loved Valentines Day!

If you're single, you can check out our article that has 13 fun ways to spend this day solo but if you're attached, here's a list of 10 Awesome date ideas for a hot and sizzling Valentines Day in Singapore!

1. Acro-Yoga

Instagram @yoga

I'll lift you and you'll lift me and we'll both ascend together ~

Since yoga is such a popular exercise nowadays, why not try your hands at it too? Acro yoga is a great option for couples because it involves pair work throughout the class. You'll be building lots of trust as the base (person supporting) and flyer (person above) have to time their moves in order to accomplish the poses.

It will definitely be a laughter-filled experience that will leave you sweaty, smiling, and showing off your cute couple yoga pictures on IG.

2. Make Chocolates Not War

Chocolate says I love you so much better than words

Instead of giving your loved ones the typical flowers and chocolates, why not make chocolates together? It'll definitely be a memory for the books, minus the messy movie-style food fights.

Chocolate on Valentines Day

We hear that chocolate is a pretty good aphrodisiac as well... so it may make your Valentines night more hot and steamy with all the chocolate play earlier in the day.

3. Get a temporary couple tattoo 

Instagram @henn.drawn

To declare your love, get a tattoo. We're talking temporary of course. There are stick on tattoos, temporary sticker tattoos, henna tattoos, and recently, jagua tattoos. It is a natural fruit-based ink tatoo that resembles a real tattoo so you can rock your couple tattoos for just about two weeks.

You can check out some examples of jagua tattoos on Instagram at @henn.drawn and @outandink. Warning: you might get addicted.

4. Make a couple fragrance

You smell like love.

Everyone is getting into more meaningful items sans the unnecessary material. Examples include fashion brands trying to go greener, companies being more sustainable, and even the Marie Kondo movement. So instead of buying your partner a cosmetic or perfume gift, think about how you can make it an experience that will be more memorable.

Couple Perfume

For instance, Je t'aime has a couple perfume workshop that allows you to custom make your own fragrance. Imagine making a scent that both you and your partner love, and that only the two of you have!

5. Head Spa at the hair salon

You just pop into my head at the most random times... and I love it!

Get your loved one and yourself in a relaxed V-day mood with a head spa at the salon. It relaxes the mind and prepares you for the rest of the hectic events planned for the day (if any). And if not, you'll still be getting a nice pamper session.

We are preparing a list of top hair salons for awesome head spas in Singapore and here's a preview of our favourites

Branche Hair Salon

Branche Hair Salon

We can't talk about head spa without mentioning Branche Japanese Hair Salon. The fully Japanese staff here ensures that the experience starts the moment you enter with authentic Japanese snacks and even champagne! Sip on that bubbly and enter into dreamland as the stylists work their magic to relieve the stress that have been building up over the past few weeks.

The Bund

Following its revamp, the Bund recently welcomed a new Taiwanese stylist whose head massage is simply heavenly! Her massage is absolutely on point and is certainly one of the best we've experienced. 

Combine that with AVEDA's signature scalp ritual and you've got an irresistible head spa you must try. 

FYI, it is located beside Aramsa Spa and so is a natural follow up after the body massage!

Head Spa at The Bund AMK

LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon

Luxurious Head Spa on Valentines Day at Leekaja

This Chaebol-worthy Korean head spa is among the most luxurious we've tried as it includes foot massage, hand massage and of course scalp massage with top quality hair and beauty products!

6. Staycation 

Choose your fantasy and turn it into reality.

Play hooky and stay underneath the covers?

Staycation on Valentines Day

Prepare breakfast in bed, cue up an all-day lounge-a-thon, and order in for dinner. This will be an ultimate relaxation trip with a Valentines Day weekend. Take time to get away from your busy lives, work, and the bustling city as you cuddle up with each other.

7. Cook for your significant other

Instagram @food_glooby

Find restaurants too busy or overpriced during Valentine's Day? Open your own! Just for a night, you can be the chef and server for your significant other. A home-cooked version of their favourite dish will definitely warm their hearts. 

It doesn't have to be a complicated feast or a super delicate pastry. One pot pastas, soups, and stews are easy to make and still taste fantastic.

I just want to lick you all over.

Just remember to prepare some dessert afterwards ;)

Eating Ice Cream on Valentines Day

8. Go on a cruise

You jump, I jump!

For the ultimate date-night experience. go on a romantic cruise along Singapore River that include highlights such as the MBS light show, a three course dinner and a glass of Prosecco by riverside restaurant Summerlong. 

Cruise Date on Valentines Day

Alternatively, you can hop on the Royal Albatross with a 2.5 hour dinner cruise onboard the luxury Tall Ship complete with a served international menu, a welcome drink, live entertainment and views of Singapore’s speculator city skyline at night to get you into the romantic mood. 

9. Head to the dancefloor

Dance is your body's way of showing what it can't say in words.

Nothing gets you higher than the anticipation of whats going to happen later. Picking up a dance together is always a good way to let loose, get closer, and bond. If you want something less structured, try hitting up a club or bar - booze can loosen your inhibitions and make the night even hotter.

Couple Dance

For those who are game for something more, engage in role play and pretend that you are two strangers who met each other at the bar for a sizzling hot night!

We hear that Arcade Bar Level Up is hosting a Back to the 90s Valentines Edition party while Nineteen80 is doing the same with Prom Night.

10. Dine in the Air

Love is in the Air

Cosy up in your very own private cable car cabin with your date and savour a delectable 4-course meal. Within, you can take in 360° views of the romantic night sky, the lights and splendour of Singapore's cityscape that is sure to put you in the mood for love!

11. Catch the Sunset

Few things are as romantic as watching the sunset with the person you love. 

You are the one I want to watch all my sunsets with.

You can expect lots of people doing the same at Henderson Waves, Marina Barrage and even Marina Bay Sands but why not explore the lesser known such as Pulau Ubin and Changi Point Coastal Walk!

Credits: N14studios

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