This is possibly one of the Best Hair Salons for a Kerastase Scalp and Hair Treatment in Singapore

Published on May 15, 2017

Want to get your oily scalp treated but not sure where to go?

With the privacy of a scalp room and a knowledgeable therapist who doesn't hardsell at all, usage of a well known Kerastase Scalp Treatment + Hair Treatment and a more pocket-friendly price tag, we think that Picasso Hair Studio is a great place to start.

Read more about Agent SX's scalp and hair treatment at Picasso Hair Studio here.

Hello, I'm Agent SX, an OL currently working in a bank!

Ever since I discovered Beauty Undercover, I've been dropping by the site regularly to read reviews on the different hair and beauty salons in town. 

Always being on a lookout for salons and deals, Picasso Hair Studio caught my eye for its glowing reviews on how their stylists take pride in their work and their care for their customers. I've been itching to give it a try and finally found the time for a haircut and Olaplex treatment in March. 

The reviews were indeed accurate. I was pleased to discover for myself how nice the stylists were and how they carefully analysed my features and constantly informed me how my hair was to be cut before moving on to the actual job. Not many salons / stylists in Singapore take the effort to do so and so I really appreciate the additional effort.

Back at home, I happily shared my experience on BU.

Who knew that I would actually win a Kerastase Scalp and Hair Treatment a few weeks later under the #reviewandwin initiative? 

Excited to go back to Picasso again, I made an appointment for April 2017.

April 2017

Located minutes away from Bugis MRT, Picasso Hair Studio isn't difficult to find.

It occupies a two-storey shophouse along North Bridge Rd before entering Haji Lane.

When I arrived, my scalp therapist Fernel was occupied momentarily.

I took the time to take some before photos since a hair treatment was involved

My perm still looked good but the dryness was making my hair look excessively frizzy. 

This hair and scalp treatment therefore came in time to rescue my damaged locks!

I didn't have to wait long for Fernnel though... she was ready once my before photos were taken. I was ushered upstairs to the scalp room, located on the second floor.


Before the session begins, Fernnel kindly provided me with a robe to change into. 

She tend gave me a hot towel to warm up my hands, a nice hot cup of tea and a consultation form to fill in. 

With a detailed treatment form and a dedicated scalp therapist Fernnel, this scalp treatment is certainly turning out to be different from the usual hair salon (where hair assistants do the hair and scalp treatment without much explanation)!

She went through the consultation form with me, asking me various questions about my lifestyle habits, haircare regime and my scalp concerns. 

Fernnel did a visual inspection of my scalp...

Before following up with a scalp scan to check my scalp condition.

Healthy Scalp on the Side

Clogged Scalp Pores towards the middle-back area of the scalp

Reddish Scalp

As you can see, I have differing scalp condition on different parts of the head. The scalp is clean on the sides but the middle-back part of the scalp showed oily, clogged follicles. My scalp was also deemed to be sensitive as the scalp was reddish at many areas.

Thankfully, other than oiliness and some sensitivity, my scalp appeared otherwise healthy! 

Given my scalp condition, today's scalp treatment will focus on 

  1. Clarifying the scalp of the oily clogged pores
  2. Soothing the scalp to reduce sensitivity

Hair Strands are covered with a layer of conditioner

This Kerastase treatment at Picasso Hair Studio included also a hair treatment. As I used conditioner for my hair this morning, Fernnel mentions that the hair diagnosis would have to be done again after a hair wash.

Radio Frequency Exfoliation

The first step uses Radio Frequency to exfoliate the scalp. At this step, Radiofrequency waves are transmitted to the scalp to stimulatethe deepest layer of the skin, the dermis. This helps the soft tissues in that area compress, realign and even produce new collagen, a process that normally takes many months to complete!

Fernnel explained that some customers may feel a sting on some sensitive parts of the scalp and a warming sensation but the experience was a comfortable one for me. She even let me try it on my hand!

Application of Kerastase Treatment

Thereafter, a Keratase scalp treatment was applied directly to my scalp.

Fernnel chose the Anti-Pelliculaire treatment as it includes ingredients that will help to desensitize my scalp, reducing redness and prevent itching. 

She then gave me a soothing scalp massage to soften the scalp. This helps the oil trapped deep witin the scalp to surface naturally. 


And the shampooing begins. 

Fernnel's scalp massage was definitely one of the best I've experienced thus far! 

She shampooed my hair not once, not twice but THREE times to make sure that all the gunk was washed out of the scalp. Not everyone will have their hair washed 3 times, but she found it necessary to do so for me as there was quite a lot of oil that was brought to the surface after the radiofrequency and the subsequent Kerastase treatment. Mine is not considered the longest she has done though; Fernnel also shared that her shampoo sessions can last up to 30 mins(!!!) depending on the scalp condition of the client. 

A quick tip I learned from Fernnel: the shampoo will not have so much foam if there is a lot of oil in the hair. In fact, the cleaner the hair, the more foam will be created!

Hair Scan

 After the treatment, the coating on my hair ends was removed and Fernel was now able to assess the condition of my hair ends.

Based on what she can see, my hair was diagnosed to be dry but otherwise rather healthy. 

Good to go for another perm ;)

Application of Kerastase Fusio-Dose

As my hair was relatively dry, Fernnel chose the Reconstruction Booster along with the Oleo-Fusion Concentrate to make my hair smoother and stronger. Oil and water doesn't usually mix. However, this treatment contains molecules so tiny that they are able to mix well together.

This fusion is spritzed evenly over the lengths of the hair.

The hair is then steamed to increase penetration of the hair treatment. 

Application of Hair Mask

A second hair mask is applied to nourish the hair further and seal the goodness within. 

This hair mask is specially mixed with a Kerastase oil to create a customized concoction to hydrate and moisturize my hair. 

The hair is then steamed to improve penetration.

Hair Wash and Scalp Serum

Back to the basin to wash everything off.

Fernnel applied the Kerastase Stimuliste scalp serum to protect and promote healthy hair growth.

This is applied via an air spray for more focused and deeper absorption.

Final massage! 

A leave in treatment was then spread over my hair ends. 

The whole experience ended with a soothing back massage. A hot towel was first applied to relax the muscles.

Then a list of available oils was presented for me to choose my preferred scent. What followed was a relaxing back massage. 

All that was left was to spritz some anti-frizz leave in treatment and the final blow dry and styling.

Fernel also gave tips on how to style my permed, fizzy hair during the styling session which I found very helpful. 

Finally, Fernnel did another scalp scan to show how clean my follicles now were. I didn't need the scalp scan show me that though... my scalp feel a lot more refreshed after the treatment.

The pictures below also show how much more nourished my hair looks.

Don't you think the colour looks more vibrant than before?

I love how clean my scalp and how smooth my locks feel!

Overall Thoughts

Overall, the treatment was a bundle of awesome - a scalp and hair treatment, peppered with multiple massages in between and a back massage to end it off. There was a lot of privacy as the entire treatment was done in the scalp treatment room (which had only 1 seat) 

Compared to the scalp treatments I've tried elsewhere (even those very well known ones), there was no hard-selling during the session and left me feeling fully relaxed and immersed in the experience. Instead, she was very honest, complimenting me on certain parts of the scalp which was taken care of well and which parts I need to take more care of. From her consultation and throughout the treatment, I could tell that Fernnel was very knowledgable (even more so than therapists at top scalp centres elsewhere) and that she genuinely cared about my scalp health. In her I knew my scalp care was in the right hands!

I also like how Picasso Hair Studio uses Kerastase for both the hair and scalp treatments because of the years of research that went into the treatments. My scalp felt a lot less oily in the weeks after. Even the gloss in my hair lasted more than two weeks, longer than the typical treatments I went for. 

Overall, the experience was a positive one, definitely one of the best for Kerastase scalp and hair treatments I think. 

I would definitely highly recommend you to try out this all in one treatment!

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