Best Hair Colours According to Your Bazi Birth Element

Published on Jan 24, 2018

Associating hair colours with luck can seem a bit far-fetched but hear us out before you go rolling your eyes ... 

According to various fengshui masters, personalized grooming can boost your success luck when your personal feng shui is in accordance with the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water). Each feng shui element is represented by a specific color, and these feng shui elements interact with each other in certain ways that are generally defined as the productive and destructive cycles.

It is believed that coordinating your image with your birth element type and ensuring a balance of the five elements can change your life for the better.

Not sure what birth element you are?

You can refer to this calculator that will do the calculation for you. It's a free tool that is pretty accurate as it does a more in-depth analysis taking into account your year, month, day and time for a more comprehensive result of whether you are strong/weak, yin/yang, and your birth element using Bazi. (P.S. We are not endorsing this fengshui master and are not sponsored by them to write this article. We simply find this tool pretty comprehensive and easy to use!)

The Productive Cycle: Water nurtures -> Wood nurtures -> Fire nurtures -> Earth nurtures -> Metal nurtures -> Water.

Ba Zi Elements

The Destructive Cycle: Water weakens -> Fire weakens –> Metal weakens -> Wood weakens –> Earth weakens -> Water

Hair & Elements

Once you've found out your birth element, you're ready to start!

Before we begin, do keep in mind that this advice does not take into account yearly changes in elemental effects but rather acts as a general guide for all years. As each element is represented by a specific colour, you can change your hair colour to strengthen or weaken a particular feng shui element.

Wood: Green, Brown

Fire: Red, Strong Yellow, Orange, Purple, Pink

Earth: Light Yellow, Sandy/Earthy, Light Brown

Metal: White, Gray

Water: Blue, Black

As it can get pretty confusing, we will give you some brief guidelines on colours that can work for you. 


A person with a fire birth element is a free spirit who enjoys expressing their creativity in all areas of their lives. He or she brings passion, energy and a good deal of impulsiveness. They have everything they need to support careers and achieve goals. Add fire elements and colours in your personal attire to utilize your strength.

Blue Hair Tattoo at Kenaris

Peek-a-boo Blue + Undercut by Kenaris Salon

If you are Yang Fire, you may need to control your fire a little with water and earth elements such as Blue, Black, Yellow, Brown. Yang fire doesn't need more fire or to be fueled by wood elements. Raging hormones and the fire element can become combustible and flare for no justifiable reason. If the yang energy becomes too strong, you can weaken it by introducing the elements of water and earth.

Balayage by Chez Vous Hair Salon

Aside from colours, engaging in water sports can help temper this element. Earth will smooth fire and can be used as a controlling element. Anything related to the earth such as rock climbing, environmental studies or other types of exploration will be a great way to channel yang fire energy.

Red Hair for Fire Element at Leekaja

LeeKaJa Korean Hair & Beauty Salon @ Mandarin Gallery

If you are Yin Fire, you may have to harness your firepower with Red, Strong Yellow, Orange, Purple, Pink, Green, and Brown. If however, you are a strong yin fire, you may also need to control that fiery power of you with Blue, Black, Yellow, and Brown. 

Brown Ombre for Fire Element

Brown Ombre by Bump Hair Design @ The Rochester Buona Vista


A person with a Wood birth element is a visionary who draws their energy from nature to grow and manifest their power in projects. They enjoy natural and steady growth and have a tendency towards high prosperity and wealth. 

Red Hair Colour for Wood Ba Zi Element

Red Hair Colour by COVO Japanese Hair Salon

If you are a Yang Wood, you may want to control the yang wood with metal and fire element to avoid wood from overpowering your personality. Opt for colours such as Red, Strong Yellow, Orange, Purple, Pink, White, and Grey. 

Purple with Yellow Highlights for Wood Ba Zi Element

Outer Purple + Inner Purple by No 8 Hair Studio

If you are a Yin Wood, your favourite elements are water and wood. You can give it a bit of a push with green, blue, black and brown. You don't have to overdo it as subtle as this may just work. 

Ash Grey and Peacock Green for Wood Ba Zi Element

Ash Grey & Peacock Green by Full House Salon


As one of the most flexible fengshui elements, water has a strong hidden reservoir of hidden power that can even wear down the hardest rock. They are naturally very calm and often have the ability to bring fresh new ideas even in a situation of chaos. They feel most at home with water.

Ash Green Hair Colour for Water Ba Zi Element

Ash Green by Flamingo Hair Studio

Yang water's favourable elements are earth and wood. This means Green, Brown, Light Yellow, Light Brown, as well as Sandy/Earthy colours, will balance the water. 

Grey Blue Ocean Ombre Hair Colour for Water Ba Zi Element

Grey and Blue Ombre by Bump by AVENTA

Yin water can be enhanced with the elements, metal, and water. Hence, if you are not too strong a Yin Water, consider going for White, Gray, Blue, and Black hair colours to harness your inner strength. Otherwise, cut down on these colours to avoid creating a tsunami!

Dark Blue Ombre Hair Colour for Water Ba Zi Element

Ombre Blue by Leekaja


Ever met someone who feels very nourishing and supportive of you? This is common of those Earth as their feng shui element. Though is a gift, he/she may still need the help of the other elements to strengthen their personal energy and allow for creativity to flow. The best element for the Yang Earth is Wood and Metal. An excess of Earth means that you need supporting elements such as Wood and Metal to balance it off. This means Green, Brown, White and Grey hair colours should do the trick.

Green and Brown Highlights for Earth Ba Zi Element

Green Hidden Colour + Brown Hair by Art Noise Japanese Salon

The most favourable elements for Yin Earth is Fire and Earth. Fire nourishes the earth element and so Red, Strong Yellow, Orange, Purple, Pink as well as Light Yellow, Sandy/Earthy, Light Brown will also work well. 


Metal feng shui element people are usually very focused and precise in everything they do; they are after all the element of vision and clarity. They are extremely efficient and precise and helps to create balance in life. You can 100% rely on them to take care of all the details in any job or project. 

Blue Highlights for Metal Ba Zi Element

Brown Blue Ombre by Project Hair @ Jurong East JEM

Too much of a Yang Metal, however, can make him/her too rigid so he may need some fire and water to balance him off. Red, Strong Yellow, Orange, Purple, Pink, Blue, and Black colours are good for this purpose. 

Red Hair Colour for Metal Ba Zi Element

Orange Hair by Kenaris Salon

On the other hand, The Yin Metal will find Earth and Metal useful if he is a weak Yin Metal. This means White, Gray, Light Yellow, Sandy and Light Brown hair colours are suitable.

Ash Grey Hair Colour for Metal Ba Zi Element

White Winter Hair by Picasso Hair Studio

Copper Hair Colour for Metal Ba Zi Element

Sunset Hair Colour by Mane Made @ Hougang

Now that you know how to use hair colours for feng shui in personal grooming to boost your luck, will you be giving it a try?

Let us know in the comments below!

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