Best Hair Salons for Cheap Haircuts Under $50 in Singapore 2018

Published on Nov 15, 2018

We all know the general rule that you get what you pay for.

Hence, it's not a surprise to find that the very best of hair salons in Singapore according to reviews on Beauty Undercover require you to shell out about $80-$100 for a haircut. But what about mere mortals like us who can afford haircuts at just about half the price?

Where can we get better-than-usual quality haircuts at just $50?

Here are 10 salons we believe gives a better than average cut based on both the number of reviews and our Chief Editor G's subjective opinion.

1. Gene by Ginrich @ Wisma Atria

Price: From $48

Affordable Haircut at gene

When you see lots of pretty women getting their hair done in a salon, you know that the skills of the hairstylists are really good here. That's exactly what we get at Gene by Ginrich. You may not see many reviews of them but we often spot models, air stewardesses and in general, really good-looking ladies here. 

Short Haircut with bangs at Gene
Neat Short Bob by Gene

Well, it's not surprising as many of the stylists trained directly under hair maestro Eugene and hence, have a strong grounding in haircuts. Beyond skill though, we love the personal and sincere service here as the stylists are very welcoming and make the effort to build a friendship with you. That's why we feel that at $48, this place is an absolute steal!

2. Walking on Sunshine @Orchard Central

Price: From $50

Founded by the same team who created LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon, Walking on Sunshine is not just a pretty face, but a salon where you can expect a unique and fabulous hair experience. The founder of Walking on Sunshine has after all personally handpicked a star-studded team of stylists which include Catherine, Preston and Luna, who are all very popular stylists in Singapore.

Korean Short Bob by Walking on Sunshine

If your budget is only $50, however, you can request for senior stylists with skills or experience that are just as illustrious. They include Keon Ko who has styled and coloured hair of various Korean celebrities, Japanese stylist Manami who has worked at top salons in Japan and US, Benson who has worked at luxury hair salons back in Korea and Eugene Hong whose experience in both Vidal Sassoon and Toni & Guy gives him a unique edge. 

3. The Space Korean Hair Salon @ The Cathay

Cheap Haircut at The Space Korean Hair Salon

Price: $46 to $48

A new Korean Hair Salon has just opened at The Cathay and it's anchored by none other than Lee Han and Jenny, authentic Korean stylists who have been in Singapore for a number of years. Lee Han especially is highly popular for his perm and volume rebonding, something we attribute to his perfectionist personality.

With a good eye for aesthetics, he is the type who knows how to create perms that MOST people will find beautiful, which is why customers often get lots of compliments even weeks after the perm.

Medium Layered Haircut by The Space Korean Hair Salon
Chic Short Haircut by The Space Korean Hair Salon

It isn't just perm that he excels in. A great perm begins with a balanced haircut and so, customers who prefer not to do any chemical services on their hair will love getting their hair cut by him. His haircut is said to last for months and is very easy to manage! Other than Lee Han, Jenny has also accumulated a strong customer base thanks to her kind personality and good skill that makes it easy for customers to come back to her!

The Space Korean Hair Salon

4. Pro Trim @ Jurong East JEM / Pro Trim @ Causeway Point

Price: From $43

You're in luck if you stay near Jurong East or Causeway Point as you've got access to talented and skilled Korean stylists at possibly the lowest price in Singapore. You get the luxury of a spacious store while getting styled by the pros.

Though not all stylists here are amazing, we have particularly good experiences with Korean stylists Lily Seo (love her!), Chris, 1 June, Yuna and Joy.  Lily especially, has worked at a top celebrity salon in Korea Cha Hong, which is best known for their stylistic shoulder-length bob perm that she does so well. Chris, on the other hand, has an unparalleled technical skill you can definitely rely on for a great cut. 

To reduce miscommunication though, we would still recommend you to bring along a photo so that your stylist can better understand your preferences! 

5. Picasso Hair Studio @ North Bridge Rd / Tanjong Pagar Rd

Price: $48 to $96

Cheap Haircut at Picasso Hair Studio

One of the most innovative hair salons for a perm in Singapore, Picasso is our first choice for local stylists when it comes to perms and volume rebonding. They don't just perm your hair and make it look good immediately after, they design the perm in such a way that it is very easy to manage after taking into consideration your scalp condition, hair condition, skin tone, face shape, and budget, in an in-depth consultation.

The stylists here are also really quick with hair trends and are often the first to bring in the newest treatments and products to give customers the best experience. While they are not the cheapest out there, we find their haircut pretty affordable as the haircut by hair designers start at $48. Although they are the lowest level of stylists in Picasso, there are gems within like Tiffany and Mavis who have had significant experience and are very skilful in their cuts. 

Customer Review of Haircut at Picasso Hair Studio

If you're willing to pay more though, there's always Jesly the Master Trainer who is great at taming the most challenging of hair types. 

Chic Short Haircut at Picasso Hair Studio
Ladies Hair Tattoo at Picasso Hair Studio

6. Act Point @ Midpoint Orchard

Price: $35 (Stylist), $45 (Salon Manager)

Cheap Haircut at Act Point

At just $45, you can get the Salon Manager to cut! Their salon managers are all very experienced, although we're especially partial towards Bro. If you read Beauty Undercover, you'll know that the Editor in Chief, Agent G, personally cuts and perms her hair here too. It's not just that the price is low and the stylists are genuinely nice, there are hidden talents here that make the service especially value-for-money. Her favourite stylist here is Sylvia although the price is slightly over $50 (still very cheap given her experience and skill!).

Even among the senior stylists, there are actually a couple who are previously from high-end salons. Hence, our advice is to choose the right stylist and you'll be sure to walk away with a grin on your face.

7. No. 8 Hair Studio @ Chinese Garden

Price: $38 to $48 

Affordably priced and within walking distance of Chinese Garden MRT for Westies, this salon does not scrimp on style, skill or service. While it may be located in a neighbourhood, you won't get the 'auntie' vibes here; the whole place is decorated to look and feel like a Japanese salon with its spacious, woody decor. Like a typical Japanese salon, the stylists at No. 8 Hair Studio here also attend to you from start to finish as well with no help from assistants, even during colours and perms.

Another thing we're thankful about: the stylists here are all very experienced and good-looking. All of them come from one of Singapore's most established hair salon chains and have amassed a huge following in the West for their great cuts and colour. 

Pixie Haircut at Act Point
Medium Haircut with See-Through Bangs at Act Point

In fact, we've heard MANY customers mention about how the stylists here REALLY listen to what you say. When you say you want a 1 inch trim, they give you a 1 inch trim instead of cutting more than what you are looking for. They don't just 100% listen blindly though. They share their professional opinions on what looks best on you and then let you decide on the final style. We would advise you to seriously consider their advice, especially Jimmy, as he's really good at face-contouring haircuts!

Customer Review of Haircut at Act Point

While not too chatty, the stylists are genuinely concerned about your hair and do not hard sell or upsell you products or services. A very comfortable salon to come back again and again.

8. 99 Percent Hair Studio @ Bedok Point 

Price: $39 to $59

Despite its several outlets, the one located at Bedok is Beauty Undercover's favourite. Though located in the East, you'll find people from all over Singapore coming to 99 Percent @ Bedok for their awesome colours. Our inhouse write Agent C.W. loves this salon so much, she has come here several times to colour her hair and will not go anywhere else for her balayage.

Cheap Short Haircut at 99 Percent Hair Studio

The stylists are all well trained and will be able to give you a low maintenance haircut that looks amazing from all angles, even if it's just a trim. Creative Stylist Tian is particularly good with bob style haircuts that are manageable and helps customers look slimmer at the same time! 

9. Mane Made @ Midtown Hougang

Price: $45

Cheap Haircut at mane made

Don't be fooled by its neighbourhood location or slightly cramped interiors. Trained directly under Aveda Ambassador Ricky from The Bund for several years, and having attended Vidal Sassoon Shanghai, you can be assured that you are in good hands.

Popular for neat and precise cuts, Zen will give you a clean cut that will look fresh and trendy for months.

Long Bob Haircut at Mane Made
Short Bob at Mane Made

Zen has created a signature haircut that has proven very popular among fashion-forward men and ladies that speaks of Zen's training over his past 10 years in the industry. He is especially skilled at ladies gradation bob and he is also very popular among men for fade haircuts and pompadours.

Customer Review of Haircut at Mane Made
Customer Review of Haircut at Mane Made

10. Style NA @ Parkway Parade / Style NA @ Compass One

Price: $50

Cheap Haircut at Style NA

There are tons of Korean salons in Singapore, but how often do you see Korean customers? Like everyone, they have their selected salons that they revisit, and Style NA is one of them. This salon has very experienced Korean staff with impressive credentials back in South Korea.

Korean Style Medium Hair at Style NA
Short Bob at Style NA

The outlet in Parkway Parade especially has a full team of Korean stylists with our personal favourite being Bella, Paul and Dave whose hairdressing skill has gotten customers coming back again and again.

Medium Layered Haircut at Style NA
Short Bob at Style NA

In Compass One, there is Sora and Luna - Sora is very good with face-contouring haircut while Luna has learned directly under Perm Master Joel Park, which is why her perms and cuts are especially beautiful. 

Once again, these are salons with lots of gems that you'll want to keep to yourself once you uncover them :)

BONUS: Focus Hairdressing @ Cuppage Plaza / Chinatown Point

Price: $50 (Salon Manager), $40 (Stylist)

While we may not necessarily recommend the haircuts by the relatively newbie senior stylists at Focus, salon managers Marcus and Ken are really good with haircuts. Marcus especially has previously trained under the Toni & Guy methodology and is really good with cutting curly hair! Being Marcus's protege, Ken has also picked up a number of haircutting skills, which is why we consider a haircut by both Marcus and Ken pretty value-for-money at $50, given their experience and skill. 

The senior stylists we trust in Focus is Yahnie and Jane. Yahnie is someone who really knows her hair knowledge and is very good with haircuts as well! Jane on the other hand has lots of experience in hair and is definitely more than capable for a decent haircut. 

Pixie Short Haircut at Focus Hairdressing

Looking for haircuts cheaper than $50? We found one in Tampines.

Color Bar by Full House Salon @ Tampines Central

Price: $25 to $35

As its name suggest, Color Bar by Full House Salon is best known for its envy-inducing hair colours. Yep, this is the place bloggers PAY to get their hair done even if they get their hair sponsored elsewhere... simply because the colours are so stunning. 

Long Purple Hair Colour by Full House Salon
Short Grey Red Hair at Full House Salon

Other than colours though, those of us who stay in the area will know that this place offers pretty good haircuts as well. While you can probably find haircuts that are even cheaper elsewhere, you probably can't find those cut by stylists who've gone for training in Vidal Sassoon London and still offer haircuts as low as $25. Their skill is so good that this salon is frequented by Agent G's sisters who come here every month for their haircut. 

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