Best Hair Colours for Non-Chinese Ladies with Brown Skin-Tones

Published on Apr 06, 2017

Picking a hair colour that complements your skin tone is just as hard as picking the right shade of foundation. While it seems that those with a light skin tone can pull off almost any hair colour, it doesn't mean you have to shy away from bold, vibrant colours if you are a brown-skinned woman. Your skin's undertone plays an important role in picking a flattering hair colour for your skin. Even if you have tan or dark skin, your skin can have warm, cool, or neutral undertones. 

Generally, when it comes to natural-looking hair colours, browns, reds and burgundy are favoured for brown skin tones. However, if you determine your undertone before deciding on a hair colour, you will have a wider selection of hues to choose from rather than just sticking to the usual shade of brown. Check out these hair colours you as a brown-skinned beauty can pull off depending your undertones...

1. Blonde

Caramel Hair Colour

Picasso Hair Studio @ Bugis North Bridge Rd

There's always a certain degree of trepidation when a dark skin woman thinks about going blonde. The contrast between blonde hair and a dark skin tone can either work for or against you. If you are of light brown skin with cool undertones, chances are, golden blonde and ashy blonde will look good on you. Ladies with dark brown skin and cool undertones can go for caramel and brownish blonde colours. For warm undertones, stick to blonde hues like dark golden brown and honey blonde. 

Going for a dark base and blonde highlights is always a good way to test if a particular shade of blonde will suit your brown skin.

Stylist Danson from 99 Percent Hair Studio shares, "If the customer's skin colour is very tanned, I will choose a dark root with light ends as this style complements their skin tone very well." A two-tone hair colour looks good on brown skin as the blonde highlights, purposely dyed at the specific areas, adds a glowy effect without looking over the top.

Blonde Balayage

Blonde Balayage by 99 Percent @ Bedok Point

2. Grey

Carmen from Picasso Hair Studio says that grey can be a tough colour to pull off, mainly because it tends to be ashy and ashy hair colours can make a person look washed out. But, if you have cool undertones, you don't have to stay away from ash grey or platinum grey. Though it's not too far off from black, ash grey hair colours are more suited for light brown to medium brown skin tones.

Ash Grey Hair Colour

Ash Grey by CLEO Hair & Make

That said, if you have a deep skin tone with warm undertones, and can't resist jumping on the granny hair trend, a pastel blueish grey colour, like the ones below, might just be worth the try. The blue tinge will prevent the ashy effect of grey from making you look sickly. 

Two-Toned Blue Hair Colour
Ash Blue Pixie Haircut For Ladies

99 Percent Hair Studio @ Bedok Point

3. Bright & Bold Colours

Thinking of bleaching your tresses and going over to the bright side? While such colours will complement those with olive skin and light brown skin, you still want to choose colours wisely that will accentuate your complexion. Depending on your undertones, a pastel bright colour would work better with your skin. Hence, speak to your stylist to ask if the bright colour you are going for should lean toward pastel bright or bold and bright.

Pale Purple and Lavender Ash by Color Bar by Full House Salon @ Tampines Central

Red is another bold hair colour that can be tricky to wear. Light brown skin tones should go for a lighter red or copper, not orange! Olive girls will look best with blue base reds which are darker. If you tend to have a reddish complexion due to acne or blush easily, try to stay away from red hair colours as it might come across as an overdose of ruddiness.

Consider getting an ombre if you want to venture into a single daring colour. Ombre is the gradual blending of one colour hue to another, starting off with dark roots and moving to lighter ends. The best thing about this style is that it suits everyone but if you are not ready to bleach your entire tresses, you can always opt to dip-dye your ends a bold colour

4. Browns

Brown hair colours are a common choice among brown skin tones, and it's not hard to understand why since it beautifully accentuates the skin colour. Take mocha brown for instance, mocha hair colour creates a perfect blend of tones to highlight the Indian skin tone perfectly, bringing out one’s facial features.

Brown Hair Colour by Kobayashi

Kobayashi Hair Design

However, just because brown is a common hair colour, it doesn't have to be boring. When going for a dark brown base, you can brighten your overall look by going for lighter brown highlights like bronze brown or caramel brown.

Short Brown Hair Colour

Highlights by CLEO Hair & Make

Remember, brown is beautiful and you shouldn't be afraid to rock any hair colour despite your skin tone! Just be sure to keep in mind your undertones and you are all set to pick a flattering hair colour. :)

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