Best Father's Day Gift Ideas Dad will Find Useful Post Circuit Breaker

Published on Jun 09, 2020

Father's Day is coming! And while a day out with dad may not be possible this year, you can still get him a gift to help him keep happy at home.

We know that the men in our lives are usually harder to shop for than women, so we've scoured the web to present a few suggestions:

1. Kindle E-Reader Pre-Loaded with Books or A Subscription to his Favourite Newspaper

With the advent of Covid, our lives are increasingly going digital, but the older generation might find it just a bit harder to keep up. Help Dad along by getting him a Kindle, with which he can not only read e-books to while away the stay-home hours, but the news as well, since many newspapers have Kindle editions. With its straightforward interface, paper-like screen and adjustable text size for older eyes, it's a really easy switch to make from paper. Plus, it saves resources: E-books are cheaper than physical books, plus physical books take up lots of space - a precious commodity at this time when everyone is at home and would appreciate all the room they can get. 

There are many options to choose from including the Basic Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite and the luxurious Kindle Oasis. You can buy them in Singapore on sites like Amazon or Lazada

2. Trainers

After all this staying at home, it's more important than ever to encourage seniors to get some outdoor activity in their routine. Make this a comfy and stylish experience for them with a pair of dishy trainers or sneakers. Also, many online sites are having sales so it's the perfect time to buy a pair. We recommend support sustainable businesses like Veja.

3. Wireless Earbuds

Hooked on running after CB? Wireless earbuds are a must to keep you company, particularly with safe distancing to be enforced even during physical activity. 

Plus, earbuds is a good and stylish solution if you're not that keen to listening to what he likes to listen to. It's never a fun situation when what your dad likes listening to is different from what everybody - stuck in the house together with him - wants to hear,  especially if his hearing isn't quite what it was, and he's playing something from his phone at top volume.

Just note that earbuds can be easy to misplace, so consider getting larger earbuds if your father is prone to losing things, or even waterproof ones in case he drops them somewhere, or is just the sporty sweaty type.

Here are some popular options:

4. Smart Watch

If you're looking to spend a little more and treat them to a timepiece, a smartwatch might be a good upgrade to usher them into the digital era. Not to mention it will make them more contactable, and encourage them to create fitness goals and stay active - something increasingly important in this lazy stay-home season!

FitBit, Apple Watch or Garmin watch are all great options, but if they are unlikely to use the full spectrum of functions on those devices, you can even get a simple step counter that doubles as a watch so they will be reminded daily to keep moving.

5. Extremely Comfortable Trousers

While we might all miss our dressy outings, the Circuit Breaker has also got many of us used to wearing pyjamas all day. Consider gifting your dad the best of both worlds, with good-looking pants that are extremely comfy.

Lululemon has a few smart trouser options that look work-appropriate but are as comfortable as lounge pants.

Under Armour also ships formal pants that are secretly stretchy, sweat-wicking and has a stretch-engineered waistband for comfort.

Or, add some more youthful pizzazz to your dad's wardrobe with stylish, cosy jogger options from Gymshark.

6. Backpack

With the boom in use of single-use plastics during this pandemic season, help your dad do his part for the environment by getting him a solid, durable backpack to take shopping, or even pick out a style that is good for work. A good backpack is also often much more ergonomic than a briefcase or tote, to better protect his bones and musculature.

We suggest ethical and sustainable brands such as 

  • Fjallraven for hikers, campers and adventurers 
  • TUMI (recycled collection) for a classic, work-friendly backpack
  • Solgaard for a minimalistic vibe
  • REI for something that will withstand the elements
  • InCase for professional techie types
  • Parker Clay for leather lovers

7. Small Leather Goods

If your dad is one of those who associates leather with luxury, cardholders and wallets are classic gift options which you don't have to deviate from this year. After all, it's nice to show him that he can still get a taste of the lux life even while many of his favourite establishments outside are closed. Of course, he may be perfectly happy with their current wallet, in which case, here are some other SLG options that we like:

8. A Party in A Bottle

While you may not be able to take him for champagne at his favourite joint yet, you can bring the party to him. Changi Airport has some good deals online on various tipples to lighten your dad's mood. Of course, remember to stop at a bottle or two - it's easy to drink more when you're kept at home, and over-indulging in alcohol is especially bad for the elderly.

9. Lego!

We know this may seem a surprising suggestion, but creative and tactile tools like Lego have been shown to keep neuro-degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's, dementia and Parkinsons at bay, especially for seniors who may be getting less stimuli than usual during self-isolation. Also, lego-assembly makes for a great family activity to while the stay-home hours away. 

Of if they balk at the idea of playing with lego (or have trauma from stepping on one of those stray lego pieces), consider buying them different, functional craft sets, such as a DIY desk organiser or a beer making kit. You can even help them assemble it, for some quality parent-child time.

10. Shaver

Most of our dads are of the neat-haircut, clean-shaven persuasion. After not being able to see the barber for weeks, they might appreciate some of these devices to keep both the hair on their heads and their faces in check.

No idea where to start? Try one of these:

If however, you're not that confident to give them a good cut...

Hubby needed a trim and we figured, why not? How bad a job could I possibly do? #coronacut #thehorror— LeAnne Cantrell (@kidsensela) April 6, 2020

Maybe you'd want to consider gifting the Man in your life with an Urban Men's haircut suitable for mature men.

Father's Day Gift Men's Haircut at The Urban Aesthetics

Finder by COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Tanjong Pagar

Want to pamper your Dad with a good experience? Get the best value-for-money haircuts with our list of Best Haircut Promotions in Singapore!

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