Agent TT Won Japanese Hair Treatment BH4 from Rubik Hair Salon and LOVED the Results!

Published on Mar 10, 2017

Always in touch with the latest developments in Japan's hair treatments, Rubik Hair Salon has now brought in a revolutionary hair treatment that can repair damaged hair in less than 60 minutes!

Read more about Agent TT's first experience with BH4 hair treatment below!

Hello, I'm Agent TT. 

I work at a boutique insurance firm. Although I am not an insurance agent, my role requires me to meet clients and business partners frequently. It is thus, essential that I look professional and presentable all the time. 

As I was keen to put some curls into my hair, I sought advice from my sister who introduced me to Rubik Salon. She showed me Beauty Undercover's page on Rubik Salon. As the website gave a very comprehensive review of Rubik, it was a breeze for me to give Rubik a go. I came away thoroughly impressed with Teru's service! I have been to many salons but Teru is by far the one who stood out the most. Detailed, attentive and super polite, he wowed me with his service and skill beyond my expectation. 

Absolutely delighted with his service, I went home to write a review and thank Teru for his outstanding service. 

Honest Customer Review of Rubik Salon

Little did I know that Agent G would contact me months later to tell me that the review won me a free BH4 Hair Treatment from Rubik Hair Salon due to Beauty Undercover's #Reviewandwin initiative!

As I was bogged down by work, I finally made the appointment to go down in February 2017. 

February 2017

Between September last year to February 2017, Rubik Japanese Hair Salon made the move from Raffles Hotel to Bukit Pasoh Rd. That's a positive move for me as Bukit Pasoh Rd is closer to my workplace. 

Rubik Salon Interior

Whatever stresses I had at work evaporated the moment I walked into the salon. Maybe because it is at a shophouse, the ambience is a lot more relaxing. Its quaint personality, unique touch and feel and spacious location make Rubik stand out from other salons, in my opinion. 

Hair Consultation at Rubik Salon

Yay! I'm glad to note that the stylist in charge of the hair treatment today is Teru san. 

A little bit about my hair history before we begin...

Hair Consultation at Rubik Salon

My grey hairs grow at an alarmingly fast speed. Just 2 weeks and you can see a lot of grey hair growth peeking out from my fringe area! As I've previously mentioned, looking presentable is important to me. However, I don't have time to make an appointment and go to the salon often. Hence, I colour my hair with DIY colours to cover the grey hair. 

According to Teru, DIY hair colour is actually very damaging as they often have to contain higher amounts of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide to make sure that the colour pigments can cover grey hair effectively for EVERY single hair type. Due to busy schedules and time constraints, I also do not have the habit of blow drying my hair, instead, I leave my hair to dry naturally.  The result? Damaged hair!

Hair Consultation at Rubik Salon

Truth be told, the curls done using Tokio Sinka Perm actually lasted till now. 

Damaged Hair Before Japanese Hair Treatment BH4 at Rubik Salon

Although it looked good at first, I didn't have the time to maintain it, causing my hair to become more and more damaged over time as I colour my hair every 2 weeks over and over again. Given the state of my hair, I must say that the BH4 Treatment came just in time!

Step 1: Hair Wash

Hair Wash at Rubik Salon

The treatment begins with a hair wash.

Hair Wash at Rubik Salon

Teru explains that this shampoo is vastly superior than the shampoos used at other hair salons as it contains 30% concentration of hydrolyzed collagen, argan oil, soy proteins, complex amino acids and Keratin amino acids. All these helps the hair replenish the moisture and nutrients that were lost previously. 

Hair Wash at Rubik Salon

To make sure that all the goodness penetrates my hair, Teru gave me a great head massage and combed my hair several times.

Application of Japanese Hair Treatment BH4 at Rubik Salon

This shampoo contains 30% ultra high concentration of collagen in the form of hydrolyzed collagen to promote absorption of important ingredients later on in the process. It includes also argan oil, soy proteins, complex amino acid and keratin amino acids to moisturise the hair in the process. Ladies with sensitive scalp will also find that this shampoo does not irritate the scalp due to the use of high-quality emulsifier

Step 2: Application of Step 2 Treatment

Application of Japanese Hair Treatment BH4 at Rubik Salon

Without rinsing off the shampoo, I was escorted back to the seat where Teru started to apply the Step 2 treatment. It feels kind of strange for me because this is the first time my hair is not washed before the treatment is applied. Apparently, this is why BH4 is special - the ingredients in the BH4 shampoo contain positive ions whereas the treatments that follow are negatively ionised. 

Leaving the shampoo on would, therefore, allow the treatment to be better sucked into the hair. This second treatment contains platinum fullerene, raw ceramide, platinum keratin amino acid and 11 types of complex amino acids, all essential ingredients within the hair cortex. These ingredients have also been miniaturised to make it easy for it to enter the hair, improving absorption into the hair significantly. 

Step 3: Applying Step 3 Treatment

Application of Japanese Hair Treatment BH4 at Rubik Salon

It may look the same but Step 3 treatment is actually applied at this point. It contains Platinum Fullerene, Raw Ceramide, Meadowfoam Lactone, Grapeseed Oil. Meadowfoam is noted here as the amide bonds with keratin and improves penetration rate significantly by firmly resting on the hair. 

Step 4: Application of Heat

Application of Japanese Hair Treatment BH4 at Rubik Salon

Next, heat is applied at this step. The inherent AMOIZ technology within the treatment allows the chemicals within to expand in size when heat is applied so that it forms a protective barrier to prevent the smaller miniaturised treatment chemicals from leaking out. This means that the hair treatment can now last longer. It also helps you better fight frizz as it increases the hydrophobicity of the hair. 

Step 5: Sealing in the Treatment

Application of Japanese Hair Treatment BH4 at Rubik Salon

There is a choice of 2 treatments at this step:

1) 4 - Stronger sealing of treatment for more heavily damaged hair using 18MEA, platinum keratin amino acid, platinum fullerene and raw ceramide.

2) 5 - Lighter sealing of treatment with less damaged hair using Fullerene, Collagen, Soy Protein and 18MEA for a lighter finish

As my hair is very heavily damaged, you can probably guess which Teru chose for me (number 4).

Step 5: Hair Wash and Head Massage

Hair Wash and Blow Dry at Rubik Salon

Finally, Teru brought me to the wash basin to wash off the treatment. The head massage was good!

Step 6: Blowdry

Hair Wash and Blow Dry at Rubik Salon

One more blowdry before we see the final result! This is how my hair looks like after blowdrying (no ironing)!

Healthier Hair After Japanese Hair Treatment BH4 at Rubik Salon
Healthier Hair After Japanese Hair Treatment BH4 at Rubik Salon

Although not perfect, I think you would agree that it is much better than what it was before the treatment (see photo below).

Damaged Hair Before Japanese Hair Treatment BH4 at Rubik Salon

Before the BH4 Treatment

Here's how it looked like from the back.

Soft and Manageable Hair After Japanese Hair Treatment BH4 at Rubik Salon

The side.

Soft and Manageable Hair After Japanese Hair Treatment BH4 at Rubik Salon

Overall Thoughts

As nice as my hair looked immediately afterwards, the real test to me begins back home. Days after the BH4 treatment, I'm glad to report that the BH4 treatment is amazing! My hair used to tangle a lot when shampooing my hair. After the BH4 treatment, my hair became much softer and more manageable. I could feel that applying conditioner and hair treatment is now easier as I can finger comb without needing to deal with the tangles. The treatment was also able to tame my coarse and dry hair, making it much smoother and moisturised. 

The whole process lasted 90 minutes for me but Teru mentions that the treatment usually takes 60 minutes or less if everything is done at the wash basin. Perfect for time-starved women who needs intense hair repair after a chemical service.

Thank you, Teru from Rubik Japanese Hair Salon for saving my super dry and frizzy hair! I thought my hair was beyond hope and that I could only grow it out and cut it away but BH4 allowed me to retain my hair length for a longer period of time. Will definitely be back to get the BH4 treatment with a haircut / colour next!

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