9 Badass Female Villains and Where To Get Their Hair this Halloween

Published on Oct 07, 2020

 Most of the time, femininity is equated to softness and sweetness; with females who don't have these traits being seen as unusual, or even monstrous. Well, it's Halloween, when revellers celebrate all that's scary. So if you're sick of being the gentle girl and are looking to let your inner monster out to play a little, here's some hair inspiration from bad girls onscreen, as well as suggestions of where to get and personalise the look.

1. Morticia's Mane

Morticia Addams may be a suspected vampire and/or witch, but will listen respectfully to your different philosophy without trying to change you. Of course, woe to you if you don't return that respect and try to silence her- The Addams family motto is 'We gladly feast on those who would subdue us', and as she says, those aren't just pretty words. We also love that Anjelica Huston solidified her in the world's minds as a mature mother who was confident in her own allure and sexuality, modelling her own brand of assured femininity that women still aspire to today.

Part of her signature look is dead-straight, centreparted hair, sometimes enhanced with curls at the end, depending on which black evening gown she is wearing. While few of us have tresses of the same vampirically vertical texture, don't worry - salons can help you with that.

Flamingo Hair Studio is one studio skilled at a natural rebonding style, which straightens your messy tresses without compromising on the thick volume that the suspicious herbs in Morticia's garden lend to her locks. 

Rebonding by Flamingo Hair Studio

Image courtesy of Flamingo Hair Studio 

Threes Japanese Hair Salon does a pretty fine job of that too, providing gorgeous slickness while preserving thickness, thanks to their soft rebonding treatments.

Rebonding by Threes Japanese Hair Salon

Image courtesy of Threes Japanese Hair Salon

HaLu Hair Design are also rebonding experts.

Before and After Rebonding by Bump Hair Design

Image courtesy of HaLu Hair Design

Of course, modifications are available: Want to emulate Morticia on the days when she wears curls lower on her locks?

Zinc Hair Salon does a divine job with S-Curl rebonding.

S Curl Rebonding by Zinc Hair Salon

Image courtesy of Zinc Hair Salon

...As does The Space Korean Hair Salon, for more bodacious loops.

S Curl Rebonding by The Space Korean Hair Salon

Image courtesy of  The Space Korean Hair Salon

Of course, if your hair is already straight, but just a little too frizzed up to hang lush and loose like Morticia's, consider a straightening Keratin treatment instead.

Keratin Treatment For Long Hair by Chez Vous Hair Salon

Image courtesy of Chez Vous Hideaway

Treatments like this one at Chez Vous Hideaway help to streamline, sleeken and smoothen hair so it looks straighter than before. Your hair health will also be improved, which might not be the case with rebonding, since that breaks down your natural hair structure after all.

It's just important to remember that if you already have curly hair, Keratin treatment won't completely iron out your existing waves, just make them more even and manageable. 

Easy to Manage Natural Curly Hair

Check out this article to find out whether rebonding or Keratin Treatment would better help your hair get into Morticia mode.

2. Pontianak Polish

So we know that this queen of Southeast Asian horror is also usually depicted with long, straight hair aka Morticia's...except maybe not quite so tidy. But local auteur Glen Goei also presented a Pontianak (played by the gorgeous Nur Fazura) in one of her less frightening forms:

Other than explaining how the Pontianak would be able to lure men to their doom, this image lends itself to Glen's retelling of the supernatural tale, which focuses on the spirit's very human reasons for returning to wreak havoc: Creating her own justice for her otherwise forgotten abandonment and murder, and to watch over her living son. She literally wasn't going to take her wrongs lying down. Indeed, more and more of today's artists are seeing this spirit as a feminist icon, taking revenge for the still too-common sins of rape, spousal murder and abuse. Kuala Lumpur-based filmmaker Amanda Nell Eu has said, "On first sight, you're afraid of her, but afterwards you realize that the real monsters are humans and society. All (Pontianak) stories are created from this, and in response to this (The Pontianak lets her) freak flag fly."

In Glen Goei's movie Revenge of the Pontianak, the titular character is seen sometimes with her unkempt hair down, but also often in these gorgeous bouffants. They're not a common style in 2020 Singapore, but if you want to channel individualistic chic at an event, you can get a more casual equivalent professionally done at Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon:

Styling by Art Noise

Image courtesy of Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon

...Or get them done by the stylist behind Glen Goei's movie himself, Leong Lim of The Beauty Emporium by Urban Aesthetics.

This gentleman has decades of experience styling for movies and cover shoots, and is an old hand at creating all sorts of architectural, period and gravity-defying coiffures.

3. Maeve Millay's Ringlets

Maeve Millay is an android brothel madame in an amusement park of the future, played fabulously by Thandie Newton, who won a Primetime Emmy for her portrayal. Maeve finds ways to break out of her programming and her prison, relying on her high levels of charm, perceptiveness and expertise at manipulation. Literally placed on this earth to give people pleasure, she ditches her tormentors to find her own purpose in the world...even if by less orthodox means.

While she wears her crowning glory in a variety of ways, it is often left loose as a cloud of glorious, buoyant ringlets.

If you already have pretty curly hair, a good way to emulate Maeve's look is to get a great cut so your vivacious coils aren't weighted down. Ann's Studio is one of the best salons in Singapore to help with just that, since it specialises in bringing out the best of curly hair instead of trying to tame it!

Curly Haircut by Ann's Studio

Image courtesy of Ann's Studio

If you aren't blessed with curls but crave Maeve's rebel-android ringlets, a good bet is to get a voluminous perm with tight curls.

Tight Curls Voluminous Perm by No. 8 Hair Studio

Image courtesy of No. 8 Hair Studio

Kent at No.8 Hair Studio does a great spiral frizz perm to instantly up your hair's volume and attitude.

Spiral Frizz Perm by SAD Hair Design
Tight Curl Perm by Picasso Hair Studio

Image courtesy of Picasso Hair Studio

For really tight curls with lots of instant spunk, Jeremy from Picasso is a dab hand.

4. A Carrie Situation

What's Halloween without some full-on horror? Carrie is a classic where the titular telekinetic (played by award-winning Sissy Spacek) is tormented both in school by mean girls and at home by her fanatic mother, until she snaps when a bucket of animal blood is emptied on her in front of the entire prom. Then, instead of trying to conceal her difference, she decides to use her powers to destroy the sources of her torture once and for all.

Often thought of as a sympathetic character despite her grueomseness, the image of Carrie's resolute face, with her hair and body covered in blood, continues to be an iconic image close to fifty years after the movie premiered, warning against pushing people too far.

Want to send out your own warning signs this Halloween - sans the blood and violence? Consider colouring your hair stop-sign crimson. 

Red Hair Colour by Leekaja

Image courtesy of LeeKaJa Hair and Beauty Salon

LeeKaJa does a fantastic siren red that signals not to cross you.

Short Red Hair Colour by AUBE Japanese Hair Salon

Blood Orange by AUBE Japanese Hair Salon @ Wheelock 

Blood Orange is also a fantastic choice to channel that you're a literal femme fatale, and Aube Japanese Hair Salon knows how to really make that colour sing.

Red Hair Colour by Picasso Hair Studio

Image courtesy of Picasso Hair Studio

Prefer cooler tones and less bloodlust? Picasso Hair Studio can give you a marvelous, menacing magenta.

Dark Red Hair Colour by Chez Vous

Image courtesy of Chez Vous Hideaway

Or if you don't want to go full-on red, Oscar at Chez Vous can artfully mix highlights into your base shade for a stylish look that's still drenched in simmering scarlet.

5. Lila's Lopped Off Locks

One of the new main characters in The Umbrella Academy 2 is Lila Pitts, a woman of mysterious origins who can somehow keep up with the superpowered Umbrella Academy family, and turns unpredictably from love interest to villain and back again with each episode. Before the big reveals, all we know is that Lila spent time in an insane asylum, has a vicious sense of humour, and is ruthless, deceptive, and endlessly destructive. It is only in the season finale that we find out some of the reasons behind her rampage. She is played with liberating abandon by Ritu Arya, making for an intriguing anti-heroine.

Whether or not you admire Lila's single-minded drive and disregard for social norms, her jagged lob with irregular auburn ends is an awesome look that tells conformity to get lost. 

Graduated Auburn Hair Colour by Full House

Image courtesy of Full House Salon @ Tampines

A great place to get the look is Full House Salon, which is excellent at creating graduated hair colours that look amazing!

Graduated Red Yellow Hair Colour for Short Hair by Zinc Korean Hair Slaon

Image courtesy of Zinc Korean Hair Salon

Want a less abrupt colour blend? Zinc Korean Hair Salon can give you ends that are more even and feminine, but still feisty.

Blue Dyed Ends with See Through Bangs by Do My Hair

Image courtesy of Do My Hair

If you'd like Lila's look, but tempered with a little softness, Do My Hair can give you a wavy bob - with dyed ends of course- as well as see-through bangs, for a style that's more mischievous and less deadly.

Ash Blue Highlights by Walking on Sunshine

Image courtesy of Walking On Sunshine

Don't want to lop off your lengthy locks? Coloured ends also add icy unpredictability to otherwise classic, girlish long hair, as seen in this specimen from Walking On Sunshine.

6. Lannister Locks

Cersei Lannister (played by a fantastic Lena Headey) is probably the undisputed villainess of worldwide hit series Game Of Thrones, but you can't deny that she is formidable. Despite all the factions fighting for rulership of Westeros, Cersei keeps it under her family's control right to the bitter end, and even takes the throne herself. She is a lioness when it comes to protecting her family, mercilessly destroying everything that threatens them, and even when just about everything she valued was taken from her, she wouldn't give an inch to the enemies she had made. Truly someone with enough steel to occupy the Iron Throne.

Cersei had long locks for much of the series, until it was forcefully cut short as part of her humiliation by a religious sect. Even after she restored the balance of power, she never grew her hair out again, wearing her supposedly shameful crop defiantly, all the way to her coronation. This is why we think the dark blonde pixie cut is her defining 'do.

Dark Blonde Pixie Haircut by COVO Japanese Hair Salon

Image courtesy of Covo Japanese Hair Salon

To channel Cersei, get a pixie - ideally honey-blonde - that's short and structural, with androgynous sideburns. Covo Japanese Hair Salon does great pixie cuts.

Dark Blonde Pixie Haircut by SAD Hair Design
Short Pixie Haircut by Bump Hair Design

Image courtesy of HaLu Hair Design

Keeping the overall length even longer can add more softness and approachability to the do, as seen in this look by HaLu Hair Design. Cersei in fact has a longer, denser pixie - albeit with short bangs - towards the end of the series.

Don't want to chop off your locks but still want to channel Cersei? These bangs are as non-conformist as she is, and again signal readiness for action, since they sit in an austere line far away from your eyes.

Edgy Micro Bangs Haircut by Be Salon

Image courtesy of Be Salon

Instead of softening your features as bangs are generally supposed to do, micro bangs add angles and attitude, as seen on this 'do by Be Salon.

7. O-Renn Ishii's Opulence

In the movie Kill Bill, The Bride saw her fair share of folk who wanted her dead, but one of her standout nemeses was O-Ren Ishii, called the queen of the Tokyo underworld. An lethal assassin turned crime lord with her own personal army, O-Ren did whatever it took to avenge her parents and fulfil the obligations she owed to her assassination squad - including sacrifice her one-time best friend, although not without regret. Played by a faultlessly graceful, katana-wielding Lucy Liu, O-Ren tops various internet lists as one of the most badass screen villainesses ever.

Her most memorable assassin getup is a spotless white kimono, topped off with a perfect traditional Japanese updo.

The place to get O-Ren's complete look is COVO Japanese Hair Salon.

O-Ren's Inspired Kimono Styling by COVO Japanese Hair Salon

Image courtesy of COVO Japanese Hair Salon

Sara from their Katong branch is one of the few Japanese stylists who has attained official certification to properly dress ladies in their kimono, after years of training and passing numerous examinations. Among other skills, this enables her to create gorgeous designs with the obi (kimono belt).

And of course, Covo's Japanese stylists can provide the perfect updo to go with your attire.

Updo Hair Styling by COVO Japanese Hair Salon

Image courtesy of COVO Japanese Hair Salon

Other gorgeous, kimono-worthy updos can be provided by the endlessly classy, champagne-serving Branche Hair Salon:

Braided Updo by Branche Hair Salon

Image courtesy of Branche Hair Salon

Or the lovely, effortlessly creative 99 Percent Hair Studio.

Creative Updo by 99 Percent

Image courtesy of 99 Percent Hair Studio

Or the beautiful Flamingo Hair Studio, which exudes harmony and nature.

Creative Updo and Hair Styling by Flamingo Hair Studio

Image courtesy of Flamingo Hair Studio 

All these salons will be able to provide you with intricate styles that should be secure enough to survive a casual katana battle.

8. Cruella's Clashing Colours

While the original, animated version of this Disney villainess was cut-and-dried evil, the live action version, played by screen Goddess Glenn Close, was rather more fascinating. The owner of a haute couture fashion label, Glenn's version of Cruella was a boss who quickly recognised and applauded talent in her unassuming new female employee, and didn't understand why the latter had to give up her promising career path just because she was also getting married. This powerful female also forged her own distinct style and always wore it fabulously, whether or not others found it too much. She's an amazing career woman, ad we just wish she didn't want to turn somebody's puppies into fur coats.

If you've ever considered emulating Cruella's standout style - without having to harm anyone's cute pets - congratulations: Two-tone hair is currently all the rage.

Two Toned Grey and Black Hair Colour

Image courtesy of 99 Percent Hair Studio

Get Cruella's colours with the precision dyeing provided by the expert colourists at 99 Percent Hair Studio as seen above, or...

Two Toned Grey and Black Hair Colour by The Fluxus House

Image courtesy of The Fluxus House

...For a subtler homage and an easier growout process, avoid a contrast as stark as Cruella's, in favour of a more even mix of hues. The good people of The Fluxus House are great at providing an artistically blended two-colour combo, as experienced by the lovely Agent A, whose salon visit you can read about here

Two-Toned Dark Blonde by No. 8 Hair Studio

Image courtesy of No. 8 Hair Studio

No. 8 Hair Studio also gave Agent G some killer two-tone tresses in the form of concealable ear-loop highlights, which you can read about here.

But while you're going multicolour, why feel you have to stick to black and white? 

Lavender and Purple Ombre Hair Colour by Full House Salon

Image courtesy of Full House Salon

You can still exude serious devil-may-care vibe with this seemingly sweet colour combo that is audaciously unblended, as shown by the very creative Full House Salon. Read here for Agent C's experience at Full House Salon.

Two Toned Lilac and Pink Hair Colour by Kenaris Salon

Image courtesy of Kenaris Salon

Or try combining these sinful shades of pink and ash, as dreamt up by the creative stylists at Kenaris Salon.

9. Ursula Uniqueness

Disney's The Little Mermaid may have been adored for her singing voice, but Ursula - the sea witch - is the undisputed diva of the deep, with a mind-blowing alto belt that Tina Turner would kill for. She's also the only villainess on this list who gets what she wants by completely legal means: She draws up contracts that are literally watertight, so that even King Triton can't mess with them. While there is no doubt that she's power hungry, we admire how she's clear that having a voice and personality are more important than being conventionally beautiful. We see in the movie that she can change her form, but she doesn't, happy to remain on the fringes of society as a large, confident female with the lower half of an octopus instead of the standard slender fish, while extracting bargains out of naive princesses who think having a supposedly ideal body is more important than being able to speak your mind.

Ursula wears a platinum bob that wafts upwards when she's underwater, but flops energetically about on land.

Going full platinum requires intense bleaching, so we recommend you go to skilled stylists for this look so as not to completely dessicate your locks. After all, Ursula's healthy tresses have lots of life and movement, as you can see from the gif above.

Short White Hair Colour by Leekaja

Image courtesy of LeeKaJa Hair and Beauty Salon

The fine people at LeeKaJa know how to balance bleaching with gentle treatment so that your coiff retains the vitality to bounce around during a big song number.

Short Grey Hair Colour by Pro Trim

Image courtesy of Pro Trim Salon

And yes, talented Korean stylists can lighten even dark Asian locks to bone-white, as you can see from Pro Trim Salon's example above.

Grey Hair Colour by Bump Hair Design

Image courtesy of HaLu Hair Design

Most Japanese stylists focus on holistic hair health will make sure your locks retain quality and manageability even after their hue is faded to witchy white. Just look at the delicacy of the specimen above, from HaLu Hair Design.

Purple Grey Hair Colour by 99 Percent

Image courtesy of 99 Percent Hair Studio

Noticed Ursula's purple-gray accents on the sides of her coiff? Get them masterfully mixed into your do at 99 Percent Hair Studio. And if you want the pale platinum but don't want to cut your locks, go for it. If not Ursula, you'll be channeling the anti-heroine, The Bride With White Hair.

Played by Hong Kong screen queen Brigitte Lin, this martial arts maestra was powerful enough to destroy an entire clan that falsely accused and then turned against her. While her dark locks faded to white because of her lover's betrayal, she had enough self-respect not to return to her would-be murderer after he realised he had misjudged her, disavowing him and choosing to make her own way in the world.

Clean White Hair Colour by AUBE Japanese Hair Salon

Image courtesy of AUBE Japanese Hair Salon @ Wheelock 

The hair colour adepts at Aube can give you that clean slate white, with their Japanese techniques ensuring you'll also have the Bride's follicular smoothness and sheen.

White Hair Colour by Picasso Hair Studio

Image courtesy of Picasso Hair Studio

Picasso Hair Studio is also fantastic at pure, pale hair colours, helping to balance a stunning silvery sheen with hair health so you can have both length and a stark shade.

Silver Ash Hair Colour by Kazu from Kenaris Hair Salon

Image courtesy of Kenaris Salon

Keen to try a more silvery shade, there's always metallic silver at Kenaris Salon.

Ready to let your locks manifest your inner bad girl this Halloween? Let us know what style you go for at BU.sg.

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